BNP Membership Ban Lifted.

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It appears there is some confusion with the owned media reporting that the BNP membership ban is still in place and BNP supporters, sites and weblogs reporting differently, it may be of course that the BNP have simply ignored the advice of the court and simply reopened the party to new members, indeed this seems likely given Mr Griffins response concerning the constitution of the party and his belief that the party, “complies with the law”, in any event the view of this writer is that the BNP have folded, given up and for all the rhetoric of their supporters this is a victory for the agents of repression.

In order to fight tyranny one must, of course fight, such has been markedly absent from the BNP’s campaign thus far, it seems as if the survival of the party far, far exceeds that of the people and in that respect AAWR, the team and indeed many others simply cannot support them. Thee greatest argument put forth by BNP apologists is that the party would be bankrupt or indeed that it would not be able to fight the forthcoming election, however, unless the party expect to topple government or seize power that argument to say the least is somewhat flawed, again it is this writers belief that the people come first, therefore at times one should disobey the law if it is wrong and simply regroup, re-brand and reorganise should proscription occur.

BNPers simply will not have it of course and indeed there is much talk of that other nationalist party, the National Front “being State” or “searchlight infiltrated”, all of which does much to create mistrust, disunity and indeed aids the very forces that undermine this country and threaten the existence of its indigenous people. Luckily AAWR is independent, as indeed are many nationalists today, we operate as traditional nationalists, however without affiliation, quite simply because as of yet we see no party deserving of support, although should we in the future, then we shall laud them to the world, until then of course we shall simply take a back seat, watch the ridiculous squabbling and lament the lack of a true force for change.

For most however the choice is simple, The BNP with its predilection for capitulation or the untried, un-trusted National Front, riven through with sectarianism and therefore wholly unsupportive of the creed of “no more brothers wars”, or will you watch, wait and act when called upon, they are killing us off my friend, taking away our very freedoms and sometimes, just sometimes the sham of democracy simply will not cut it, sometimes other methods are needed. I believe that nationalism has failed us that it has looked to petty squabble and not to people; I believe that the only power rests not with us, we nationalists but with the people and it is they, who decide our fate.

The BNP rail against the owned media yet fail to admit just who owns it, they condemn coinist parties but fail to speak truth on the issue, why do the parties act as they do, what forces roam the corridors of power and indeed who directs them. So fixated are the BNP on losing the racist tag that they have forgotten truth, laid it to waste and so exist within a vacuum of their own making. Today their only hope of survival, of harnessing the peoples power lies in Islamophobia ,for they have laid aside all other facets of nationalism, they must, because they have given themselves no choice, carry the torch of that reprehensible agenda for they have now nothing other to light their way.
Nationalism is more than that, it is more than ego, squabble and pap, it is a force of true change and it contests and ever will all attacks upon the body-politic ,all threats to the people, because nationalism is of the people, for the people and can only ever be so. Perhaps the BNP, rather than attacking genuine nationalists, rather than endeavouring to present as ethno-nationalists, they should once again fight cloaked in truth, defending all not merely some. I make no bones in saying that nationalism within this country is but a shadow of what it was and indeed what it can be, so divided are we that we can never win, never see victory until we pull as one and that we are failing markedly to do, much to the joy of our peoples enemies.

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