BNP 'will take its first council' at next election

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The British National Party is poised to win control of its first council in Britain to add to its success in the European elections earlier this year.

The Labour Party high command has been told that activists in east London believe Barking and Dagenham Council may well fall to the neo-fascist party in local elections next year.

The BNP’s leader has already announced he will stand against Labour minister Margaret Hodge in next year’s general election, and senior party figures now fear a “double-whammy” in the BNP’s heartland. It won 17 per cent of the vote in the 2005 general election.

The party, which has a long history of antisemitism, already holds 12 of the council’s 51 seats but only fielded 13 candidates at the last local elections. Labour, which controls the council, fears that a full slate of candidates could sweep the board and benefit from the carnival surrounding Nick Griffin.

BNP councillors in Barking include Richard Barnbrook, who also represents the party in the London Assembly.

Mrs Hodge, the daughter of Jewish refugees, is already raising money for a war chest to fight off the threat. Such is the parlous state of Labour finances that funds for staff for the campaign will have to be raised privately. Her supporters estimate she will need at least £100,000 to build a team that includes an experienced campaign manager and a dedicated press officer. The Minister for Culture and Tourism is likely to be making a direct appeal to high-value donors from the Jewish community.

She is likely to run a campaign based on her own high profile locally, recognising that the party and Gordon Brown are unpopular in Barking. Local activists will look to shore up her support by concentrating on the anti-BNP vote rather than attempting to win back Labour voters who have defected to the BNP. She will also have to deal with the fact that six per cent of BNP voters in her constituency are non-white.

One source close to the Labour MP said: “In the general election we will be selling the Margaret Hodge brand, but there could well be a BNP-controlled council.”

In 2006, Mrs Hodge said that 80 per cent of her constituents were tempted to vote BNP. She was criticised for boosting the extremist vote when the party became the largest after Labour in council elections later that year.

She said: “I have spent my life fighting racism and that’s as a result of experiencing antisemitism as a child as a first generation immigrant and the daughter of Jewish refugees. But I never thought I would have to take on the leader of a fascist party.

“I have spent three years exposing the true nature of BNP councillors in Barking and I am determined to expel them. continues here

Editorial : So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, proof positive of Semitic interference in parliamentary democracy, of course for me and indeed others, we recognised long ago now that the democracy lauded in the owned press and crowed about by duplicitous politicians, as our sons and daughters march with guns in other peoples lands, was not democracy at all, but simply a charade, a sham. Today of course, much of what passes for nationalism champions the party political system, champions it even as it knows it for the very fraud it is, many espouse electioneering as the be all and end all, which of course is perhaps the biggest lie.

Yet electioneering is important, important because it shows a nationalist face to the body politic, it presents to the people an alternative, an alternative that can never win of course but an alternative nonetheless. The BNP have endeavoured to embrace the Jewish community, even to the extent of advocating their pro-Zionist agenda, an agenda that breeds hate, kills with impunity civilians of all ages and leads to a very real threat upon our own streets, it is for this reason that nationalists like myself can never support the BNP, oh we can support certain actions, praise when praise is needed, yet on fundamental issues traditional nationalism can never agree and after all, the killing of civilians and the stealing of a nation state can never be condoned by true nationalists.

For many, the very experience of the multicultural experiment leads them down the road of only hate, so bitter have they become at the behaviour of non-whites that they cannot and indeed will not, address issues clearly; they simply cannot see the wood for the trees. I myself have faced assault and physical attack over the years, in one case knife wielding Muslims endeavoured to dispatch me from this world and of course, growing up amongst it all from an early age, I know only too well the range and indeed scope of attacks against my community. Yet understanding the motivation, does not mean I can condone the result, certainly it is somewhat difficult to campaign for justice for others, whose brethren do the very same thing within your own land, that is to say, colonise it and attack for religious or racial reasons the people within, it is this very resentment that pro-Zionist forces now channel, with the result ironically of shoring up the hatred.

Yet we must remember here that the firebrands within the Muslim community are indeed a minority and it would not come as much of a surprise, if in later times it was discovered that many such people worked for other masters, masters wholly unconnected with the cause they now espouse, in the middle-east such people are well-known and indeed even amongst the nationalist community such people have played out actions and it is believed still do. The fact is that Islam is a religion, nothing more nothing less, its practices grate against western sensibilities yet it is a child of the east and should of course reside there, the real issue is racial, cultural and demographical. It is not Islam per-se that is the threat but the sheer amount of non-whites permitted entrance, the loss of whole towns and soon cities to these people, it is not about the religion, Sikhs and Hindus have a similar effect upon our chances of survival, as indeed do Christian negroes from the West Indies, yet forces alien in themselves conspire to present it as an Islamic threat only, this then the split within nationalism, this then the divide defined.

