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There’s a bit of a fuss at the moment as Jewish groups and holocaust survivors (I thought they were one and the same, Ed) endeavour to impose their worldview upon others, there is much gnashing of teeth and condemnation. All over it appears an iPhone application, one Elan Steinberg vice-president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants (Descendants?) had this to say, “It is a disgrace and a surrender to crass commercialism that the Apple computing company has approved the release of this 'app' through their online iTunes store." He further went on to rant, “We are protesting to them, as their tight regulation and control of release of such apps makes them responsible. This is an insult to the memory of all victims of Nazism and Fascism, Jew and non-Jew, and should be condemned for its offence to decency and conscience."

It is to be assumed that after regaining his composure Mr Steinberg had nothing further to say, yet the former"the slide towards legitimising fascism and the rehabilitation of Mussolini". head of the Jewish community in Rome a Tullia Zevi said the product was part of the "the slide towards legitimising fascism and the rehabilitation of Mussolini". Although how she or indeed other individuals have the right to force their political agenda upon the Italian people nobody knows yet it would seem that yet again those with a racial, religious, political axe to grind are permitted to do so, have the people no right to freely choose their political direction or must alien elements and political malcontents forever enforce their vision.

It is heartening to read that the application is being downloaded 1,000 times a day becoming Italy's best-selling iPhone application, heartening because it means that the Italian people, far from succumbing to the mind-numbing propaganda of world Jewry, the left and all manner of social-engineers, still have their own minds, still have that freedom and are exercising it, much to the chagrin of anti-Italian elements.

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