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Its reported in the Staffordshire paper the Sentinel that the state protected Zionist backed EDL are to be permitted, even after all the trouble they cause, to protest seemingly at their leisure in future, whilst legitimate nationalist organisations/groups face immense difficulty. What can one say about this group that has not been said already, this group that promotes an agenda wholly at odds with the mission to prevent white genocide, further, this group attacks the agendas enemies whilst hoodwinking mostly young angry whites, who are easily taken in by the group’s duplicitous rhetoric.

The EDL are nothing but a further front for Zionist intent pushing forward with their agenda regardless of the wishes of this countries host population, those who support and protest on behalf of the EDL do a disservice to our ancestors, to our nation and in the final analyse
to themselves, pawns in a game they simply refuse to understand, at least in most cases. The stance of AAWR is really quite clear, Islam per-se is not a threat to this country, it is merely a religious belief system, it is unfettered immigration that is a threat, treacherous government and the money-powers hold over our nation state.

So the next time someone asks you to support the EDL, to attend one of their events, tell them your washing your hair, which is a more nation friendly activity than attacking police officers, urinating upon national treasures, attacking all and sundry, promoting multiculturalism, Zionism and miscegenation and augmenting hate that may very well affect the white communities of any areas they stir trouble in, as nationalists we must disassociate ourselves with such individuals, recognising them for what they are, a thinly veiled attack upon nationalism and indeed upon our race and nation

In your opinion are the EDL.

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