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About Awaiting A Western Renaissance Awaiting A Western Renaissance, is a right of centre site opposed to immigration, political correctness and anti-white practice, we contest organised attacks upon both white culture and its genotype, in whichever form such attacks occur. Awaiting A Western Renaissance is not a hate site, we do not advocate violence, intimidation or similar actions against individuals or groups based solely upon race, we are however race realists, recognising the categorical difference between disparate races. We believe that the white race has equal right to exist, equal right to a homeland and equal right to defend itself from any and every attack, currently Europe, the natural home of Caucasians, is under attack, besieged on all sides by many forces, all of which desire to shape it to their image, whilst forgetting the wishes of its indigenous natives.

In fact peoples indigenous to Europe, are requested to simply give up culture, concede vast areas of land and consent to eventual minority status all without a word, we are expected to permit an endless stream of economic migrants from all corners of the globe, all with different standards, traditions and belief systems, many of which seek to undermine our own. Current rates of immigration suggest, that whites will, unless immigration is halted, become minorities within their own lands, our traditions, culture and genotype is to be, at best marginalised and at worst, wiped out, to satisfy the warped utopian visions of egalitarians, anti-white advocates, leftists and other groupings. We live in an age whereby whites no longer have a voice and to defend race or nation is to be a criminal, simply for recognising the absolute threat to our way of life, our genetic heritage and our infrastructure and speaking out, sets up such individuals and groups for attack.

We are to be intimidated, cowed, forced to submit, submit to a great evil, we are even with the knowledge of our eventual extinction to remain quiet, to concentrate on self and say not a word, some of us too few it seems, cannot and will not do that. There is a broad spectrum within nationalism, within the patriotic movement, many ideas and much argument, there are idiots and hinderers, fools and knaves, as there is with any section of the population but overall, we are decent people, law-abiding, family men and women, of all ages and abilities, there are the aged and the young, the disabled and the whole, the intellectual and the athletically gifted. We encompass as a group the good and bad within society, yet the enemies of this country cherry-pick the very worst, blow it out of all proportion and present this false image to the masses, all to prevent our growth.

If you are reading this and you have no knowledge of nationalism, what it is and what it represents, then you may very well believe the lies, the distortions and the engineered fairy-stories put out about our beliefs. Yet in many cases our beliefs are yours and yours mine, yet they fight to prevent that simple truth becoming common knowledge. If I were to say to you that not only do nationalists get a bad press but that we are denied equal access to both facilities and to you the general public, you may very well think me mad, a loon however, that is very much the case. From the very top of government to the very bottom of society there are forces at work that exist only to disrupt, thwart and malign nationalism, you see for them we simply must not succeed, for to do so thwarts their plans and places control of our affairs back into our hands.

I would ask you if you could, to set aside any misconceptions, to open your mind and to read at length the information posted here and at sites linked to, of primary importance you must realise that, we do not seek to impose draconian control, do not seek to curtail your freedoms but fight for them. Yes we realise that even the word race fills many with foreboding, that for many it seems a peculiar topic, however, just as all other races and creeds have the absolute right to exist in their own milieu so of course do we. We simply cannot cope, we have neither the infrastructure nor the landmass and of course we must protect our genotype, a concept I admit may feel strange to you, after all you have been taught to be all encompassing, even should it impact negatively upon yourself.  

It is my hope as the primary contributor to this site, to help you to see, not to force as they do, not to bully or cajole but to show you hidden truths, there are now many sites out there, many nationalists trying with all their might to reverse or halt the tide, striving to alert the people to their danger. Perhaps you too will join the fight, help us to save our race, our nation and our way of life and do so respecting others ,their belief systems and their genotype within I must again stress their natural locale.

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