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It’s a national newspaper story apparently, appalled individuals up and down the land throw up their hands in horror, comments on the story consist in the main of, “sack her” or “Just another example of what the labour government has done to our country” or even, “ban all religions” and what pray tell has caused such uproar. Is it Judaic suppression of free speech such as in the case of Ernst Zundel, goaled for expressing an opinion, is it condemnation at the governments creation of the“Hero of the Holocaust™” medal, purely for political purposes, which in itself is reprehensible enough, yet coupled with the actions of this regime upon the world stage in terms of bringing murder and bloodshed to others, then the mind boggles. But no, the uproar is all about the refusal of a pharmacist to serve the contraception pill to a Janine Deeley, who it is assumed wished to kill off any potential offspring that may have begun its life journey after she had enjoyed herself.

It seems that in this respect they have won and the rights of the unborn play second fiddle to the selfish needs of egocentric thrill-seekers, we appear to have gone full-circle and today in this secular wasteland individuals are condemned for morality whilst the nation burns in a fire of its own making. Quite strangely many of the appalled will rail against immigration or seek to attack Muslims, presumably because the owned press has trained them to, many will have latched onto this believing that its some Muslim lady, whilst at another time perhaps, said individual/individuals will complain ad nauseam about colonisation, never realising that it is the selfish actions of individuals such as Janine Deeley that injuriously affect us demographically speaking. Abortion is quite simply murder, the taking of life in such circumstances is wholly wrong, yet the forces ravaging our country for so long now have almost won the day and may very well do so unless the people face up to grim reality.

Pharmacist refuses to give mother, 38, contraceptive pills for period pain 'because of her religion'

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