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I hate don’t you, hate it when you have a precious day off and yet tired though you are, you awake at the same time you would for work, your body fatigued, yet your mind akin to some cruel taskmaster denying the body much-needed sleep. You will of noted from my last post of course my complete and utter loathing as to the plight of man in this area, that is to say toiling constantly to fill the coffers of the treasury who themselves tax us to pay the money-powers. I fully realise that my toil is almost in vain and that my body aches so that others may gain, those others the newcomer, the shiftless, the duplicitous politician and the banker.

Yet I expect I shall ramble very often on the subject, principally because it is becoming a topic close to my heart and I loathe and detest the unfairness of it all, indeed my opposition to immigration is not due to hatred as the owned press will tell you but due to an innate dislike of unfairness, I believe that it is thee principle reason for my nationalism, my sometimes personally injurious belief in a better way. Unfairness grates, it sets off a chemical chain of events within my body that end with opposition, contestation, with, yes sometimes anger, it is for this reason that I oppose the money-powers, this reason that I and a mere few other nationalists are out in the cold whilst cosy nu-nationalism pats itself on the back whilst aiding the nations perilous fate.

I heard this week of another unfairness, an amputee was refused a blue-badge enabling her to park in a disabled parking bay, whilst scores of newcomers literally jump over the indigenous obtaining our assets, my great, great, friend and one-time nationalist, a man who has paid and paid again into the system cannot claim disabled living allowance, this when he is in great pain and he cannot walk far and till he is better, work is out of the question. Yet denied he is and so he must flounder in great poverty whilst seemingly all around seize that which workers such as him have put into the pot, he has no interest in nationalism now, he believes the battle lost and the disparate parties laughable ,he sees the rise of the other upon the street and the abject and unremitting lack of contestation and indeed he sees the poverty of the people and the expanding wealth of the rich and he hates it, for him people friendly socialism has a little place although he recognises that the group is lost.

I myself see merit in a pro-group ideology, a pro-people creed, I believe, for instance in the principle of a union, yet I will not join one today, I feel that unions do not operate in the interests of the worker but in the interests of an anti-worker ideology, socialism within a homogenous nation may work but when it is applied globally it becomes a monster, a creed anti-people and internationalism can never have a place for the peoples betterment. Socialism the galvanising of the group in the groups interest can only ever be a good thing but internationalism, globalisation is an anathema. Socialists of old were different from today’s variety, they believed in nation, in people and they understood and advocated protectionism, they fought for the jobs of the worker against the aspirations of greedy capitalism, today and in truth before my time such has gone the way of the dinosaur and socialism as a creed has been altered, fettered to money it works for its interest and is now merely the other side to a poisonous coin.

Old nationalism understood that business had an immense place, that socialism had to and both were tied together in the service of the people ,the people embodied in the nation-state, today I see a great poverty, a great waste, the good forced to eke out miserable lives whilst the feckless and the selfish gain. Today our children, those not fortunate to hail from well to do families cannot set foot upon the housing ladder, jobs are as gold and consumerism eats up sense and the nation is so very divided, today the gap between the haves and have nots widens and our leaders look only to the grand agenda, the people cry out in silent rage and many for fear of loss of livelihood, threat to self or worse family, keep tight rein upon words, upon actions, upon sense.

Yet I see no force for them anywhere, no voice for the poor ,the hard done by, the lonely and the disabled, the old look back to a better age whilst the young look to a nothing future, plastic engulfs the very nation and the east grows fat upon the pound. Yes unfairness drives me to anger, anger because its is all I have ever known and I expect all I will ever know, I see the predator moving among good people, the criminal amassing wealth and the worker paying thee greatest criminals of all and I seek change, seek freedom from it but a lone voice creates no resonance. My life has been one of poverty, of scrimp and scrap, of shoddy diet and shoddy goods, of yes I suppose envy of those who have and anger at the plight of the many. Yet it is not so much for myself I lament, although I am still young enough to still desire a life, still yearn for freedom from financial slavery but for my children, for that most precious of things to me, my children.

What for them as capitalism drives the alien poor to this continent ,what for them as bricks are worth so very much and life so very little, what for them as the east grows fed by the pound and manufacturing here at home is now dead. My children, my children, I cannot offer them salvation cannot set them upon an easy path and I know that they to must toil for others, that they to must become embroiled with the complexities of unfairness and pay their due to sate mammon. I am coming to believe that if a nationalist movement is to contest that its primary objective must be the contestation of the money-powers that the poverty of the people must be purged and an individual’s labour gain the individual. Certainly the individual must pay for goods and services but they must gain him or her and indeed those they work to keep but never should one penny go towards the payment of thee great debt, a debt ever-growing, unfair in the extreme and the blight of nations.

Nationalism loses so many, myself included, I quickly realised that its game was not the peoples defence but power and power alone, that ego ran rampant and self required a kingdom, like others I moved away from the bickering, the nonsensical clash of fool against fool and I sought a kind of peace. Still nationalist I but beholden to no-one, no-one that is but for the people and my children, let them play, let them play buffoon ,they aid no-one and hold back any and all defence ,which is the peoples right.

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