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On many BNP sites and weblogs there has been somewhat of a ripple, a disturbance, a chance to castigate the unbeliever and attack the heretic, sometimes those so unable to achieve their aims become almost fixated by external stimuli and can never look to their own mistakes and so it is with the BNP. You see the BNP is thee only god of nationalism, thee only orthodoxy, turn from the path and woe to you and all who stand at your side. So very disappointed are they with their failure and their lack of true momentum, so very fearful of losing the small victories they think they have gained they attack all those who would, they believe, usurp them.

Yet nationalism has never been about party, never about electioneering, oh it is an arm, a way to present a message to a bewildered and besieged people but it is not thee only route to salvation. It is no good, no good at all attacking a system, only to partake wholly of it, to condemn whilst swimming with the tide, to stand with our peoples enemies whilst the people alone then scream in torment. Yet the BNP would
have layman and not believe that they are nationalism that believers can only come to nationalism through them, have we not heard similar sentiments before somewhere, surely the BNP would need a messiah so as to contrast, welcome MR Griffin please take your place at the head of the congregation whilst all genuflect before you.

Too much, why take a look at many of the narcissistic BNP sites and weblogs and it is easy to see an almost cultist veneration of this new god, this champion, this Caesar, yet surely whilst Caesar fiddles Rome burns again. To them Mr Griffin can do no wrong whilst to other sites he is the devil incarnate and somewhere ,lost amongst the mishmash of competing egos and freaky hero-worship a people are lost and nationalism has no place. Here, here on the net debate rages, pointless debate, talk of this and of that, whilst the supposed leaders lead nothing and all gain from the people’s pain. Give worshiper; place your monies before your god, so that he may lead you to victory, how many have done as much before, how many buying their very way to victory or so they believed.

Yet we see no victory, no triumph of will or wealth, merely the relentless march of evil as it gobbles both nation and native, I see no god, no hero, no champion, give me a living wage and the means to support those I love and I shall carry the torch much further, until it burns the very door of number ten itself, it is not bravery to speak surrounded by burly minders, counselled by many upon the law as it stands. Real bravery is the everyday nationalist, you reading this perhaps or some-one you know, a decent person ,a law-abiding person, an individual concerned for his/her family and indeed for the wider group and by extension the nation. Yet I urge you visit them, read the pomposity, see the ego and see a faction in decline, a group busy holding onto its assets and that is all, the BNP are simply scared of losing power, scared of others taking over within nationalism whilst I and I am sure you the reader simply desire justice.

My concerns rest with the body-politic or what is left of it, for much of what was has gone the way of the dodo and its replacement seems unworthy of my time, what need I of that which stalks our nation disguised as our own. That which causes misery blights neighbourhoods and rampages through the lives of the decent, my fight will never be for them, never for such monsters, only for the left-behinds, the forgotten and those that look to a higher society ,to a better place, a place worthy of its people and this is not it. Yet the BNP have spent so long as the big-I-am that it simply terrifies them to be spent, it brings home to them their failings and makes of their labour a nothing, so all they have left is to adapt ,to agree, capitulate and slate others who cannot, will not or don’t wish to. Within nationalism now there is some talk of the National Front, some believe that it marches again to reclaim its laurels, to proclaim racial nationalism as opposed to the civic nationalism espoused by the BNP. This may be true, this site itself links to them and I believe that a National Front site links here, yet there is the sticky problem of sectarianism, which is as pro-white as communism and as people friendly as advanced Zionism and after all, seasoned nationalists throughout the decades have recognised sectarianism for what it is, a child of Zion, a means to drive a wedge through white society within these isles and it has been exceptionally successful. 

So upon this basis it is extremely hard to wholeheartedly support the Front, to follow their star in the chase for a new dawn, certainly their recognition of race is laudable, their stated reluctance to simply give in to those who would see our kind gone from this earth an additional benefit but there is much to watch, wait and see. Some though are a little more decisive a little more able to fix their colours to the mast, one such individual by the name of Kieran. A few days ago channel four aired a documentary entitled Young Angry and White and what a commotion it created with BNP supporters/members condemning young Kieran left, right and centre, why some were calling it a conspiracy one of whom was the chairman of the BNP himself who stated:

“You may well have seen the programme 'Young, Angry and White' on Channel 4 on Friday. At the end of it, the central figure - either an actor or an idiot - announced that our move to roll with the punches and survive had made him decide to switch his support from the BNP to the National Front.

Isn't it amazing? Our enemies made a whole programme, and gave it prime time and high visibility, just two days before this vote. The whole Channel 4 machine mobilised to try to give ammunition to Searchlight's little clique of plants and useful idiots within our Party, and to worry our honest but potentially gullible 'hardliners', in the hope of provoking a huge and damaging internal row.

The EGM was an unqualified success...
Well, the programme wasn't much good, and neither was their pitifully see-through plot.”

