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As I travel, talk to people, those of nationalist or patriotic persuasion and those that are not I find almost universally one thing in common an intense and almost palpably growing anti-Muslim worldview, with dismay I look to those around me and see the managed. There was a time when nationalism addressed our greatest threats, primarily finance and those who wield its power and thereafter the symptoms of such, such as mass migration, criminality, drugs, our declining and now sadly gone, manufacturing base and other such issues and indeed for a time nationalism had the street, be it the common man or those who would physically contest malevolency. I hear many, many suggestions from fellow nationalists and quite a few from those of purported other political persuasions ,as to how best to proceed, how best to solve the many problems besetting our society, nearly all of which entirely miss the mark.

Indeed it would be quite correct to say, that so blinded have the majority become that salvation on pro-indigenous terms may now never occur, I write this with a deep sense of sorrow both for my countrymen and my nationalist fellows and indeed myself. For my beliefs I have endured a fair amount, not so much legally and such but physically, I spent perhaps two decades defending, if that is the word, upon the streets, I became almost the last of my kind in many ways and faced terrific attack because of it. Yet growing up, in my now rapidly declining youth I had little care as to others, little care as to the gnashing of leftists, the, in the main, impotent ranting of non-whites, I believed wholeheartedly in race and nation.

The Taking Of The Flag

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I don’t really know when it first began, this growing sense of distaste, this feeling of almost loathing, augmented every day I suppose by what I observed and what indeed I know to be the case, yet it gave me no joy, no sense of pride, in fact the very reverse to see my nations flag, sported by many and set atop many a passing car. How can this be, for I am a nationalist, for me there is no higher calling than nation save for people, why then the cheerlessness, the aversion, the sinking of the spirit. Why I should be filled with joy, radiate it, spread it as a benign virus to all I meet upon the street, at the workplace and at home, for so very many years now the flying of the flag has set one up for attack, physically, verbally or in some cases by the state itself, under the guise of health and safety or community cohesion.

At one time to fly our nations flag was an act of rebellion, of rejection, a statement, a challenge and it had few takers, today so many now sport the flag, why it is everywhere, everywhere I look and given the above I should be grateful, happy, ecstatic even, proud that once again the flag of nation flutters. As I journey to and from work, I see them, see them everywhere, large St George flags adorning houses, flats and maisonettes, tee-shirts, tops indeed

Race Attacks in Denver

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DENVER -- Denver police have made seven arrests in a new wave of attacks in the downtown area.

The arrests stemmed from four incidents this month, including assaults by a gunman, a stabbing and other beatings, police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray said in a Thursday statement.

The news assaults echo a spree of attacks in downtown Denver last summer. Denver police kept quiet about those attacks until 7NEWS exposed the connection in early September. During those racially motivated assaults, gangs of black suspects often vented hatred for white and Hispanic victims in

Mischief Methinks

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As if it wasn’t bad enough the relationship between the west and Islam, groups within our midst still ratchet up the hate, now the story is a few days late and I make no apologies for this, AAWR now infrequently updated and certainly due to other commitments not as, shall we say, on the ball as before. The story concerns the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" competition on Facebook, the group’s alleged spokesperson Andy Freiheit operating under a pseudonym in order to sow his mischief had this to say when asked if they had considered possible fatalities due to their actions ,” I actually think they will kill someone.... Someone will...make [someone] a scapegoat or whatever”.

Imagine that, an individual, although we know it’s a particular faction, attacks a faith group knowing the reaction it may cause, knowing that in the ensuing conflict created by them somebody may get killed and they don’t care ,they really don’t care. AAWR operates somewhat differently to most nationalist sites, rather than adopting the new line, we and certainly this writer believes that traditional nationalism is the only way, that contestation of any and all groups who undermine, attack or exploit us is both desirable and indeed necessary. Indeed it is easy to look about us, to view the wider world and to see the hand of Zion creating mischief, it seems that all of the world’s great religions can be attacked, that centuries old faith systems can simply be ridiculed, their adherents belittled regardless of cost to peace and stability.