Yet for all their pro-Zionist rhetoric, for all their support of Israel the Jewish community still attack them, crow about it openly in the press, yet pro-BNP websites and weblogs will still maintain the, Islam is evil and Jews are really quite nice nonsense, in point of fact there are good and bad in all races, many Jews are lovely people, have no desire to alter the west and seek to exist peacefully in co-existence, yet the same can be said for many Muslims, who wish also merely to live and co-exist, the issue for many is economic, in that the chances for a better life here far surpass that of their respective homelands, yet whilst understandable on a personal level, this in no way equates to a good enough reason, to literally stealThe Minister for Culture and Tourism is likely to be making a direct appeal to high-value donors from the Jewish community. a country and indeed a continent from an indigenous people, which is now the case. Another point to make here is that, it is the Jewish community in the main, that fund and maintain organisations that have been set up with the express purpose of beating down the voices of indigenous disapproval, it is the Jewish community that openly declare war upon nationalists, it beggars belief therefore the support they then receive from the anti-Islamic crank fringe that like to portray themselves as nationalist.

We can never know the absolute true facts of gentile, Jewish relations, all we have to go on is historical record that will in any event come down in favour of the community the writer hails from, yet if we are to take anything away from such testimony it is this, the Jewish community for whatever reason have consistently undermined and attacked the structure and traditions of the west, from every position. Today of course we live to all intents and purposes in a secular democracy and it would appear that thee only religion that still opposes from a spiritual standpoint is Islam, we may not like this truth however it is truth nonetheless. At one time Christianity acted as a buffer to all, even to Islam yet the attacks upon it which reached conclusions in the heady days of the sixties proved disastrous and now the church or much of it is collaborative in nature, assisting the rise of secular individualism rather than combating the many evils that beset us.

The very first way to undermine a belief system and indeed a life-system is to vilify it. to make of it an ostracized creed, further if one can literally split said belief system right down the middle, create a liberal and hard-line split, then the job is on the way to completion, the old maxim, divide and conquer rings ever true. Of course as I have written before, this was done originally against Christianity, a time now known as the reformation, yet it was the dissemination of reformist ideas that ushered in decline, not in fact the ideas behind them. Certainly Martin Luther recognised Semitic influence and indeed famously railed against it, yet it is the minor splits within that were augmented in Amsterdam that ended Christian unity and would help to crush its dominance sometime later.

Mrs Hodge, the daughter of Jewish refugees, is already raising money for a war chest to fight off the threat. We see to this day its effects, the fratricide amongst kindred peoples within Europe based upon that very split ,the rise of the lodge system ,the re-admittance of Jewry, the formation of the banking system and the eventual warring between the nation states of Europe. Certainly then, the aim was to remove power from Christianity and place power within an, at that time, powerful and naturally separate country, a country geographically challenging to invaders, that country our own. On the continent the lodge system had infiltrated Flanders, Christians were butchered, men women and children, priests tortured and hung, nuns raped repeatedly, tortured ,dismembered and an attack of such intensity directed against traditional Christianity as to be a holocaust, we hear much of the inquisition yet little of this. Much of the bloodshed was carried out by Jews, by individuals who had hidden their faith at first espousing the Protestant faith although later Calvinism, which is itself sometimes referred to as reformed.

Unsurprisingly Calvinism held out no opposition to usury espousing the charging of interest as being, not immoral nor indeed against gods teaching, this then set the stage for much debate, much killing and much chaos, certain elements thrive under chaos’s clock and indeed they did, the early reformers, influenced by the merchants of Amsterdam and Venice killed off Europe’s defence, rendered future peoples to supranational evil and heralded in our extinction, would they but know, it some did. Behind this of course Jewry ,oh some can dispute it, some can call it anti-Semitism however, it is all historical fact, all truth and nothing more, yet the attack upon the west, whether instigated out of fear or indeed out of loathing is an attack nonetheless and as such the Jewish community, merited and still do contestation. It is a lie, a dammed lie to even suggest that Jewry works for any other interest bar its own, yet there are those who would persist with this lie, further they disparage in this age the truth teller, the honest, call them a hater, just as those who would contest non-white colonisation are belittled as haters.

Recognising the hand of Jewry within anti-people movements in no way equates to hatred ,recognising that on the surface water appears weaker than stone in no way equates to a hatred of water, merely that one recognises that water has disproportionate power when contrasted with its appearance, the same to with the Jewish community. In this JC article it is stated that Mrs Hodge “is already raising money for a war chest” and that, “funds for staff for the campaign will have to be raised privately”, one can only imagine from what community such funds will come, is it not the case therefore that merely by this act parliamentary democracy as they tell us it is, is swayed by the moneymen ,that those who have the largest “war chest” ,win the battle, history tells us it is so.

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