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AAWR has been contacted today concerning this story, the anonymous individual pointing out that the race of the offender/offenders is not known, they further point out that the investigation centres around the social networking site Facebook and that she may have known her killer/killers. It must be made clear here that AAWR laments the death of Anika Smit regardless of the killer/killers ethnic origin; it is for the authorities to determine the identity of the murder/murderers and not of this site. Certainly there is an ongoing ethnic cleansing occurring against whites in South Africa and as such the tragic death of Anika Smit may be a symptom of it ,however this may indeed not be the case, in any event AAWR is a nationalist site and as such opposes and contests all those who would prey upon the innocent, regardless of race.

Certainly nationalist sites such as AAWR report attacks upon whites committed by non-whites, yet the reason for this is simple, it is to highlight to the general public the consequences of enforced multiculturalism, one need only look at those killed on the Incidence Map: UK:M for some clarification of this ,any death is regretted but a death brought about because of the injurous action of those with an agenda perhaps even more so, because they, the victims, died because of said agenda and perhaps may not have done so.

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