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Whatever has happened to nationalism in this country, things just seem to be getting worse, it seems that all that is produced is mutual enmity, acrimony and gigantic ego, whilst our nation’s fate grows ever perilous and the malignancy grows a pace. Today I and others look around and all we see is division, disunity and battle, individuals so caught up in ego are they that they strive to protect self much more so than people. For many it is party or site, leader or group yet never people, it is perhaps for this reason that I and others have left them to it over the years, realising that amongst the egos nationalism had little play, it seems that big fish in little ponds have always been a curse but the situation is now so very much worse and a movement for change suffers greatly.

Oh I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty, the this and that but this site has been contacted, indeed independent nationalists such as myself have been courted over the years by individuals from all sides but I must say now publicly as I have privately, we want no part, no part in the war of ego, the war of curtailment. Indeed it may very well be called the war of curtailment and it has been ongoing and exceedingly effective for some time now, there has always been one side or the other, the so-called hardliner and the moderniser, the old guard and the new, yet for those who look behind the shenanigans who know a little they can just, just determine the hidden hand.

The term fascism is used today even by those within nationalism as a slur, as an insult, pejoratively, yet its very formation came about in the peoples defence, it was never the awful ideology depicted but a force for change and a progressive movement away from financial slavery. It had issues of course, it was for instance, though they tell you differently, never racial, it never really addressed the racial question adequately, although concerning white and non-white it had little need. Today of course fascism balks at the thought of repatriation, it recognises as do I that those who come here do so because finance in all its guises has forced them to and indeed who among us forced to live in appalling poverty, watching your children go hungry and illness ravage those you love, who then among us would not set out for a better life, a healthier life, a longer, happier existence.

Yet fascism came about because disparate tribes were under attack and a man came to them, one imagines during a tribal meeting, he explained that individually apart one from the other, they were a negligible force, an easily beaten foe and that their stronger and more numerous foe could and would beat them individually in battle should they stand alone. Perhaps language was a barrier or the elders failed to understand so he picked up twigs from the ground and proceed to place one against the other, each representing the differing tribes, once he had done so he tied them together, creating what was then know as a fasces or in more contemporary language fascio. This came to be the very symbol of fascism and the motto strength through unity was born, fascisms principle enemy was the money-powers and then of course over time that most wretched of created fronts leftism, yet those little knowing history or those working for an agenda use the term as a pejorative.

As nationalists we should all understand, should we not, that the use and indeed abuse of words has a great power, if one can subvert the meaning of a word then one can shape bent and twist reality, at least the reality known to the body-politic, today any right of centre ideological creed is pilloried in such a manner and indeed patriotism and nationalism suffers similar fate. Yet one supposes, to take back the initiative from leftists and other opponents or to use the word depreciatively as a shield, nationalists do the very work of social engineers and indeed some of the new breed of nationalists now see such movements for change as would conditioned leftists, in this way none of the branches can join with the other and the enemy can simply pick us off or indeed let inter-factional war do the job for them.

Thee greatest worry for the dark-state is not this group or that, not one ideology or the other but the mass take up of such by the people, the mobilisation of the body-politic by the people, for it is the people themselves that have the power to change the course of history, to break the manacles set about them and to usher in a new day. So the state and those behind them use any and all tactic, they create, fashion and augment disharmony, succeeding amongst the chaos, our people to engineered, march towards dark days and the very movement that should and could if mobilised correctly aid them, pays little care to the marching multitude, as upon the sidelines they war. Yet what decent man or women would want any of this, what person possessed of their senses would wish to join any party or group that proclaims nationalistic or patriotic tendencies, if they could but once glimpse the war within, the ongoing and rampant self-harm run riot.

You see the British National Party or at least many of its activists became too big for their boots, amongst other nationalists they strutted, their way or no way and indeed we have thee greatest number, thee most professional and most visited website and our ideological shift has garnered political success, whilst you, the old guard, the extreme, the fascists (sic), you succeeded in nothing, we are now the movement and you must join or fall upon your sword. Yet for we, those who simply could not join in such premature celebration, we who counselled caution or indeed realised that the success garnered at the polling booth did not equate to political reawakening, we became pariah, enemy number one and indeed into the morass of stupidity other groups or individuals stepped.

