Political miltia

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It is reported on the EDL website that police officers have had their homes “raided by police armed with automatic machine guns which terrified the leaderships family which included small children and other older family members. Computer equipment was seized during the 3 hour raid.” As nationalists we must sympathise with those concerned and indeed express regret that we live in a time whereby the police are nothing more than the political arm of state tyranny. This website has contested both the modus operandi and indeed the goals of the EDL and this is unlikely to change, it is our understanding that the EDL was created by Zionists and exists to undermine nationalism within the UK that said, most within the EDL hold legitimate grievances against the Islamic community and we all recognise that it is that community that best represents our nations dire predicament.

Yet Islam is but one facet of our decay and indeed it can truthfully be said that
Islam contests the great evil within its own lands, the shame of course is that in order to contest it must pick the softest option namely civilians, which at a stroke ferments anti-Islamic feeling and aids in its own way the advancement of a new order. Ironically there are those on both sides of the pro and anti-Islamic divide that are equally used, grievances stirred up by agent provocateurs and propelled bullet-like towards each other helping to insure a steady flow of recruits upon both sides whilst those that gain live in safety, safe in the knowledge that their scheme is producing results.

It is rather ironic that on the same day that raids are alleged to have been carried out by statist militia that an article has appeared in that rag of a newspaper the News of the World, the article is entitled, “Crush Them Reich Now”, a play upon words that I’m sure you will agree, is somewhat juvenile. It is interesting however because that grouping has faced the self-same tactics themselves as the EDL are now reporting, in fact, kicked in doors and state intimidation are the least of it ,there is reason to believe that on occasion the state has taken a hand in dispatching individuals connected with the group and indeed nationalism generally,  Mahmoud al-Mabhouh anyone.

Furthermore, it is notable here that individuals connected with Blood & Honour  have faced court action and indeed all nationalists who persist in adhering to traditional nationalism have faced considerable interference from both covert and overt state forces. One need only look to the case of the Heretical two in order to fully understand how very fragile freedom of speech is, it seems that it is perfectly okay to commit crimes against humanity in the name of democracy but to desire a return to commonsense and fairness is wrong. The author of this ridiculous article goes to great pains to present Blood & Honour as some sort of paramilitary force, when in actual fact it is merely a national socialist collective, a grouping that are aware of the dangers besetting our nation and lament them.

I myself have attended Blood & Honour concerts and mixed in such circles and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the article written by the News of the World is a lie, a product of cheap journalism designed purely to facilitate the states attack upon the right. Certainly and I make no bones of it, this system is corrupt and there are those who believe that at some point we may indeed have to fight for our freedoms, I myself subscribe to such a belief system, however, there is no threat emanating from Blood & Honour, far from it. Those who know me away from this keyboard will know that I speak with some knowledge, that nationalism is a way of life for me and many of my acquaintances, yet they will also perhaps know that the raucous sound of many Blood & Honour bands finds little acceptance from me, of course there are some bands that I have time for, I like in particular Razorsedge, although I would say that wouldn’t I.

Yet much of the scene revolves around simply that, the music, it is to all intents and purposes a scene, certainly individuals and groups connected to it recognise the unhealthy influence of Jewry within our nations affairs, they recognise that perhaps the game of democracy is exactly that, a game, however there is not nor has there ever been a threat from the group. It is an easy group to attack; certainly we traditional nationalists have felt under attack by both the state and indeed other supposed nationalists for some time now. It seems as if wherever we go we are assailed, extremists in the eyes of all, all that is except the people, those forbidden from hearing our message, much of Blood & Honour consists of anger, extreme anger, righteous anger, however it is impotent anger, useless anger, it is the anger of the forgotten, the disenfranchised and the exploited, not the anger of the terrorist.

It would seem that the police have little to do but smash down the doors of those who contest this reprehensible regime, not for them an assailment of yardie drug dens, not for them a massed action against Albanian pimps, not for them a rounding up of those who would abuse and exploit young white schoolgirls, nor indeed do they put down the feral behaviours of out of control yobs. Instead they work to a political agenda, they attack those who in whichever way have seen behind the big lie, have glimpsed the dream and found it wanting. I would hope now that those within the EDL would see the bigger picture that they would look with a keen eye to our state of affairs, I fear that this will not be, of course there are so many groups now who work within parameters set by the system, safe parameters, permissible parameters, useless parameters, parameters that are designed solely to curtail dissent, inhibit freedom and cow a people.

You must know of course that in closing all avenues to the people that the people will one day break free that your regime cannot last forever and that regardless of your political intimidation we will continue, will stay the course until one day you are thrown bodily from office and the people have their voice. Today of course you have much of the resources and your agents sow discord but eventually evil is exposed to the light of day and then the people shall exact their revenge ,today many are afraid to speak ,scared to be called racist ,fascist, or Nazi, yet repeat these chants, these nothings and eventually they have no meaning and you will need to expose your inner self, leftism always leads to tyranny, oh it might put on clever makeup, smile and mouth sound-bites for the masses but under the face there is the countenance of true evil and once glimpsed one is compelled to fight against it.

Soon it will come, soon you will have no choice but to use the very weapons you have used so many times before, fear, violence and oppression but you never triumphed in days past and you will not now, oppression cannot hope to hold out against will, exploit us, prey upon us and terrorise us but eventually we shall stand and throw away our fear and stand united against you. Today of course you have a plan, a hideous plan, a macabre scheme, if one cannot win the hearts and minds of the people then simply change the people, change them and present their legitimate anger as hatred, stir the newcomer against them and garner their vote.
What you do is genocide, murder by any definition, you kill as you always have to maintain power, to exercise your authority and drive forward your dream, after a time of course, even under extreme duress opposition forms, the people coalesce against you and once again your gulags and your military force cannot win, will not win, must not win. So up your game, spin your deceits but the truth is getting out, sites such as this fight your lies every step of the way, we have a new media now, a new way to dispel your lies, oh you work to change it ,work to create a state friendly internet but can you do it in time, can you stop each leak, fill each breach, or will you run hither and thither in an endeavour to do so, what will you do in the flood, when the voice of truth leaves this place and takes its rightful place amongst the beloved people ,when nationalists will simply not be bullied anymore, when a movement arises that fears no law, no jail and no militia.

So I understand your fight, understand that in order to survive you must bully and lie, slander and defame but we have truth and right what do you have, an ideology of ill-reason, a dogma of insanity and an agenda of genocide. So it is not you, not the state I fear, not their dam jails and their evil, for the people will in time learn the truth, I fear the people, I fear that they will awaken too late, that this time the evil will come and there will be no defenders, that before even half a century has passed whites will be a minority or gone already, that the people will go on believing their lies unto the grave.
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