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Editorial :
I awoke today to some great news, news that as a law-abiding citizen and as a nationalist I have awaited for some time, today the 16 November 2009 could prove to be a momentous day, a day when a great evil is removed from our streets, a day when the elderly can sleep easier in their beds in their twilight years. It is a fact that thee greatest rape inquiry ever untaken in this country has been kept quiet because of political correctness, this a crime of extreme severity against the defenceless, against the old, against the truly vulnerable within our society, oh we have all heard of Peter Sutcliff and many more white monsters, evil afflicts all races, yet this plague upon all our houses ,this agenda driven suppression of truth, is only ever used for incidents that may blacken, “can I use that word”, this enforced multiracial society.

So it is that non-white crime is indeed rarely covered by the mainstream media, so it is that potential victims are never warned, never forearmed, never protected by a state whose job it is to do so. Today there is an epidemic of crime, attacks upon the white population soar and still, still they tell us we have to accept ,you will know of Fred West a truly vile creature but how many know of Kenneth Erskine, known as the Stockwell Strangler, this fiend to, as with the current Night Stalker case, sought white elderly victims, men and women in their seventies and eighties ,the youngest victim Mrs Cockett aged 67, all were sexually assaulted or raped, men and women utterly unable to defend themselves, attacked viciously, the male victims Mr Gleim and Mr Strabawa, 84 and 94 respectively.

The crimes above can be found here along with other victims of this appalling experiment. The Incident Map Project does I am afraid need updating, and it is by no means extensive and in fact if any readers can help with information concerning crimes committed, could they please send it here, so that in some way the victims can be commemorated and those responsible for permitting this horror can be held to account, whilst for those of us still enduring we may make use of the information.

Perhaps the greatest listing of crimes against the people were to be found at the old National Front website, regrettably this information is no longer available, we had at one time endeavoured to recreate this information on another website, although we found that we had in fact created an exact replica of that offered by the National Front, we decided not to submit to the web, never knowing that quite soon after the information would be lost forever. Yet although valuable, the information is limited in use, a map containing the information and indeed indicating such things as hotspots and clustering was needed, the Incident Map was created, it is possible to use the information presented there in a number of ways and already we can tell that areas with a high proportion of non-whites hold immense danger for Caucasians, we knew this already however, to see it visually makes, I feel, all the difference.

Yet I feel that independent websites and blogs such as AAWR are of immense importance, I believe that whites face an onslaught of crime so vast as to be almost a campaign in itself, certainly the instilled hatred implanted into the minds of non-whites by leftists has not helped and non-whites have now been fed upon a diet of anti-white and anti-western propaganda, which from time to time creates an explosion within the minds of the unstable. Statistically non-whites are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, this is for many reasons, both genetically and also conversely, because non-whites are set within a completely alien environment which erodes sanity within some, it is unfortunately whites who suffer for it.

Kenneth Erskine, the Stockwell Strangler buggered many of his victims, men and women of great age imagine the terror of the victims, the shame, the final act was to look into the eyes of his victims, to watch as life left their body. Erskine would kneel upon his victim’s chest, placing one hand over their mouth and strangling them with his other hand, Kenneth Erskines conviction would be amended later on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Yet would a sane man or indeed women, murder in such a fashion, is it not that case, that only the truly evil, the insane, could or would indulge in such acts, therefore reducing the tariff is in itself a crime and an insult to both the victims and their families and as stated above, many non-whites suffer from mental disorders disproportionately given their numbers, are we to assume that they will attract a lesser tariff than white predators and monsters, can we assume that the Night Stalker will attract a lesser sentence due to this factor, whilst white fiends are splashed across the tabloid press with great abandon.

If race were not a factor, if we were truly all the same, then why the disparity, surely in an equal society crime figures would not be suppressed, as is the case currently, surely the publics right to know would come before political correctness or “The Experiment”, it would seem not. Non-whites have elevated status this being the case even for the very worst that race has to offer, whilst whites are denied parity and even more importantly I feel, information that may lead to the arrest of perpetrators or enable potential victims to take all reasonable precautions. The independent media, websites and weblogs have created a unique set of circumstances, already this has had an effect upon their “No platform” policy, in that they cannot now suppress information, be it nationalist in origin or not. Certainly they can and indeed do, attack websites that carry dissenting information, one need only look to the recent attack upon David Irving’s website to realise this, however there is such a vast array of information out there, that without resorting to overt censorship, they cannot hope to succeed.

