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So there we have it, the end of the sham, but do you even listen, do you even care, as I write this the people of this nation are governed by those with no mandate, although in truth this is perpetually the case, the only difference now of course is that the puppets themselves are shown up for what they are, greedy power grabbing opportunists, intent upon personal glory and nothing more. Today two purported disparate ends of the political spectrum have come together as one and indeed, is not all politics or most, simply as one, do not the Conservatives, the liberals and indeed Labour simply sing from the same hymn-sheet.

Our nation has been successively wrecked, its people incrementally altered and any and all opposition, be it from the right or indeed the left, utterly thwarted, when I say the left, there are those that may throw up their hands in horror or indeed wonder at my thinking however for any student of politics, it comes as no shock at all to realise that the left and what masqueraded as it in the last government are completely differing entities, although extreme Marxism had a hand in the former government, finance had the greater, the primary section of the mainstream left changed utterly adopting facets of right of centre thinking, economically, and internationally . indeed the shift of the paradigm within the body of the left is not defined simply here at home but occurs with co-ideologists globally, one need only look to communist China or Cuba for example, quite simply the fringe left and indeed the fringe right have been left behind as a new political order came into being and the political narrative globally changed, perhaps forever. The fringe left within this country were never happy with Nu-Labour, never happy at all and indeed like the right, acrimony and inter-group conflict, both within the mainstream upon the periphery were and are notable. Today there are those within the leftist camp that will not shed a tear at the demise of Nu-Labour as indeed there are upon the right.

Yet the mission of Nu-Labour has been completed the utter modification of British society and the crushing of popular dissent, today Britain is just a shadow of what she was even thirteen years ago, vast areas have become ghettoised, vast pools of fodder, be it for big-business to exploit or for the former government to utilise to maintain office. It isn’t simply migration, our own people have altered becoming less like they once were and it is a truism to say that many have succumb to the behaviours of the savage, the criminal or simply the thug. All aspects of our daily life have changed and our very infrastructure has been eroded whilst what is left is unfit for purpose, there has been little good to come from Nu-Labour, blood has ran and the rights of the common man have been curtailed, today so cowed have the people become or driven to such apathy that the political holds little interest, permitting all manner of evils free rein.

Today those who take interest in politics are those with vested interest, those upon the edge or those directing events; the common man cares only for self, a legacy perhaps of the Thatcher years. The right within this country has completely collapsed, the Tories ever waving the flag and worshipping pomp and circumstance altered position, moving to the left whilst the so-called extreme right moved to take up their old ground and indeed in doing so opened themselves up to Zion’s influence. As I write these words there is no nationalists defence, no party truly of the right and nationalism to all intents and purposes lies defeated.

As with the other parties there is only acrimony, only defence of personal position, only the bickering of disparate groups yet no movement for change, I feel sorry for Gordon Brown, a man denied office by Mr Blair, who only ceded it when the going for the Nu-Labour vehicle became tough. Mr Brown had no chance, a hostile populace an unwanted war and an economy teetering on the brink, greedy finance had speculated far too much, chickens were and indeed still are, coming home to roost and so in marched Gordon, poor Gordon with his financial skills, hoping to shore up the economy. We know the plot now, the scheme, the poor tax-payer used and abused simply to bail them out, no mention of other ways, no condemnation, simply a massive debt for each and all for many generations to come.

For many people the workings of finance is beyond them , for many simply keeping bread upon the table or roof over head is a struggle, indeed the massive personal debt accrued by us all on the banks behalf is little realised, more especially as no collector calls. The debt is paid craftily, via taxation and other means and the common man and indeed women toils, toils and toils again, little knowing that there is another way, another option and a way to remove the financial yoke and live better, freer, less stressfully and really feel the benefit of their labour, yet that is simply not permitted us and so we struggle under immense burden.

Gordon couldn’t save us, he was a patsy, a fall-guy, a way to placate the fretful, the wary and more especially finance, Gordon understood that I think, understood that his comprehension of the various machinations of finance was a plus and so into office he was permitted. He seems a decent enough guy, if you take away the politics, the garbage, he seems to love his children, his wife and unless it is all spin that is no bad thing, but he had no easy manner, no ready smile, no oration skills, no way to win the masses and indeed even that was not enough, the kind of individual described above toured upon the American speaking circuit or sought ever greater power in the middle-east, putting their easy manner to work robbing a homeland and aiding in the killing of another indigenous people, that individual had walked when told to do so, when the going was good, yet the smile was ever fake.

Today this country does not stand on the threshold of a new dawn, at least not politically; today whites can only look forward to further disenfranchisement due to the decline in their majority status and the continuing bastardisation of primary culture. Many I now feel will simply not care and if the disastrous results of the recent elections are anything to go by the Nu-right has little chance at all, certainly as their much-maligned leader has said certain areas are now forever lost due to demographic change. Yet what can the Nu-right do, having dropped all defence of a race realist position they have embraced the very system that does us down, adopting the very multi-racial orthodoxy now common place, oh they will tell you they had no choice, that contestation was not an option yet, I believe they embraced the change believing really quite erroneously that such a move would garner greater chance at the ballot.

