Truth will out

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Its good to see, although its not a forceful article, the owned media publishing anything in relation to the ongoing genocide occurring in South Africa, it seems that daily the, invariably white, farming community of South Africa face horrific assault, some of the evidence I have personally seen relating to the attacks and murders are truly horrific, all the more so given the appalling lack of reporting on the issue by what passes for the press. Yet nationalists and others who tell the truth have in effect their own media now, they are, for the moment, able to publish truth to the entire world, should the world wish to read it.

However, for those in South Africa it is extremely difficult, more especially if one is white, for to be white in South Africa sets one up for attack, it would seem that the activities of the far-left in creating antipathy to former white rule has left its horrendous mark. Today white farmers are on a war footing, although in many cases they have not the means to defend themselves, many are old or middle-aged, yet gender, infirmity or age have little bearing upon those that attack, men, women and children, tortured, raped and killed terribly, whilst the world lifts not a finger to protect them, to help them, to make it stop.

The US doesn’t threaten military attack, the united nations no sanctions and the left hold no vigils, no-one cares, no-ones comes and those poor people are left to the reaper, to suffer at evils hands. Brave individuals who write articles condemning the killings are raided by the police and indeed, one brave writer apparently shot himself in a police station of all places, in the most suspicious of circumstances, yet still the lie of a rainbow nation, of a nation better off, whilst the people, those of all races starve, the elites, much as they do here, live of them and whites, those left there in that place suffer terribly. Here at home one intrepid blogger writes on the issue often, her efforts a comfort I would hope and not in vain, perhaps if you reading this were to go there, read yourself about what it is they are doing, then you may yourself condemn such barbarity.

The fear is that such behaviour will visit Europe that the left, by the use of similar tactics in stirring up the non-white communities, may leave here to a legacy of violence and murder. Perhaps one day the horror visited upon the poor maligned whites of South Africa may not simply be a newspaper article concerning a foreign land but bear a European title and to its victims. Violence, the abject legacy of the lefts duplicitous teachings, they wholly unable to intimidate and force use others to do their dirty work, they shore up animosity, augment hate and release their berserkers upon the streets in order to create carnage, it is the common people, you and me that suffer, that die, that are maimed. South Africa is alien to most of us, a place unreachable and a people unknown but agony is universal, death a global being but we can show them we care, show them that their loved ones death agonies will not be forgotten and strive to spread the truth of their suffering to others, by word, by mouth or deed.

White farmers 'being wiped out'

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