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It seems that the desire to continuously make money from what is after all both in the public domain and an entertainment, knows no bounds with Virgin media announcing plans to use a traffic monitoring tool known as Detica CView in order to examine packets sent across a given network. Of course one must assume that the use of DPI by the state and its intelligent agencies is an ongoing project, more especially given the great play made of the fictional war on terror, which is after all merely an excuse to implement incremental suppression, yet this is the first publicly acknowledged use of such technology for economic reasons

What this means of course
is that Virgin media will in essence be looking into the browsing habits of its consumers, of course DPI is used in any event by ISPs generally to guard against hacking attempts, as firewalls simply were not up to the job sort of like CCTV cameras in that they detected the crime, say burglary but were useless at preventing or forestalling it, this came down to the lock or the physical blocks in situ. Of course most firewalls do the job really quite admirably, however most simply, if you will, read the address but not the letter, DPI allows for others to read all aspects of the packet send upon a network.

Its scary isn’t it how communication permits us to speak to each other over vast distances but also permits the malevolent free access to our personal information, yet in all instances it is to keep power over others ,to retain place. Still its not as if we the general public bother to exercise the word no, instead we permit others to spy upon us and infringe our fundamental right to privacy on a daily basis. There are many who choose to share information over p2p networks, individuals who in very many cases cannot afford to buy the material they download in other cases such material is simply not available in stores and so they are forced into the world of p2p in order to access such material.

Spying upon certain elements within a population to some degree must take place, after all it is the job of law-enforcement to keep tabs upon certain individuals yet in this age of purported democracy it is not simply criminal elements that face observation and indeed, never before have we a people been so very spied upon by those we turn to for services, be it government or indeed big-business. We really have no freedom if one tears the mask from off the face of democracy, yet we shall all permit, permit and permit until finally those to come will never know real freedom, the freedom to live ones life without the state or big-business, which in many cases is both, intruding.

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