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Zion must be fuming, must be hopping mad, that is unless it was part of the plan anyway, after all nationalism has been dealt a bloody nose in the recent elections and I expect the hooligan behaviours of the ZDL/EDL played no small part. Yet it seems that for now the ZDL/EDL’s ability to harness anger for Zion is somewhat muted ,just a little inhibited although the owned press hold the real power and their website serving as simply a meeting place for the already or nearly converted. Yet Zion has infiltrated almost all aspects of the right, from the purported far right to of course the conservatives, the Tories, British politics little Israeli firsters.

So although the website is offline there are many, many ways for Zion to promote, safeguard and progress its agenda, yet it is heartening that at least for the moment those treacherous ZDL/EDL types have little internet presence. Currently it is provoking great thought, “has the job been done?”, many ask, has Zion accomplished its goal of breaking this countries largest one-time nationalist political party subverting it, whilst helping, by the formation of a forth way, to completely undermine its chances at the ballot. We shall have to see, have to let a little more time ebb before better minds than this writer determine such.

The worry is now of course the really rather dreadful behaviours of individuals who call themselves nationalists, individuals and factions that war with each other at nationalisms expense, it would seem that these are dark days for British nationalism, dark days indeed, but a new movement is forming steadily in the background, a movement based upon correct nationalist principle ,this movement threatens to break out some feel ,yet I have as yet to gauge both its number and its potency, certainly the time has come to return to tradition, to real nationalism and let the fools play and the egos squabble.

Till then the many organs of Zion which infest the net, some sites and blogs that many self-proclaimed nationalist sites link to, gnash their teeth in rage, vent their spleen and generally rail against the decision to take down the Zionist Defence Leagues website. For us, we real Europeans, we caught up within this contrived clash of civilisations ,for us it may help to know that at least one angry gentile, one angry individual may be saved from the manipulation of Zionists. Of course we must realise that this is but one small set-back for malignancy, one small wound in the belly of the great beast and in any event the jury is out as to whether they have done their job and their presence is still needed. Personally I believe that they have much poison to sow, much hatred to augment and much subversion to partake in.

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