BNP Annual Conference Gives Go-Ahead for Constitutional Change

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The British National Party’s annual conference has given the green light for an amended party constitution containing changed admission criteria to be put to a vote by the general membership of the party, deputy leader and party press officer Simon Darby said tonight.

The decision, taken after what Mr Darby described as a “sensible and rational debate” means that the party is now in compliance with the London County Court order.

“The actual amended constitution was not submitted to the conference,” Mr Darby said. “That will be submitted to an EGM to be held before the end of this year or early January.”

The amended constitution will ensure that the BNP will fully comply with the yet to be enacted Equalities Act with regard to party membership.

The conference also ratified the BNP’s participation in the new European Nationalist group which was formally launched last week.

The third and last motion to be dealt with on the first day of the conference was to discuss a Family Law document designed to provide a comprehensive policy statement on the topic. continues here

Editorial :
Well that was easy, easier in fact than the publics move towards reluctant acceptance, we now have no real representation, certainly the National Front endeavour to grow in strength, yet this is a long way from completion and so we have no voice, no voice at all for assailed whites in this country. It matters not the voice of a lone nationalist blogger, matters not the condemnation of a nationalist minded women of some years nor indeed the angry bitter vitriol of a young rightist male, all of us recognising capitulation and indeed betrayal. Typing this isn’t easy, there are those who profess nationalism, who attack the BNP on a purely personal basis, holding a dislike for Mr Griffin or some such grievance, there are also some who desire a street war, blood to flow and see no other solution, whilst there are nationalists like me, ordinary men and women, surrounded by a strange alien world, denied of our heritage, our country, jobs stolen and homes hard to come by, eking an existence in a world gone mad.

We, living in a country changed by force and condemned for opposing it ,nationalists like me realise that a violent revolution as espoused by some, is not the preferred option, how indeed can we support such a course, that will surely lead to the death of the innocent and the break-up of our country and indeed Europe. Yet having some intellect we realise that Europe is on course for bloodshed, that history dictates that disparate peoples simply cannot live together whilst one offends the other. This stance is far, far from racism, far from simply hating for hatreds sake, people such as I harbour no secret desire to take over the world, we have no plans for camps, wholesale slaughter or tyranny. Yet for nationalists like me, we fight for our very right to exist, to, it is hoped, prevent conflict and to adhere to natures plan, rather than impose against the will of the people, an agenda, it would seem that the BNP, for all their good, travel another road.

I could never have envisaged a day when a purported nationalist party, would simply bow down to leftist evil, when politically motivated spite would win the day over truth, realism and fact. It is a sad day, an awful day, a day in which I question greatly any chance now for my people, for if we have no representation, no decent party, offering a non-violent alternative to this madness then what chance we, what chance to free ourselves from the chains set upon us. I don’t really care what nu-nationalists think anymore, I don’t care what those who advocate violence or hatred think, for me it is and regardless it will continue to be above all, my people, my race the white race. Yet you never hear this from the BNP, today it is indigenous, it is coded wording, it comes across as deceitful and does I imagine, put off potential support and give a very real case to our enemies.

I ask you what is wrong with advocating racially, what is wrong with supporting your genotype, whilst wishing peace amongst all men, again what is wrong with recognising the detrimental influence of organised Jewry in our state of affairs, of recognising the immense power of money and the evil it conjures up within our society. What is wrong with speaking truth, striving for change without bowing to the very evil one claims to fight against, this proposed legislation was an attack for political reasons, motivated by opposition, by the fear that the people would have a voice and now at a stroke the BNP have silenced that voice, denied the people and help to usher in a new order. In many ways I consider nationalists like myself the middle ground, we not advocating pointless hatred and refusing on principle to fall at the feet of evil, we standing between the two sides espousing truth.

