Topsey Turvey Land

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Well its 2010 and I know already that for one family it is a time of anguish, a time a son was lost, the irreplaceable taken, tonight as I write this, another man rushes, his face grim and his movements purposely controlled, lest his fear be made manifest and his false calm betray him, he rushes to be near his father, to be near the man who gave him life, heartbreak is only around the corner, intruding and always unwanted. So tonight I pray for both families but I no longer know to which god, no longer have faith as I once had it, seeing the church as a collaborating betrayer, a shadow of what it once was and indeed what it can be, more to, I question my allegiance to that man of other climes, to that person from that other place and so spiritually I am lost, although I know I believe in something, for me it has no name, not anymore.

I am I believe a product of my time, robbed wholly of faith and left clinging to flimsy nothings as life bellows its mighty rage, such rage it is as if I know nothing less, as if life is but a trial and I am to be laid low by it. Ah but what a decade, what a one, what a spectacle indeed, so many tongues here now, so much diversity what room then for me, for mine ,for us, amongst them, those with hostile eyes, arrogant manner and rude movement. It is as if we have not given, as if in the taking of all we have they lost respect for us, now brown eyes radiate odium, faces pinched by bitter wrath and we, huddled against a politically correct wind, stagger under tremendous burden.

As we live and breathe we die, as we dance before a mad orchestra the water laps our feet, Neptune claims our ship and we go down with not even a stroke in quest for freedom, for life. Do you like this nation, this place created, this bitter soup, so many ingredients all vying for the taste buds of continuance, to outlast each and other flavour ,to become the main dish, to simply outlast amongst so much. How is it with you, caught up in the maelstrom of extinction, how do you fare, you a dying breed caught up in a torrent of brown, hater you for wishing safety, for desiring a place your own, just a little rock, just a minor place, just a nation, a country, a home. Open your door, wide, usher in the hungry, the driven, the herd rushing from the despot, the exploiter and life’s test, better here for them, no child soldiers, lest not yet, no tribe against tribe, merely race against race and whites are so few now aren’t they, so impotent, speaking bitterly in living-rooms where few ears take note, few souls have a care.

How many of them, how many decades do we have before we are gone, erased, exterminated and fodder for only the grave, amalgamated finally in this great earth, not many decades I’ll warrant, not long now before white is a dream akin to the unicorn though perhaps I exaggerate, as perhaps somewhere at some time nature may throw a pale one into the mix, yet never then a Caucasian, never then a me or you, we are lost then. For all the talk of this or that, of left and right and right and wrong, one argument is true, one realisation correct, one grain of truth amongst so many warring arguments, so much, with most saying little. The truth is that the turmoil is created that those fleeing and those receiving each are made and it is only a small elite that gains, money and money again and to hell with little lives, to hell with countries, cultures and peoples, take them all and destroy them.

Victory cannot be won, cannot be even imagined whilst money holds such power, whilst to speak threatens the livelihood of families, communities and indeed nations, certainly cowardice has play, I am as guilty as the next, I toil knowing the taxman laughs at my endeavours, I work long hours for little pay, toiling to pay the expenses of avaricious politicians and to make a home for a veritable army, a herd, a mass entering and changing all forever. Guilty I am, coward, I work to feed my own, to pay bills, to live, to support, yet never prosper, never achieve true freedom and gone to the ground another will simply take my place, take my place until my place, no my gene is gone, what does it matter then, merely a brown face on a labourers body, a different race, different kind, toiling for the few.

What can we expect, we nationalists, we who preach and hypothesise, we caught up in the web with you, certainly some of us are aware but knowledge of fate is not the end of, one cannot free themselves from the web of the spider without struggle, without attempt. Welcome to 2010, welcome indeed to dystopia, every convenience except freedom, every whim catered for except the desire to be free, oh freedom is for all should you sing in praise of the prison, liberty is certain for you then, but protest tyranny, fight despotism and they come, they hunt you and none can then know freedom. To achieve again freedom, to stop the juggernaut, you know blood must flow and who first to step into the firing line, who first to lay down life, with no certainty of victory for their people.

Crafty they are, no longer overt in intent, today they craft their evil guised as compassion, today the good fall in knowing nothing, today the nationalist is wholly contested whilst the true and indeed vast evil struts across the worlds stage. So clever, little by little, piece by piece until suddenly it is done, until it is too late and freedom goes wanting, today no red tanks, no known gulag, merely the slow and steady creep towards it. Political correctness by its very definition is authoritarian, those that love the people, the nation portrayed as its attackers and those that would see it gone its defenders, topsy turvey dystopia, a land on its head.

So welcome one and all to 2010, join us, walk around but never question, never look beyond the wall, never glimpse the truth or indeed speak of it, just enjoy the freedom they give you and be thankful for it, in other times they took that first. Such a hardy people ,such tenacious men and women, even amongst death and destruction, in the midst of evil and its adherents the human spirit transcended, red terror gripped but each mortal loss steeled the people, tempered their blade until laid waste tyranny was vanquished, today a friendly guise, today cameras for all, today speak this way ,act this way, be this way, enforcement with a smile, a shroud engineered to fit us all.

