New strategy for the EDL/ZDL

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I see the EDL or Zionist defence league have opted for a new strategy, a strategy that will bring them fans, the strategy involves confronting, if that is the word for it, their enemies or again, Zion’s enemies, after all the far left have recognised Zionism for the evil it is and therefore the child of Jewry is now to be attacked. Conversely, Islam the antithesis of leftism has a new bedfellow in the left, as they both face the onslaught of Zion, strange times, strange times indeed, yet will the EDL oppose kosher practices, after all are they not virtually identical, does not the animal suffer greatly in each case.

The EDL/ZDL will not oppose kosher practice because

to do so would be to oppose those who formulated and founded the group itself, the EDL are not heroic defenders of western culture but merely defenders of Jewry, defenders of Zion, travelling under English guise. Yet what then of the right, what of nationalism, why it falls to ruin, it battles against itself differing factions at war whilst they offer little, today there is nothing to combat the peoples blight, nothing to aid them in their darkest hour save for populist flag wavers and fools.

Still we can look on cant we, see things for what they are, watch as each disparate piece makes war in others interest, best therefore to not get involved to watch the play and stand mute, today the interests of a powerful bloc hold sway over that of the body-politic. Islam, Islam ,Islam, always it seems that, yet it is a great lie, a great betrayal and to follow such an illusion can lead to only bloodshed, I simply cannot rationalise it, cannot conceive, cannot see as they do its threat, left alone it poses no threat, no risk yet teased and taunted will not any fight back.

Is it not the case that the threat lies with prolific breeding is it culture and kind and not creed, if we oppose Islam because it is Islam is this not a great wrong, but if we oppose because of detrimental change, do we not therefore contest invasion and not the crescent. Islam is a threat to international finance to the great order but not to we, subdue finance, place it at the peoples service and we would see change, see justice see an end to the nightmare but contest a belief, fight a creed and only the moneymen can win, only those who gain from war but never the people.

Have we not lost enough sons, have we not suffered enough, have not they, besmirched and harried across the globe, because they dare, they dare to oppose the great evil, yet my words will go unheeded, my plea soundless, sense muted and so blood will flow, at first the drop and then, then the great flood the cull and who indeed will gain, who always gains.

So many times those of my kind have laid out our warning, pleaded with you the masses to listen, simply listen, gaoled and detained forced into hiding or sent into exile we were and what have you gained, what did you earn, more slavery and the taking of all you ever held dear. So many beloved upon both sides sacrificed for the new Europe to place America and its protected horde in power, today Europe cracks asunder, its people corrupted and its heart decayed, crying out in her anguish few hear her scream, few risk derision and scorn to point out truth.

Still the scheme proceeds and America so ill-used is cast aside power shifts east and the west screams its agony, still it is not over, there is a war to facilitate, blood to flow and plan to fulfil, evil has plans for us and many ride under its banner. What of we and others like me, not prepared to slander a creed, not willing to force conflict and understanding of the serpents behind it all, what of us that see truth that sit dazed as our beloved people set tight their shackles, as the final stages in a centuries old plan reach fruition.

Each to their own, both country and kind, yet in order for evil to triumph it must create chaos, it must usher in conflict set man against man and creed against creed, yet there can be no triumph no trouncing, indeed secular Europe has little chance, when confronted by those of faith, after all what will we fight for now, when neighbour is not trusted and the bonds have been broken. Certainly under conflict conditions we become a community again but in whose interest for whose cause.

I will not fight for them you know, will not lift even a finger, unless attackers seek me out or my family are threatened, why should I fight and others like me when we know the stinking truth, leave it to pseudo-nationalist sites, weblogs, groups and individuals, fools led by the nose as cattle, let them preach foolishness and instigate the conflict but never me, never those of my kind, Zion can go to hell.

Much as I loathe Zion I must admire it, must marvel at its strategy and its endurance ,why the first battle is to turn Europe leaving the east to its cares ,then when there is little left of what once was they face east taking many fools with them. A splendid wheeze, so refined, so elaborate, so cunning, today those who claim nationalistic tendency rush to alien banner and indeed speak freely of doing so, today nationalism is nothing, not a thing of hope nor indeed glory merely a twisted sham, a lie, a great lie and perilous danger to our people, today almost all defence has fallen and Britannia and Europe herself lies senseless under an oppressors boot.

So many will dance to their tune, so many do, why thousands they tell me marshal now for the EDL/ZDL, have we not seen this very thing before ,watched as movements were made and then observed the chaos of warfare. Perhaps we all have a white cross with our name on, notice the reference to a white cross, for Jewry will not indulge, it has the gentile for that, perhaps one day after the victory, after the fire, then a new age will come, an age wherein a whole creed will be disparaged, an age where to the victor go the spoils but also as that warmonger of dubious heritage once said, “history is written by the victors” indeed and perhaps it will be so again.

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