Let’s penalise the law-abiding:

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Well the owned press are reporting that the regime may introduce legislation against dog owners, such as demand all dog owners microchip their pet, compulsory third party insurance and indeed seemingly anything other than tackle the problem. Today many within our inner cities use dogs as weapons, this is extremely common amongst the non-white community although elements of the white community also have a predilection towards such behaviour, it is notable also that dog-fighting, that most reprehensible of pastimes is almost entirely the preserve of Asians, individuals of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin. It beggars belief that responsible dog-owners are to be penalised because of the actions of malignant individuals many of which will simply disobey the law, with the law-abiding majority footing the bill. 

Surely the answer is to police the communities and areas that are prone to the problem or will political correctness again come before justice, certainly micro-chipping seems a good idea, good as long as it does not become a chance for industry to fleece dog-owners, however ordering dog-owners to take out insurance and or other legal requirements will lead to the very people who use their animals in appalling ways to gain at the expense of others. It is of course about money and the desire to be seen to be taking action ,however, real action demands a recognition of just who it is that is using dogs in such a manner and that dear reader will never do, never do at all.

It's time to ban dangerous dogs from council estates

Plan to force dog owners to pay £500 to insure their pet 'will penalise responsible owners'

Crackdown on dangerous dogs to make microchips compulsory for all

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