Mischief Methinks

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As if it wasn’t bad enough the relationship between the west and Islam, groups within our midst still ratchet up the hate, now the story is a few days late and I make no apologies for this, AAWR now infrequently updated and certainly due to other commitments not as, shall we say, on the ball as before. The story concerns the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" competition on Facebook, the group’s alleged spokesperson Andy Freiheit operating under a pseudonym in order to sow his mischief had this to say when asked if they had considered possible fatalities due to their actions ,” I actually think they will kill someone.... Someone will...make [someone] a scapegoat or whatever”.

Imagine that, an individual, although we know it’s a particular faction, attacks a faith group knowing the reaction it may cause, knowing that in the ensuing conflict created by them somebody may get killed and they don’t care ,they really don’t care. AAWR operates somewhat differently to most nationalist sites, rather than adopting the new line, we and certainly this writer believes that traditional nationalism is the only way, that contestation of any and all groups who undermine, attack or exploit us is both desirable and indeed necessary. Indeed it is easy to look about us, to view the wider world and to see the hand of Zion creating mischief, it seems that all of the world’s great religions can be attacked, that centuries old faith systems can simply be ridiculed, their adherents belittled regardless of cost to peace and stability.

Islam is in a war, oh not the fabricated war on terror, not that grand lie that soaks the east in blood, no, but a war for its very survival and that of its people, Islam and the people of the east are interrelated; an attack upon their religion is an attack upon all of the people. We in Europe were like that once, that is until certain elements conspired to undermine and bring down Christianity, to augment the disagreements raging and to set nation-states and man against man. Today those groups have totally succeeded ,Christianity is no more, it remnant merely a politically correct priesthood functioning duplicitously, today Europe is secular, the unifying bond of religion has been routed leaving the way open to attack other pillars shoring up our civilisation.

Today Christian Europe is no more and self is the new god, nothing unifies us, not even country, today the very last vestiges of patriotism are sent crashing against Islam and conflict is the only result, can only ever be the outcome. Maddened they are, sent really quite mad, attacked by such a powerful foe and all around them enemies, their very actions in responses garners only more enemies whilst those who stir the pot remain scot-free. The attack now is upon the east, upon the very people and anything that unifies them, I feel for them, sorrow grips my heart, anger races yet I can do nothing, all I can do is sit here knowing the truth whilst all around race here and there.

Can they win out, can they survive as an entity, will their individual customs and countries remain free, we failed did we not, our countries fell, our religions and beliefs systems, our very patriotism exploited and used to further another’s agenda, if we, we in the first world were conquered, why not them. In the west the hydra grows ever stronger; its poison corrupts even at street level, upon the street Islamophobia intensifies and my own die in war, in battle, in another battle against my people’s interests. Today my own people have been thoroughly engineered, engineered to hate, for hates, sake, automatons for the new order, yet in many ways I have to ask is it a new order, or is it merely the conclusion to a centuries old scheme, a game of one-upmanship in which we are now the loser.

Many supposed nationalists will perhaps dislike this post, dislike the fact that I defend a people they have been conditioned to hate, a people who rush here in droves to strip our assets, their young predators upon our very streets, yet it all helps grow the hate, all helps stack the pyre, all helps the other. How many of our angry will have subscribed to that Facebook group, how many believing that they fight our countries enemies, how many led down the garden path, helping to increase the bloodshed visited upon the world. When will it stop, when, shall I tell you, when the east becomes as we have, when religion is old-fashioned and self the new god, when money is thee great deity and finance holds the whip hand, when every country to the four winds is the same, Its people, its civilisation and its enslavement.
Thousands of Mohammed images uploaded on Facebook

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