Too little too late

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In a speech to Policy Network ,a right-of-centre think-tank, the Communities Secretary John Denham MP managed to socialistically attack the middle classes, whilst addressing too late, the issues faced by the working class. It simply beggars belief, that a whole swathe of the electorate were simply ignored, that their wishes and aspirations were swept aside, in order to implement changes wholly detrimental to this nation. Yet we have seen the levels of inward immigration spiral, have witnessed such change under the dubious leadership of Labour, “the party of the working man” (sic) that we may never wholly undo the changes without large-scale governmental action, that is to say, repatriation for the good of the nation.

Are we to assume that Mr Denham and his ilk were not aware of the blight immigration caused amongst the working-class, that the concerns he now addresses have only just occurred to him, or can it be pre-election campaigning, a recognition of the peoples lurch towards the conservatives as opposed to his own party, are politicians merely
looking towards their jobs rather than that of the people. Certainly the plight of the working class has not been addressed if anything they have been purposely marginalised, robbed of the ability to garner a decent wage and scorned by the elites of this country, as a rule the working class have been belittled, disparaged and demeaned, to such an extent that many now have no self-respect and that bastion of our nations strength exemplified by the worker and his estate, the worker the very backbone of this country, his living space now merely a battleground, a conflict zone, no longer a community, now merely a place in which one must survive.

Gone I am afraid are the days of communal unity, gone the days of the open door, the neighbourliness, the fellowship, now all mount lights on walls, alarm their homes and pray to remain untouched, untouched by the ravages of an army of selfish burglars, driven by warped desire or addiction. You, you and your ilk Mr Denham have ruined the working class, set us all in a race and added admixture for your benefit, today are very children, young, fit and eager face a terrible future, forced into menial service jobs, bogus education or onto benefit, you have robbed them of a future, of a decent home and of a life. It is indeed a little too late now to address the issue to throw money at it and to now state, “you’ll listen”, what if they, they who must live it, tell you as they always have to stop, to end this cruel and extreme social engineering experiment, what if they tell you, they want the newcomers gone ,that they want their country back, what then Mr Denham, will you listen, listen and do absolutely nothing, as politicians always have, for above all it is politicians who have gained and continue to gain from inward immigration and in the party system, the vote is all, above that of even the people. 

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