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We like to know a little about our readers, you may know already from reading our privacy policy, that we keep no user identifiable information however, we would still like to know a little about our visitors, albeit anonymously, to do this we use polls. Polls are our way of discovering our readership, such as a general overview of likely readers, are they regular visitors or not, nationalist or hold a differing viewpoint, are they most likely to be white, do they hail from Europe, America or elsewhere such information allows us to tailor the site to suit the needs of users, rather than merely its creators.

Now remember that in filling in a poll we record no other information, merely the information you post via the poll, the polls themselves are not scientific however they do help to give us a general idea as to readership. For this reason AAWR has created this about you page, a page whereby you can if you choose, enter information via polls to help both AAWR and its readership. The polls take only a little time to do and you don’t have to complete them all, you can come back at any time and complete others. Please only use the polls once, as they have been posted to indicate AAWR readership and its needs, of course you don’t have to participate at all and we respect your decision but if you can help us please do, the polls are below, this page will be updated periodically:

How did you discover AAWR?

Are you a return visitor to AAWR?

Are you male or female?

Do you reside in the UK

Given the chance would you prefer to live in a racially homogenous society, that is to say, non-multiracial

Which is the villain?

Is Islam the threat they say or an excuse to create/tighten laws and usher in tyranny

Do you consider yourself a racial nationalist?

Would you consider street protest, that is to say, marches, static demonstrations and so on?

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