I wish I knew the answers, I wish I could but point the lighted way, show the hidden path and lead us all back into the light, I know nothing, see no way out, yet I hang on because I am cursed to, unwilling and unable to accept evils sly embrace I watch in abject horror, see history repeating and I can do not a thing. Its not the first time, not the first time, that those that are motivated by love, are portrayed as an enemy of the people ,that those that desire no conflict, that work to prevent it become the target of the peoples rage ,the people led a merry dance, befuddled and baffled , in a stupor, unable to see truth. Today of course there has never been such a perilous time, never before have they managed such a stage, presented such a performance, I bow to them and their ingenuity, why even amongst the peoples defence amongst the first line, chaos rages and confusion has the day.

They have us I feel, although I simply cannot rest easy with such knowledge, perhaps I think to myself, they thought it then, the Polish, as the red plague swept in, perhaps those in China, those forced under despotisms heel, perhaps they thought it over, certainly the many who ended it, the many who took their own way out, triumphing over evil, denying it the joy of killing, perhaps they thought it over, perhaps as they ended their lives they believed it wholly. The shivering, teeth a chatter and hunger a world, those exiled ,those forced to eat of human flesh perhaps they thought it over, certainly I would, sent to the coldest regions and left to prosper, perhaps when the only body left is my own I would think it. We are lucky then that it finds us with a different face, that it seeks a purchase upon our country and kind with such a demeanour, if not today we could be talking together instead of cyber-words ,today you could look into the face of your fellows and see the fear, the terror as evil played its hand.

Sometimes the greatest danger comes from the concealed source, from the disguised, at least overt behaviours give warning, whilst disguise aids only the attacker, perhaps when finally the mask is pulled from evils face it will be too late, we a people fattened up for slaughter. Can you see it, do you not know, can you not look around you and see, look, we trek towards the unholy, the malevolent, the godless, each new law, each new disallowance a brick in a gulag wall, a strengthening of evils armour in its war against the people. Today they lead us, lead us to their promised land, to theirs whilst we leave our own behind, lost in the fog of history, so much gone, so much, our very culture vilified and scrutinised for this new order, gone this and gone that, it is not politically correct, our way or no way and still as drones you work on, toil on, pay their board and service them as whores, as indeed do I.

It is as if that country of old is a fable as if it is a creation of Dickens or the brothers Grimm, yet it was real, all of it, not a Narnia not a Never Never land but true ,real honestly and some saw it, lived it, until the snow queen came and made all winter or winterval, until, good was bad and bad good, until all upon the farm worked for contrived interest and none knew it was topsey turvey land, everything upon its head, truth, right and decency. This now our world the other gone and yet the pigs have not reached their ascendancy, the other animals still work for them and the truth is not yet out, one day of course the pigs will triumph, yet only the pigs and those that pushed them to the top will become mere workers for the farm, labourers for the revolution.

In topsey turvey land chaos cloaks all and when the fog has lifted it will be a different world, a world of horror of sameness and diversity a cruel hoax, can we not have our country back, our continent, our peace, must you confuse love for hate, rob us because they tell you we deserve it. Perhaps you should look back to. Look back and truly see who it was that had your country, that exploited your resources and made of you a disinherited people, it was not the common man, not those below stairs, the children in workhouses or those toiling for supposed betters but those that still today reap the harvest whilst all suffer, that augment war, suffering and torment and profit from it.

The very deed that enrages you, the very act that all whites must suffer for you now do to us, yet we are not all guilty, we have a right to our country as do you, yet whites are never permitted victim status, never realised for what they are, what they have achieved and could still do so. So you come, all of you, from all places to this tiny place, you lay our hope to waste and desecrate all we have ever been and then you tell us, quiet!, let us kill you softly, take you smoothly with not a murmur, just a muted convulsion as we expire. We have no right you see, no right to be as we always have been, we deserve this, deserve this fate but who tells you this, informs you and what is their agenda, when we are gone what then, will joy sweep away sorrow, will babes laugh upon entry to this world, leaving the womb joyous, or will you all in some way, somehow be simply murderers, killers of a bound people, a people gagged by a creed, by a dogma unto death.

So its 2010 and time flows on and who can know the future, perhaps we shall somehow survive, perhaps somehow, somewhere, for now I see little hope, the rise of a confused nationalism, a nationalism that attacks Islam because they are trained to, led to and the creation of a force for evil upon the streets, a force that again attacks simply Islam, whilst the real problem, the real enemy goes scot-free. Happy New Year one and all, today in this country it has never looked so bleak, so perilous, so almost done but I cannot write us off wholly yet, not yet, most do not know the battle and hope though small they cannot wholly extinguish, cannot take, everything else they can have but not our hearts, not our hope, they never could, Happy New Year patriots wherever you are.

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