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In this mixed up world it is easy to feel insulted, to see almost every gesture, every action and every statement through the eyes of an on guard, suspicious individual, forced into such paranoia by the need to survive as a distinct entity amongst so many of the other, competition on the level that multiculturalism forces is far from natural, in fact such a condition is wholly unnatural so it follows therefore that any subsequent reaction to such may itself be so. Yet sometimes an insult is so recognisable that one need never question ones response, one need never look for hidden meaning, the insult is there, immovable and taunting.

Some time ago now individuals unknown signed my e-mail address up to the BNP’s news letter, a circumstance not immediately distastful after all much of the BNP’s support base consists of nationalists with the same or similar convictions to myself although there is variance upon different points. Yet the news letters in question in the main contain appeals for money, for one to donate as much as possible for the fight, “whatever that is”, such letters became tiresome and it was easy to find oneself simply skimming over the latest Churchillian rubbish and its attendant appeal for money.

Recently however I received this mailing:


Fellow British Patriot,

The British National Party will defend Wootton Bassett and the memory of our fallen heroes. Nick Griffin MEP, Andrew Brons MEP and Richard Barnbrook AM will block the path of the Muslim fanatics!

Do you remember the outrageous scenes in Luton when our returning soldiers were abused and spat on by fanatical ‘British’ Muslims? The British National Party stated then that this was only the beginning of such vile displays as militant Islam flexes its muscles on our streets.

We warned the authorities that unless the Government took firm action against these evil haters of all things British, they would become more provocative. Well, now as predicted, it’s happened. It has just been announced that the organization ISLAM4UK, (a platform for the fanatical Al Muhajiroun group) led by Mr. Anjem Choudary (pictured above) and a mob of at least 500 Islamic extremists plan to defile the memory of our dead soldiers by marching their hatred through Wootton Bassett!

This is the town through which the flag-draped coffins of our fallen servicemen and women are brought home (pictured below). It is where families go to pay their respects to our glorious dead as they make the solemn journey to their final resting place. The thought of 500 hateful Islamists desecrating this place and spitting in the face of every true British citizen and the grief-stricken relatives of the dead is truly beyond the pale.

It must be stopped! We will not have this! They shall not pass!

The British National Party is under increasing pressure to bring thousands of our angry members onto the streets to stop this outrage. However, we are mindful of the sensitive nature and dignity of Wootton Bassett and do not wish to add to the problems now faced by the good people of that town, or the families of our fallen soldiers.

With this in mind, the British National Party will take a stand in defense of our heroes by having our two MEPs and our London Assembly Member use their own bodies to physically block the street and any attempt by Muslim fanatics to insult the memory of our fallen soldiers.

We appeal to the authorities to do the right thing and arrest these traitorous Muslim fanatics. We are at war. Our men and women are being killed on a daily basis and we are expected to put up with this gross outrage and insult to the families of the fallen.

Make no mistake, we are earnest on this issue. If the authorities lack the courage and moral fibre to confront this disgusting Muslim march of hate, we believe that the presence of our three highest-profile elected politicians in a peaceful yet highly symbolic defiance of the Muslim mob, will force the government to ban this vile march. If they do not, the PR consequences for them and public support for us will be immeasurable.


Yours sincerely

And so on and so forth.

Now I have many issues as a nationalist concerning the supposed evilness of Islam and the BNP’s support of supposed opposing forces, forces which are at their very heart Zionist in orientation, yet it is the BNP’s wilful insult to nationalists of yesteryear that dismays, in this instance with their use of the leftist cry “No Pasarán”. At one time many men and indeed women fought the forces of internationalism and died for their troubles, Jewish elements from many countries attacked them savagely and many suffered and died to combat internationalist forces.

Yet the BNP mockingly use such a phrase knowing full well its origins and little caring it seems, the mind boggles at their treachery and indeed reasoning, if those who so very insultingly use this phrase within this supposed nationalist party, had half the bravery of those men and women, then our country would have some chance, as it is I despair of nationalism in this country, racked as it is by dispute, small parties vying for supremacy over each other whilst the people go to hell. Moreover rather than lying to the electorate pertaining to personal bravery, would it not be better if the “three highest-profile elected politicians”, addressed the real issues instead of hiding behind anti-Islamic nonsense.

Thee greatest threat to our country and our way of life presents itself daily in the houses of treason, not at Friday prayers and well they know it yet in order to garner the votes of the middle-classes, they hide far better than any burqa-clad muslim, behind a veil of lies. The events in Wootton Bassett are staged, staged in order to augment the peoples anger and indeed their sorrow, there are few occurrences that touch us than the loss of a native son or indeed in these contemporary times daughter. Yet the very events in Wootton Bassett are contrived, the deaths used and the nation led to war, a war not in our interest or the worlds but only in the interest of the few.

Has there ever been a time when this nation has been so led, so very exploited, perhaps in the war against Germany, a war not solely against a nation but against the very idea of sovereignty, of autonomy, of nation, as opposed to supranationalism and the enslavement of the body-politic. Yet even back then when internationalist forces battled to control our continent, was such control used and such manipulation exercised, today of course again traditional nationalists find themselves a minority, shouting a warning amidst the howling of the automatons, those brought to life to serve a cause they know little or nothing about, they exist only to hate and that is all.

So while you all vie to be the king of stupidity, whilst each and all groups battle an enemy created, here at AAWR we shout our warning, state truth as we see it knowing full well that few hear us. If one could manage both sides of the problem, a problem created by a reprehensible foreign policy, a rogue regime and a puppeteered government, then one could simply use whichever side was most likely to stir the body-politic, stir the public consciousness in the direction one desired, a direction wholly at odds with the peoples betterment.

Today of course we see the rise of stage-managed nationalism, of simply a British form of neo-conservatism and coupled with this we see the management of Muslim anger, in a direction again at odds with Muslim betterment. Yet the forces that stir the brew remain scot-free, at liberty, whilst any that defend their people, their nation, of any colour or creed face the peril of the Hague or immediate death at the hands of the managed mob.

As a nationalist I despair, I lament my nations fate for on present form they have won and we a people, a civilisation will go down never to rise again, the BNP should be ashamed of themselves, for their actions in many instances are no longer the actions of nationalists and perhaps if god is willing it is they that may find themselves proscribed by the people, by Britain finally awake.

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