Now lets just take stock a moment, here we have a young man prepared to stick his head above the parapet, to state his case regardless of the prevailing tyranny and Mr Griffin refers to him as,” either an actor or an idiot” , this from a supposed leader of men, a champion of the people, yet he has done little, very little and even as I write this he has taken the BNP and made of it a mockery, a sham ,a useless, impotent pro-Zionist boy-scout group utterly useless both to nationalism and indeed the people we fight for. Kieran stood up, whilst all around him in this dystopia remained seated and he told his truth as he sees it, what right indeed have the miserable rabble within the BNP to castigate him for it. Maybe if he’d sung from their hymnbook, maybe if he thought himself a performer, whilst in reality he was not, maybe then he would find favour, but no, mention race and it is a no, no, mention opposition to miscegenation and this new breed of nationalist goes really quite bonkers, it charges around, at least as much as the chain fastened upon its neck by the agenda-makers permits and it disparages all and sundry but never attacks the real enemy, although it asks for donations for the war-chest but never opts for the battle ,never stands and always retreats, it is a disgrace, even I should imagine to itself. 

In their rush to survive in whichever form they are quick to condemn others, their army of misinformed or worse, agenda-led lackeys attack one and all and heaven forbid the mention of race, why for them now there is no worse crime, save perhaps for attacking Semitic influence within the corridors of power. No race-realism or racialism is a taboo and those that profess it are extremist fanatics hell-bent on world domination or some such unwholesome pastime, does anybody here recognise the similarity again with other groups, ideologies and/or organisations. Can it be that in some respects the BNP are using the exact self-same tactics to silence its critics as does the far-left, Zion and the various other crank egalitarians that infest our nation’s hierarchical power-structure.

As well as Mr Griffin condemning a young nationalist as, “either an actor or an idiot” there was a further attack, this time from a young BNP member/supporter who referred to Kieran as a F… chav, of course said young BNPer received many messages of praise whilst few took the time to condemn this little miscreants stupidity, the video can I believe, be seen here although presumably as a damage limitation exercise the said miscreant made another video, viewed here, although I have to say the damage had/has already been done.  As well as this of course the BNP have capitulated completely to the forces destroying our country and genotype ,there is no excuse for such behaviour and the pathetic excuses offered up by BNP sycophants bear little weight, take care out there in dystopia land. 

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6 Responses to "Attack the heretic"
seanallan199477 said...
20 February 2010 at 00:19

What a stupid article. yes i called him a chav because i was blinded by the media twisting things it was only till is spoke to kieren i saw the the real him.

were now good freinds and we both want this nosense to end

T.Jones said...
20 February 2010 at 08:23

bnp they slag off and everyone esle is blamed mate dont let it worry you great article

Editor said...
20 February 2010 at 20:10

Ah young seanallan199477 or safcman4 as you like to call yourself on Youtube, thanks for your reply although as is now becoming rather typical with BNP members/supports they disparage whilst declining almost exclusively to give their case, you say that the article is “stupid” but give no reason for such a comment, was the information in said article incorrect , was it intellectually bereft or is it as I contend seanallan199477 that you simply didn’t like what was written.

If that is the case then find another site, I am sure there are plenty that pander to the BNP and indeed its civic-nationalist element AAWR panders to no-one, it is here because I and others have an issue with current orthodoxy and the treatment of my people that is all, it is not here to hero worship leaders, to lie concerning capitulation and it is certainly not here pretending that civic-nationalism has any merit. Your argument in your video was that the recognition of race was wrong that racialism was wrong yet much of the BNP contingent bemoans the loss of culture, how on earth this is to be recovered following their sham route is impossible to fathom.

Here at AAWR we’re glad you have apologised to Kieran your were wrong, you had no right attacking him in such a manner, more especially as your own leaders and intellectuals have less courage and indeed honesty. Race is a real construct it governs so much and to deny it in whichever way is damaging in so many ways, yet do not use the argument of our enemies in that the recognition of race equates to hatred, it does not, an African in Africa will face no animosity from me, an Indian in India and so on, the issue here is should such vast amounts of non-whites be settled within the west, I contend that they should not, be they Sikhs, Ghurkhas, negroes or indeed the BNPS only target Muslims, so you young lad present a fallacious argument, perhaps due to age, I wish you well but in this case you were wrong.

British Nationalist said...
21 February 2010 at 12:21

Firstly, the party is ethno-nationalist. I know racial-nationalists have trouble understanding this ideology but we're not civic-nationalists, if we were, I would join UKIP. All intelligent racial-nationalists should upgrade their ideology to British ethno-nationalism or leave the political route alone. 60 years of failure should be enough.

Secondly, Keiren is joining the BNP and we're glad to have him. His quality is too high to be wasted in political insignificance with racial nationalists.

Finally, those outside the party whom criticise Mr Griffin make it more difficult for anyone within the party to make criticisms. Mainly because most of them are mentally ill, stupid or paranoid.