Islam is in a war, oh not the fabricated war on terror, not

Zionist Defence League Offline

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Zion must be fuming, must be hopping mad, that is unless it was part of the plan anyway, after all nationalism has been dealt a bloody nose in the recent elections and I expect the hooligan behaviours of the ZDL/EDL played no small part. Yet it seems that for now the ZDL/EDL’s ability to harness anger for Zion is somewhat muted ,just a little inhibited although the owned press hold the real power and their website serving as simply a meeting place for the already or nearly converted. Yet Zion has infiltrated almost all aspects of the right, from the purported far right to of course the conservatives, the Tories, British politics little Israeli firsters.

So although the website is offline there are many, many ways for Zion to promote, safeguard and progress its agenda, yet it is heartening that

Whatever happened to...

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Whatever has happened to nationalism in this country, things just seem to be getting worse, it seems that all that is produced is mutual enmity, acrimony and gigantic ego, whilst our nation’s fate grows ever perilous and the malignancy grows a pace. Today I and others look around and all we see is division, disunity and battle, individuals so caught up in ego are they that they strive to protect self much more so than people. For many it is party or site, leader or group yet never people, it is perhaps for this reason that I and others have left them to it over the years, realising that amongst the egos nationalism had little play, it seems that big fish in little ponds have always been a curse but the situation is now so very much worse and a movement for change suffers greatly.

Oh I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty, the this and that but this site has been contacted, indeed independent nationalists such as myself have been courted over the years by individuals from all sides but I must say now publicly


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I hate don’t you, hate it when you have a precious day off and yet tired though you are, you awake at the same time you would for work, your body fatigued, yet your mind akin to some cruel taskmaster denying the body much-needed sleep. You will of noted from my last post of course my complete and utter loathing as to the plight of man in this area, that is to say toiling constantly to fill the coffers of the treasury who themselves tax us to pay the money-powers. I fully realise that my toil is almost in vain and that my body aches so that others may gain, those others the newcomer, the shiftless, the duplicitous politician and the banker.

Yet I expect I shall ramble very often on the subject, principally because it is becoming a topic close to my heart and I loathe and detest the unfairness of it all, indeed my opposition to immigration is not due to hatred as the owned press will tell you but due to an innate dislike of unfairness, I believe that it is


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I suppose it’ll now just keep on happening, keep occurring until we are all gone from this world, until the new age rushes in to engulf the old and a new order begins, today another of us departs this world, another of us leaves behind all they have known and rushes to the next life or perhaps none at all and it is the end. What can I say really some people are just made of superior stock, of something wholly intangible, utterly magical and when they are gone the world has lost a certain something, an element irreplaceable, yet it still turns. Its not enough is it, for a life, for a whole life summed up in an order of service, for a few hymns and then the committal, for them to leave those who will forever mourn them to an uneasy fate.

Today a lady nationalist left us, her life unknown and conventional but all the more solid for it, this a woman who brought up her children alone, supported them and indeed the nation and comprehended the nations plight. She realised she once told me, the situation whilst driving to market, once all of the children at the bus-stop were white, now few are ,today ironically enough her hearse drove past those self-same bus-stops empty now of children, as if in tribute to a terrific person, god himself had cleared the way, prevented her witnessing once again the nations fate. Still it was time that

Political New Order

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So there we have it, the end of the sham, but do you even listen, do you even care, as I write this the people of this nation are governed by those with no mandate, although in truth this is perpetually the case, the only difference now of course is that the puppets themselves are shown up for what they are, greedy power grabbing opportunists, intent upon personal glory and nothing more. Today two purported disparate ends of the political spectrum have come together as one and indeed, is not all politics or most, simply as one, do not the Conservatives, the liberals and indeed Labour simply sing from the same hymn-sheet.

