Military fatalities to rise.

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A supposedly leaked Ministry of Defence report suggests that casualty levels amongst UK troops “could rise”, thereby getting the population ready for such a circumstance and that the “the traditional rules of war will be consigned to history”, could one of those rules be, to only engage when in the nations interest, rather than in the interests of Israel, military manufacturing companies and indeed the money-powers. The report also stresses the link between global conflict and domestic security, meaning in essence that, the besieged people of the various under-attack nations will seek out an obtainable target, a target almost entirely unsecured, a soft target ,that target dear reader me and you.

Of course the deaths of both soldiers and civilians will ratchet up the hate, the population will embrace antipathy little realising that it is all a sham, all a game and both our lives and the lives of our military personnel mean absolutely nothing, not to mention the lives of those individuals who must, because they suffer assailment, fight to survive. For them of course, those who would impose their vision upon a largely unwilling world, there is no risk, the soldier, the civilian and the Muslim in the main not of the elite, it is notable also that given the actions of those attacking us as a soft target, the creation of an oppressive super state will go on a pace, with more observation of the civilian population, more draconian law until in truth the freedoms they tell us Tommy Atkins is fighting for exist only in a historical context. 

For nationalism of course or the brand of Zionism masquerading as it, this will also be a gain with more attendees at meetings and indeed more membership fees and money flowing in, it would seem that all make money out of war, that being its only gain. The supposed leaked report goes on to say that, “Our adversaries will likely avoid engagement on our terms. They will adapt rapidly to exploit our vulnerabilities, for example, by fighting in built-up areas or concealing themselves amongst civilians.” ,they talk as though action such as this is a new thing, as if guerrilla warfare were not already a staple mode of operation in the field, yet many amongst the population will buy into this rubbish, blood will flow and money will be made.

The draft Green Paper due for publication next week will form a primary part of the forthcoming Strategic Defence Review, when individuals from many departments will sit down and hypothesise the best way to take control of other nations and spill the blood of this nation’s sons, yet the public will simply go on as usual whilst the agenda-makers water their emerging utopian flower in blood. Quite simply not a single life need be lost in war, not a single mother crying nor father bereaved, not one, remove our troops from another’s land and use them to regain our own and once again regain normalcy. 

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