SDL in Edinburgh

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Well it seems that the far-left got their bogeyman and the SDL found themselves corralled inside, yes you’ve guessed it, a pub so no real change there then, the left wave around their “smash the Nazis” banners and the SDL in this case get to gesture out of the window and now and again half-heartedly endeavoured to breach the police lines. It appears that the far-left managed in this instance to field a fair number although I hear their talk of many thousands is far from correct. Much of the bulk was made up of university students ,who cannot be relied upon to mount a revolution and are in the main merely brainwashed or bored and their activism is in the main really quite transitory. 

There was by all accounts a number of Muslims although again of the leftist rather than rabid Islamic variety, so there you have it another
waste of time as those that should oppose many more facets of this corrupt system contest but one, wholly aiding, although many may not know it the agenda, although one can say this in reality about both sides. There can be only one solution to the problems besetting our nation and that is race-realist nationalism, not Zion-friendly Islamophobia but nationalism, nationalism for our people, our nation and indeed our continent. Until the EDL/SDL realise this they can never come in from the cold, nor indeed can the BNP, both groupings hoping to become more mainstream by adopting facets of the very system that ails us.

As for the left it is laughable, the vast majority as used as any EDL/SDL foot soldier, each and all played by others whilst the solution is so very obvious, although at least both of these groupings have an excuse, so indoctrinated are they but what’s yours ,why do you keep voting in parasites, accepting this attack upon you and yours, they grow rich at your expense, you toil and they gain, whilst our borders are breached by others who desire also to take from the pot. What about you ,don’t you deserve better, have you not the right to gain from your labour, or must you simply be a tax-cow, work until age inhibits and then simply die, are you not worth more than that, is it fair that all profit whilst you are worked to death.

You know their cry of “Hater!!” holds no water, their scream of “Nanzee!!” water off a ducks back, it is not hate to live as we always have, to live amongst our own, to value each member of society and to treasure the old and the young, it is not hate to respect other races and cultures but view them as a tourist, not in your local high street or in your cities or towns but in their own natural setting. Oh but it is hate to force unwanted change, to enact new laws to silence dissent and to, by the most abject tyranny, inflict genocide, have we no rights, must whites be forever pilloried by them ,that leftist rabble, the avaricious capitalist and the grasping migrant and the meddlesome Jew, is it not time for us, or must we let our fate be decided by those in the house of treason, the owned media, big-business and an assortment of ridiculous groupings upon our streets, protesting and shouting and changing not a thing, take care out there in dystopia land.

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