Editor said...
21 February 2010 at 15:53

Thank you for your reply British Nationalist, much of ethno-nationalism and white nationalism is interchangeable, of note the shared belief in the right of blood or Jus sanguinis, although race-realists take such a concept and augment it, creating if you will a white diaspora globally. Rather than simply defining the struggle in purely a local sense race-realists recognise the abject attack upon our unique genotype and it is this I would conjecture, that places us at odds with civic or indeed ethno-nationalists. Over time those who adhere to such a preservationist outlook have come to be known as white-nationalists in that rather than simply conserving the particular terrain upon which they reside, they endeavour to preserve the race, above and beyond landmass.

Of course white nationalism has an immense problem in that many who claim such an ideology as their own subscribe to simply hatred, whereas nationalism by its very definition seeks to end racial conflict by the resettlement of disparate peoples and communities, back to their ancestral homelands. Ethno-nationalism although laudable in parts seeks to preserve simply the perceived community rather than the community proper; it bases its recognition of consanguinity upon nation rather than gene that in essence is the difference. Yet I would argue what is nation without gene, what sets one nation out from the other, the answer of course race, I perfectly understand the need to separate from idiots and fools whose actions can be considered anti-group as they hold back pro-group movements, yet to retreat upon the question of race is to forego all hope of freedom, of autonomy, just what in essence Ethno-nationalism endeavours to argue for.

The BNP have entered into a contract of racial Armageddon in that any non-white community is a threat to our continuance, simply arguing that the British people will not wear it is not argument in itself but merely the recognition that the changes of late undertaken by the BNP are based upon party needs and not that of the people, such an action is reprehensible in the extreme. Ethno-nationalism is an attempt to take merely a small portion of race-realist ideology and present it in hopes of success, yet such an agreement is erroneous, as over time the newcomer will not be so and the right of blood may pass over to peoples who simply did not build this nation, nor indeed its culture.

Which is crueller, to state the case for racial homogeneity and to strive to achieve such or to fight on with no hope of such ,to recognise that the very foundation stock of this nation is being undermined and to not lift a hand to change it. Ethno-nationalism argues that the original inhabitants of the nation shall hold control, yet permit, no accept the residence of other peoples, yet Jus sanguinis is applicable in cases of miscegenation do the BNP and ethno-nationalists argue that such is acceptable, if so then the battle is lost, demographics tells you that. The right of blood Jus sanguinis should be more and can only be so under certain conditions, it is useless in a heterogeneous society as the bloodline is by definition exposed to the risk of mixture and after all such is possible amongst all sections of society regardless of geographical ancestry.

No Ethno-nationalism is a fallacy, it simply cannot work in order to preserve, whereas racial nationalism can, today the world is in a state of flux , migration looks westward are we to assume that should those disparate peoples eventually intermix that Jus sanguinis applies. Is it not better for all our sakes to shut the door, repatriate and never... Continues below

Editor said...
21 February 2010 at 15:58

Continued... commit such mistakes again, for even should we seal our borders today our fate is sealed and we look to our racial demise.

Sensible white nationalists have no hate at all save for those who would oversee our extinction, for us the line is very clear, Europe for whites and the sub-Saharan basin for non-whites and so forth where applicable, although as we move further away from Europe problems occur concerning the rights of whites to reside within other lands. Perhaps white nationalism began life purely for such a reason, as after all should we subscribe purely to ethno-nationalism then many countries would be no-more, It is I believe for the BNP and its member/supporters to re-evaluate their position, not for racial nationalists our position has not changed and indeed never will.

You state that “60 years of failure should be enough”, yet you fail to take into account the opposition against us, the turning of the people and the attack upon the very pillars of white western society. So in essence it has not been our failure but a failure of the British people, its leaders and indeed continues to be so, white racial nationalists recognise as no other group the attacks upon our society and we are still here, still endeavouring to present a message, although in truth such is becoming ever harder and will become evermore so as our birth rates fall and others of our genotype take the easy route albeit leading to exactly the same place as leftism.

You state that, “racial-nationalists have trouble understanding this ideology”, yet failed markedly to note that in answer to safcman4 I myself wrote, “I am sure there are plenty that pander to the BNP and indeed its civic-nationalist element AAWR panders to no-one”, it is worth referring to the use of the word element in this sentence. I myself have been a member of the BNP and I realise fully that its constituent members makes up many strands of nationalism civic-nationalism a major component it was to this contingent my reply was referring. Ethnic-nationalism is a relatively new position for the BNP, the fact that it is useless long-term has yet to resonant ,although commonsense is often all that is required, I Sir both understand the ideology and utterly reject it.

What Sir if we build up the third-world opposed the exploitation of another’s resource, if we respected all creeds and colours and settled them back into modern, respectable decent homelands, would that be bad ,would that be evil, because that sir is the goal of white nationalists, not this, not this dystopian horror, this unremitting war for resources but peace between all and a return to nature. Race-realists can never see eye-to-eye with the new breed, although in all honesty many of our aims are similar where we differ is in both approach and eventual aim, whereas ethno-nationalists are prepared to be mixed racial nationalists are not, our goal is to safeguard the gene and yours the culture ,that Sir the difference ,take care.

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