Anti- Berlusconi rally

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The owned media are reporting that the left have galvanised many in an anti- Berlusconi rally, it is reported that, “Tens of thousands” of Italians have taken to the streets in protest, however,the strike was organised almost wholly by the left, primarily by the Italian General Confederation of Workers or CGIL, ostensibly as a response to high taxation and lay-offs. Yet the CGIL have demanded that, the begin the legalisation of immigrants working in Italy and restrain policies on refugees seeking political asylum, both of which will have a far greater impact upon workers than the financial crisis ushered in by greedy bankers.

Yet as always the left do not care and endeavour to whip up anti-governmental feeling for their own nefarious interests, it would seem that there is a grand attack against Mr Berlusconi in order to bring him and his government down, it would appear that no government or indeed individual must work for their peoples interest, against that of the bankers and their lackeys on the left.
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