Race Attacks in Denver

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DENVER -- Denver police have made seven arrests in a new wave of attacks in the downtown area.

The arrests stemmed from four incidents this month, including assaults by a gunman, a stabbing and other beatings, police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray said in a Thursday statement.

The news assaults echo a spree of attacks in downtown Denver last summer. Denver police kept quiet about those attacks until 7NEWS exposed the connection in early September. During those racially motivated assaults, gangs of black suspects often vented hatred for white and Hispanic victims in the popular LoDo entertainment district, court records said.

Yet, while the new crimes sometimes involved black assailants and white victims, police said there's no evidence at this point that race was a motive. At least one of the suspects is white.

In the 2009 attacks, police arrested 34 suspects in November and most were convicted by the Denver District Attorney's Office.

None of the people arrested in the May crimes was a suspect in the 2009 attacks.

Yet a man convicted in last summer's crime wave became a victim in the new assaults. Torrence McCall, 26, who was convicted of robbery in the 2009 attacks, was stabbed about 6:35 p.m. on May 8 on the 16th Street Mall at California Street, police said.

While investigating the stabbing of McCall, police learned he had violated his probation in the robbery conviction and arrested him again, Murray said.

Five hours after McCall was attacked, three people at 634 16th St. were threatened by a man with a handgun and assaulted, police said. Officers arrested four suspects. Police Arrest 7 In New Wave Of Downtown Attacks

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