A Relief

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I suppose they're upset now, upset Iran did not drag it out, prolong the holding of the yachtsmen, after all, fermenting anti-Iranian feeling in the west, is part and parcel of the agenda, that and instigating anti-government protests under the guise of an Iranian opposition movement a movement that may well exist, although shored up by the finance and actions of agents from other nations, aiding western powers and their puppet masters above that of the Iranian people. it would, one assumes, have been much preferable to the owned press, for Iran to have held on to those young men, providing column inches for what passes as the press in this country, yet they must know, Iran, must know the forces arrayed against them and therefore internationally and indeed locally they must step carefully, for who knows what traps others have set to spark conflict and give excuse to again attack a sovereign state ,to murder the innocent in the name of sham democracy. 

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