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It seems obvious to most, that a company or individual providing a service to the general public would need to have a rudimentary command of the English language, more especially given its this countries mother tongue, not so according to Southampton council who have threatened drivers with loss of livelihood if they display a sign indicating they speak English or indeed display a St George flag. It seems that such a move, prompted by customer complaints over the inability of some drivers to speak English, is racism, although one could argue that such leftist draconian pap is racist towards indigenous whites, although no-one seems to notice or even care. Taxi drivers accused of racism over St George stickers

So there you have it just another council demandig money with menaces (council tax) and implementing anti-white legislation, it would seem that they are quite, quite content to levy a charge upon the working population, many of whom
are those self same individuals, fed up with hiring a taxi and discovering that the driver cannot communicate with them in their own language. Remember always as you go about your daily business, you mean nothing to them, your wishes, your life, your heritage, your nation, you are merely a cash-cow for them to live at your expense. An ideal response would be a boycott of private hire vehicles or a refusal to pay council tax but we will do nothing because we are so very well-trained, welcome to prison utopia you are number…

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