Our nation has been successively wrecked, its people incrementally altered and any and all opposition, be it from the right or indeed the left, utterly thwarted, when I say the left, there are those that may throw up their hands in horror or indeed wonder at my thinking however for any student of politics, it comes as no shock at all to realise that the left and what masqueraded as it in the last government are completely differing entities, although extreme Marxism had a hand in the former government, finance had the greater, the primary section of the mainstream left changed utterly adopting facets of right of centre thinking, economically, and internationally . indeed the shift of the paradigm within the body of the left

New strategy for the EDL/ZDL

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I see the EDL or Zionist defence league have opted for a new strategy, a strategy that will bring them fans, the strategy involves confronting, if that is the word for it, their enemies or again, Zion’s enemies, after all the far left have recognised Zionism for the evil it is and therefore the child of Jewry is now to be attacked. Conversely, Islam the antithesis of leftism has a new bedfellow in the left, as they both face the onslaught of Zion, strange times, strange times indeed, yet will the EDL oppose kosher practices, after all are they not virtually identical, does not the animal suffer greatly in each case.

The EDL/ZDL will not oppose kosher practice because

Eugene Terre'Blanche

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Our leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered on his farm

It is with shock, dismay, frustration and the greatest of emotional pain that we were informed that our leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche was murdered on his farm Villanna (meaning "Home of Anna") just outside Ventersdorp called around 17:00 this afternoon.

Details are sketchy, but from reports by people at the scene there was an argument with one of his black farm workers this afternoon. Later, while he was taking an afternoon nap, the farm worker, incited by others, entered his house and hacked him to death with a panga (chopping knife used for clearing bushes).

When police arrived they found our leader on his bed with mortal wounds to his upper body and head. He was declared dead at 7:00pm.

This news comes amidst reports of Julius Malema's banned song which calls for freedom fighters of the ANC to "Kill the Boer".

Our leader did not live permanently on the farm, but rather in Ventersdorp. He visits the farm regularly during the week and on weekends.

Eugene Ney Terre'Blance was born on January 31 1941 and was on of the founders of the Afrikaner Weerstadsbeweging. He dedicated the last decades to realising a dream of freedom for our Boer people and the concept of a Volkstaat, a free state where we could rule over ourselves.

We call on all our supporters, friends and members of the AWB to be calm for now as we mourn the passing of our leader.

Anti-white attacks

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Its been reported in the Bolton news that a man has been attacked in Great Lever Park Bolton, the article states that some six or seven youths attacked the lone man, stabbing him under his left arm and puncturing his lung, all suspects are described as Asian ,which to our overseas readers equates to South Asians. It seems as if there is a never-ending cycle of violence directed at whites globally and our politicians and leaders say nothing, merely permit the mayhem to continue. In Philadelphia for instance there is a new phenomenon, referred to duplicitously by the media as 'flash mobs' but in reality a gathering of predominantly non-white individuals mobilising en-masse to attack and injure passers-by. 

In the latest incident some 2000 non-white youths comprising men and women but primarily men, assembled on

Truth will out

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Its good to see, although its not a forceful article, the owned media publishing anything in relation to the ongoing genocide occurring in South Africa, it seems that daily the, invariably white, farming community of South Africa face horrific assault, some of the evidence I have personally seen relating to the attacks and murders are truly horrific, all the more so given the appalling lack of reporting on the issue by what passes for the press. Yet nationalists and others who tell the truth have in effect their own media now, they are, for the moment, able to publish truth to the entire world, should the world wish to read it.

However, for those in South Africa it is extremely difficult, more especially

Anika Smit an update to an earlier post

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AAWR has been contacted today concerning this story, the anonymous individual pointing out that the race of the offender/offenders is not known, they further point out that the investigation centres around the social networking site Facebook and that she may have known her killer/killers. It must be made clear here that AAWR laments the death of Anika Smit regardless of the killer/killers ethnic origin; it is for the authorities to determine the identity of the murder/murderers and not of this site. Certainly there is an ongoing