This site has been contacted many times, one subject of note, AAWR’s resistance to organised Jewry, I remember vividly one letter whereby the writer stated, “I would link to you if you dropped this stance”, of course I write now from memory, the said letter long since deleted, yet the theme crops up on many occasions, however, this site and indeed its author and those connected hold no hatred for Jewry per-se, just as we hold no hatred for the negro or the south Asian or indeed any non-white grouping or minority interest group. Our stance regarding Jewry is based upon historical fact, which is that, organised Jewry has attacked with relish gentile culture, tradition and yes genotype, it has attacked and continues to do so, pro-white parties and groups and it has crafted laws designed purely to inhibit or silence white dissent. At every level Jewry, for its own reasons has attacked the gentile world, certainly I would never advocate violence against this community, I recognise that they have as much right to practice their belief system as I mine, however, it is I believe a two way street and as long as Jewry en-bloc attacks the west then it must be opposed.

Some will balk at such a stance and in truth I no longer care, for truth is truth and to veer from it is akin to lying, yet I would ask the open-minded reader to simply investigate for themselves the crafters of race-relations law, the hand behind communism and its leftist incarnation in western Europe, I would ask the reader to recognise the very hypocrisy of the settled Jewish community within this country, in that they advocate for Israel whilst thwarting any endeavour for we to regain our country. There will never be a day that I will advocate the merciless killing of Jews or any other non-European individuals or groups, yet I will not sink to my knees purely to placate a hoodwinked people or indeed, a now hoodwinked nationalist movement.

It is hypocritical in extremis to support Jewry whilst maintaining a contrary position regarding Islam, or to lay claim to the moniker nationalist whilst supporting Israel, as she systematically slaughters a civilian population, all this and more contemporary nationalism advocates, I cannot and will not be a part of that. I believe that the Jewish question is as pertinent now as it has ever been, I take the position that no non-European group should dictate European affairs, why we lament the rise of Islamic political power whilst we are too frightened to mention the Jewish lobby, we complain incessantly about Islamic fraud within the political system whilst never contesting the immense influencing, on both a national and international stage, Jewry commits, so why one and not the other, have we really lost our principles to the extent that we will forego one evil and simply attack another because it is fashionable and is therefore an easier target. If that is the case then we are not nationalists, merely moulded by exterior forces, as has proved to be the case over this issue, at one time I heard, “why it’ll destroy the party if we contest this thing”, destroy the party, the party, is the party more important now than truth, reason or indeed the besieged white peoples of Europe.

What the BNP are doing is a great, great wrong, I know not if it has been infiltrated as some say or if Mr Griffin desires great wealth as others state, I don’t and cannot know the reasoning but I can lament the decision, I can comment on direction, on betrayal and capitulation. There some within what passes for British nationalism that oppose the BNP regardless, it is as if they can do nothing right, there are others, equally as damaging who support the BNP regardless and yet lost in their ridiculous warring, covered by the smoke of stupidity a people remain lost, declining and heading for extinction, that is the truth the real truth and that is what the BNP now fail to defend, by their very acceptance of this policy. So I don’t know, perhaps it is the end, perhaps it has been the end for a very long time and I didn’t know it, certainly upon the street nationalism has no voice, amongst our community any cautioning voice has long-sine drifted away in a egalitarian wind, the people befuddled and led and no force to defend them.

I grow tired I suppose, so much rubbish, one group against the other, such squabbling, yet true nationalism is so very much more than that, so much more than politician point-scoring, ego-driven sparring and abject capitulation to malevolence. I don’t know how the BNP can go on, certainly it cannot consider itself nationalist and I know that, those that follow it now will not accept such a position, fooling themselves and indeed those new to the fray, yet they are not nationalist and have not been for a very long time. There must be a middle-ground within nationalism, a central place where real truth remains, where individuals can turn in times of need, where for our country and much more importantly, for our people, there is always hope, for if we grab it, tomorrow belongs to us.

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T.Jones said...
16 November 2009 at 00:44

they have let us all down aint they

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