For many of us, all we had left was independence, not content with the other offerings upon the nationalist table we drifted away taking our number with us and many, too many to relate walked away from nationalism realising that in such a climate it was finished, the battle now individual and the danger immense. For those like myself it was and indeed is an appalling state of affairs, never in living memory has the people not had a defence, never have the forces of malignancy held such sway, uncontested and indeed approaching triumph. For us it was the BNP who had altered course to such a level that they had presented the same threat as conservative populists, Tory duplicity forming the bulk of its argument or the growing Front where Judaic created sectarianism hypnotised many, indeed this left even less for those of a nationalistic bent after considering and rejecting the two above.

Certainly there was the minuscule groups some merely populist some not so much, yet few having chance with those one wished to save, namely the people, upon the street never had I personally witnessed such disaffection, such anger, such animosity towards the political and indeed to the excesses of government, immigration was upon everyone’s lips and a great loathing of the politician to the for. We live in most dreadful times and individuals, men and women of all ages and professions must whisper their dissent behind hands, behind closed doors or out of earshot of others, yet I found that there was a great mobilisation of the disaffected, a great surge towards dissent and a great, great many voiced their intent to vote BNP.

I had never seen it before, never witnessed such a groundswell, certainly I have many great issues with the BNP but to the politically unaware such a move, such an intent was simply unprecedented, could it be that the people, rather than waking up were simply shaking off the restraining hand of tyranny and voicing their disapproval, their anger at anti-indigenous practice. I walked down to the polling station with my son, I place my X for the BNP, the National Front not standing locally, and then I simply went home, that right there democracy, the use of a pencil or pen to place an X in a box, nothing more.

Failure, a great, great failure, areas wholly lost and nationalism routed, oh they will tell you the vote went up, that compared to this or that and when contrasted with so on and so on but to the common people, the man or women left behind by government, their lives blighted by poverty, crime and lack of resource, it was failure, marked failure. Perhaps for some time nationalism at the ballot will not recover, indeed a vote for nationalism is always considered a wasted vote, “They’ll never get in, so why should I bother”, a common feeling amongst the electorate, democracy has a way of denying a voice to many millions, indeed money wins and parties are chosen not by the people but for the people.

It is akin to a running race in that the winner is chosen due to the quality of running shoe rather than the ability to sprint and in this there can only ever be two choices, the people know this and if we are honest so do we, indeed Mr Griffin and others made much of the Liberal Democrats entering a coalition with the Conservatives, believing that such a pact would led to proportional representation. Yet it was never to be and wiser minds within nationalism could have told him so, proportional representation means the very real chance of nationalists upon the benches, which at a stroke would end the, “it doesn’t make a difference”, mentality, further, what running team in their right mind will lower the bar for others to win, indeed politics is a very well-paid job, filled with perks not given to the common man, is it conceivable even for one moment that the avaricious ,the lazy, the conceited and the ego-driven will simply give it all up.

Yet there are those that believe that the ballot is thee answer, that nationalism must keep hammering at the gates, regardless of cost, yet I ask if nationalism was going to win, would it not have won some decades ago, when the people were less driven by self and consumerism not a living breathing entity, would not the peoples voice have resonated across the land, ending at Westminster. Yet it never came to be, individuals, much clever than this writer were side-lined, workers and the people forced into line and the body-politic lied to by successive governments, why it was not going to change the social fabric of society ,there was no cause for alarm, Britain would always be Britain, no need to worry. Today of course we see a different place, indeed ironically the Britain of the fifties seems an alien place, not solely because it is in the past but because it was almost entirely homogenous, the people more united crime not glamorised, by a frankly quite insane film industry and therefore controllable upon the street. The young respected who they were and where they came from and indeed they could play in peace and not sit huddled in bedrooms playing in cyberspace not permitted to roam free by anxious and quite terrified parents.

The roads were clearer and the streets less crowded and this island nation could sustain the people within, today of course the reverse is true and we do not walk towards tyranny but jog, soon we will run and many, too many will never know we had a choice, never know that they, bonded one to the other could force the return of commonsense, end the madness and begin much-needed change,to be continued…

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1 Responses to "Whatever happened to..."
Rufus News From Atlantis said...
7 March 2013 at 21:59

Sadly an article which I can identify with. I know too many good people who have either dropped out of active resistance altogether, or worse, have convinced themselves that playing the Establishment game is the only way forward. There are NF supporters who despise the BNP to the point of concentrating all their energies on attacking Gri££in (failing to see he is a symptom, not the cause of our malaise) - the same goes for every other faction.

Unless people wake up and realise that no one else is going to fight for them, and that we must all do our bit, then there will be no hope.

Excellent article. I only wish it wasn't so right!

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