Tory activist in “sickening Nazi language” outrage

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Dear me, it looks like someone in the Koshervative Conservative Party or perhaps elsewhere has absolutely no respect for free speech nor indeed the  tradition of it within this country, as they have sacked the chairman of West Yorkshire Conservative Future for merely uttering a word, a word I may add, that when taken in context, has no insulting connotation, in fact the opposite, it was merely an endeavour to rally the troops (in a political sense) for campaigning. Yet the Mirror calls it, “sickening Nazi language” whilst the Koshervative Conservative Party have suspended him from the party “because of the serious nature of his comments” and all reference to him have been deleted from the Conservative Future website.

Of course that is simply not enough in some quarters and there are calls for the Koshervative Conservative Party to apologise, with prospective parliamentary Labour candidate for Elmet and Rothwell saying,
” Using terms associated with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is a very dangerous thing. The Tories need to apologise.", so no bias there then. Then of course we have Jewish Labour MP Fabian Hamilton, stating,” "It says an awful lot about the people in Conservative Future." So absolutely no bias at all there then. So there we have it, a young mans political career ruined because leftists and special interest groups feel the need to tell us what to say, how to say it and one presumes at what time, freedom ,what freedom.

Former Tory activist David Bolts “sickening Nazi language” (sic) is reproduced below:

"Over the next month, the branches in West Yorkshire will begin collaborative Action Days in order to maximize the effect of Conservative Future assistance in battleground constituencies. In effect, we will form a CF Sonderkommando which will be available to blitz any areas which battleground PPCs particularly wish to target."

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