It may be the case in this instance that they have no choice but to cover this story in great detail, again I draw the reader to the fact that this is the biggest rape inquiry ever undertaken by the Metropolitan police or I believe any other force, this attacker carried out the very worst crimes, against some of the most vulnerable and most have never heard of the case until today, that in itself is telling. The Night Stalker attacks methodically and viciously, suffering it is believed from gerontophilia, the reverse of paedophilia in that his attraction is to the elderly, one hopes that this will not present as impairment enough to reduce his sentence on appeal. The Night Stalker firstly cut off any hope of rescue he cuts external telephone wires and if he cannot find them he removes all telephones from their sockets once inside the house, unlike the Stockwell Strangler he is a talented burglar, not needing an open window he enters the house in a professional manner. Having disabled the telephones he invariably searches for valuables, although this is not his primary motivation, which is to sate his lust by attacking the elderly. Clad in a tight fitting black suit and wearing a mask he disables the lights by removing the bulbs or turning the electricity off at the consumer unit, he then shines a torch into the face of his terrified victims, he tells them not to make a noise and they won’t be harmed, he then attacks them for some time, for some hours. Many of his 110 victims are damaged quite severely internally, it can only be imagined the damage done to them psychologically, yet few have heard of this case until today, few ever realised that this countries most prolific serial rapist was even at large, let alone his ethnicity.

Egalitarians will tell you we are all the same, that our differences are simply a matter of skin colour yet the Metropolitan police were able to establish right down to the island the ancestral home of the attacker, they established race almost immediately, calling for sampling to determine the actual island in the Caribbean the attacker or his ancestors hailed from. At this point the Black Police Association banned all black officers from taking part, this attracted some criticism and in this instance commonsense prevailed, after all who would officially put their name to such an order, risk the ire of the public. We can never know the absolute outcome of the sampling undertaken in the Operation Minstead investigation, what we do know is that they were able to establish race and narrow down considerably the geographical area of ancestral origin. We know also that many within the black community failed to aid the investigation citing racial prejudice as at play within the investigation, they had been asked merely to provide a DNA sample in order to be eliminated from ongoing enquiries.

So this in its entirety completely undermines the egalitarian, “we are all the same” inside theory, whilst also we recognise that the black community will generally speaking defend it own even under the most horrendous circumstance, the Black newspaper The Voice calling investigations, into Minstead man “an abuse of power that damaged relations between London’s black community and the police”, whilst one officer Nathaniel Braithwaite a former CID officer with the Met took his former employers to an employment tribunal, alleging unfair dismissal and racial discrimination, after refusing to undertake his duties, which were to stop and profile likely suspects in South London, the area the Night Stalker was said to operate. Concerns were constantly raised during this investigation against racial profiling, yet in this instance race had been established it was simply a matter of ruling suspects out in an ongoing investigation, further, incidences of predatory behaviour of a sexual nature amongst the black community, are markedly disproportionate when contrasted with that of other races, perhaps therefore, the giving of DNA samples created fear amongst certain sections of that community, individuals that had cause to fear personally.

Again the rates of attack carried out by non-whites is extensive yet the true figures are never given, never recorded, due to political correctness or perhaps a fear of a backlash, it would seem that due to this imposed experiment, the will to successfully concentrate upon tackling crime falls second police to social-engineering and the agenda. Some time ago now both myself and other nationalists attempted to compile such information, we were completely overwhelmed, utterly unable to do so, given the sheer volume of offences committed, it is no exaggeration to say, that there is an epidemic taking place and that the authorities turn a blind eye. For all their attacks upon the white community, for all the cries of racism at every opportunity, did you know there are two facts to consider, Britain’s worst racially motivated murder was carried out by non-whites, Britain’s most prolific rapist is non-white and it has even been suggested that Britain’s worst serial-killer Harold Shipman was Jewish, it baffles the mind therefore why whites are so pilloried, so universally attacked, when after all they are the victims. Returning to Minstead man, it is believed that he has some understanding of the health needs of the elderly, as during the investigation evidence emerged that he supported victims in a trained manner, can it be that this beast works for or did, for the NHS, certainly he has been reported as having some understanding of geriatrics.

The degree of trauma suffered by his elderly victims is extensive, one victim nearly dying from her internal injuries after being buggered by her attacker, yet as D S Morgan stated finding the true total of victims is difficult, he gave this statement, “His victims come from a generation who are inclined to see good in everyone. One thanked him for being gentle when he raped her". Another said she didn’t want to dial 999 "because I know the police are already so busy". Doesn’t it make you want to weep, weep for the victims, the victims of this horrendous experiment, that have needlessly suffered, it is believed that the perpetrator has carried out some 108 crimes, yet the true figure may never be known ,some commentators estimate 200 or more victims, here at AAWR we say one is enough, we hope justice is served, at least as much as it can be.

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