We have seen now the result of such a move, although in truth I cannot comprehend the political devastation I have seen, the almost complete overturning of all gain and the lurch back to nothingness. Certainly I have little doubt that certain factors came into play ,the embracement of non-whites will have considerably dented their ability to capture the vote, further the appearance of Mr Griffin on Question Time, will have had considerable effect. The actions of the owned media to come into play as do the other manifestations of anti-people forces, yet in truth such actions have little to no bearing upon the electorate, as deciding to vote for the so-called extreme right is in and of itself thee only hurdle ,the x within a box merely confirmation of viewpoint. So leftists, Judaic front-groups and suchlike can only ever play to those already in their camp, their in-group if you will for it would be rare such organisations and groups sway the floating voter.

The right have always had a core vote and this has naturally grown over the years, certainly the BNP have become more prominent but it is not this that has augmented such voting patterns, thee primary factor has been the changed street, the altered demographic and the besieged, bewildered and the angry white ,indigenous community. Yet such a non-core vote is hard to keep, angry, frightened individuals, little interested in politics. Want action and they want it now, they vote for the BNP and see little to no change, next time they either decline the invitation to vote, using the “They’re all the same”, argument or they place their approval elsewhere. Yet the core vote of the right remains almost wholly fixed, some drop out but in the main it stays constant, so we see that thee overriding factor for the growth of the rights vote has been the changing face of our nation, therefore the racial question is still relevant, still worth addressing, they failed to do so.

The owned media itself and their Zionist paymasters helped as they had anticipated, anger upon the street and across the nation was misdirected not at immigration per-se, not that is unless it runs counter to Zionist aspiration, such as Eastern European immigration, largely catholic or as we know all too well, the Islamic presence. No, the anger of the common people was turned against Islam and then constant salvos were let off at opportunistic times. In order to counter the danger of the peoples adoption of nationalism they invented a complete counter ideology, an ideology I came to term as Nu-nationalism, which has now become a widely known term for contemporary British nationalism. Yet this phenomenon is not solely the preserve of the UK but a global movement originating from many places and coalescing into a global ideology in its own right.

Of course such an ideology has always been out there but it had minority status, it was only with the almost complete taking of successive American administrations that such a worldview could be advanced. The primary outlook of this position is pro-Israeli coupled with an anti-Islamic bent, it furthers its goals by the complete subversion of the right, from the mainstream outwards, it fosters acrimony and pushes an agenda so violently that it takes in the majority ,leaving governments, nations and indeed peoples defenceless. Yet as I have highlighted above, it has also taken much of the left, until the miniscule elements left behind had no other recourse but to recognise their enemy namely Zionism and contest it, with extreme leftist elements adopting an anti-Zionist position and the bulk of the right shifting towards a pro position the stage was set for mainstream political manoeuvring.

It suits the manipulators for the body-politic to believe the swing is to the right, that immigration will be tackled and that outright overt big-business conservatism will be blunted by Mr Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. Therefore a coalition government is thee most desirable option, further in many cases it was simply impossible even for these ideologues to breakthrough, given voter demographics therefore thee only way to obtain government was via coalition, by manoeuvre, by duplicity and scheme. It may suit finance to alter government at least to the body-politics perception but in order to do so it had to surmount the not inconsiderable obstacle of a pro-Labour immigrant bloc, an immigrant demographic that is in the main extremely anti-conservative and in many, many cases anti-Zionist. Indeed the very fringe left referred to earlier in this article will have done their absolute utmost to highlight the dangers to that group demographic should they endorse conservatism or the Liberal Democrats.

Indeed the very problems I have highlighted in this article that occurred within the left itself, such as the moving away from the traditional lefts platform by the bulk led to the formation of the Respect Party an amalgamation of extreme leftists and Islamic anti-Zionists and radicals, two almost exact polar opposites coming together to form a defensive coalition against the new ideology. Indeed the turning of the fringe right towards a pro-Israeli position led to such a formation permitting much later the negating of public anger in a nationalistic direction. It is a very complex set of events, much in the way of smoke and mirrors, however, the truth is that politics has changed, that the traditional left right paradigm is no more and the political new order has arrive, is now mainstream, online and ready to serve its paymasters.

Even if nationalism began to re-adopt its true position I fear that it might already be too late, given that the aim was to piggyback this creed surreptitiously into the mainstream upon the back of public anger, anger that the Nu-right latched onto in order to garner the vote. Of course job done the right is of little use, the BNP has fallen into disarray with one faction or the other vying for attention. Mr Griffin keeps endeavouring to remind everyone of how well he has done whilst disparaging other parties or groups in the process, individuals and groups each seek the jugular whilst in truth none have anything to bring to the table. It matters little the squabble as the electorate have comprehensively rejected the fringe right and conservatism in the old sense has gone the way of the dodo, today there is a new political order and all groups be it we nationalists, the left or any other must realise that we have permitted the complete and utter subversion of the vote and it is now meaningless. In the meantime the war for Zion will continue, both in a physical sense in Afghanistan and in an intellectual and ideological sense in other spheres, the right within Europe will still advocate an anti-Islamic position, believing that it is a route to power whilst the real power has already been grabbed and we the right and indeed all sides of the political spectrum were too blind to see it.

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