Just one life, the Tim Tebow Ad

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The Super bowl is not our thing, in fact it has little meaning to the men and women of this nation “American Football” simply doesn’t travel, so the name Tim Tebow will have little meaning, yet in the states this man is an A-list sportsman, on a par, if not more so than Tiger Woods, earning the title as Americas top football player in 2007 and considered Americas top amateur athlete in any sport, quite a CV. Yet currently there is much controversy with much gnashing of teeth from “pro-choice” and feminist groups, leftists, and of course the homosexual community, with GLAAD the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation expressing concern and asking people to call CBS about the issue.

A national coalition of women's groups went somewhat further however,
calling on CBS to scrap the broadcast with Women's Media Centre president, one Jehmu Greene saying, “An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year - an event designed to bring Americans together”. The letter of protest sent to CBS stated, “By offering one of the most coveted advertising spots of the year to an anti-equality, anti-choice, homophobic organization, CBS is aligning itself with a political stance that will damage its reputation, alienate viewers, and discourage consumers from supporting its shows and advertisers”, with Terry O'Neill president of the National Organization for Women saying that the Ad was, extraordinarily offensive and demeaning”.

Adding, "That's not being respectful of other people's lives," she said. "It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else's.”, although respect for other peoples lives simply doesn’t seem to extend to the foetus in the eyes of these supposed feminists (Ed). It must remembered that this Ad has not even been shown, none of these supposed egalitarian groups have as yet watched the Ad yet the condemnation floods in. Tim Tebow as well as being an outstanding pro-football player is a committed Christian, as indeed are his parents and it is due to this that Tim Tebow is alive today. His mother Pam Tebow and his father were Christian missionaries in the Philippines, his mother became ill with a life-threatening infection amoebic dysentery, falling into a coma his mother would be subjected to a range of powerful drugs in order to treat the illness. Shortly after successfully awakening from the coma, Pam Tebow fell pregnant, medical opinion was that due to the presence of drugs used to combat her dysentery that the foetus would be damaged, she also had a detached placenta which further complicated things.

The diagnosis was not good, the child was likely to be delivered stillborn and there was a major risk to the life of Mrs Tebow should she continue with the pregnancy, what was she to do, risk her own life and in the process give birth to a stillborn child or have an abortion, Mrs Tebow chose to continue with the pregnancy and the rest as they say is history. Yet the Ad, as yet unseen, is causing huge controversy stateside, with all manner of groups and organisations lining up to condemn, yet if this Ad saves just one life Tim Tebow will have achieved much more than simply being an outstanding athlete.

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