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This website is growing at an alarming rate, we’re glad of this, it means that we’re doing something right of course we have a rather brilliant advisor, meaning that our SEO or Search engine optimization, is exceptional. We are as previously stated elsewhere, in the top 37.83 % of all websites, our Google pageRank is 3 which again is exceptional, considering that the BNP (the UK’s most visited political website) has a pagerank of 4, whilst the massive BBC has a pagerank of 9, so you see we are growing, have a large reach but it means more work, more time and quite simply more content. 

Technically we have most of the bases covered, however, in terms of article writing, news submission and other aspects we need your input and your time, nationalism is reaching out, striving mightily to deliver its message further a field, this and other websites, work continuously to deliver this message to the general public, however the larger we grow the more help we need. So do you have the time, the individuals concerned with this website work, in one case away quite frequently, so we are looking to you the readership for submitted input and articles.

Of course there is a criteria, no expletives ,disparagements and such like and a commitment to the people, from a right of centre perspective, what’s happening locally, have you strong opinions on certain matters, do you wish to air your views , then now’s your chance. You may be from the states, the commonwealth or Europe proper, you may wish to write under a pseudonym, anonymously or give your name, well here’s your platform, let the people hear your argument. Isn’t it about time that the people had a voice, that the indigenous peoples of these isles and others stated their case, haven’t the egalitarians, the special interest groups and others silenced us long enough, haven’t we the right to speak, the right to be heard.

Submitting an article or news item is easy, we keep no identifying information and it’s a quick process, from our homepage just click “contact” or better yet, simply write in the area provided at the end of this article. A form will appear and all you need do is write there or copy and paste, from your word processor, we will of course look over the submitted item and if it complies then we will air it. So help us to continue, help us to project the true image of nationalism, not the nationalism conjured up in the media, presented as fact whilst ignoring truth, we would hope that writers take up this opportunity, you need nothing but time and it costs nothing.

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Please paste or write your article in the box below, articles submitted do not necessarily reflect the views of AAWR or individuals associated with the site, spam, illegal material, expletives, pornographic imagery or text, leftist or otherwise distasteful material will be deleted. Please be aware that AAWR has a global audience and as such you the submitter are entirely responsible for articles or any submitted material. AAWR reserve the right to alter, abridge or grammatically change submitted material, for presentation purposes or site friendly reasons. Submitting material does not guarantee publication and AAWR cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or content of submitted items, AAWR reserve the right to publicise, promote and use submitted items as needed. This disclaimer may change or alter at any time and it is up to individuals to check for such modifications, AAWR cannot be held accountable for loss or damage under such circumstance. In order to refresh Captcha Image please refresh your browser.

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