Officer down!

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One of the primary reasons nationalists oppose immigration save for the genetic threat and the sheer unfairness of it, is that multiculturalism breeds violence, it sets disparate communities, peoples and individuals up against each other. Such a situation goes wholly against the laws of nature and indeed who are we to tinker with her grand design, there is no case either today or in yesteryear whereby distinct peoples have gotten along perpetually. It has never been as simple as merely about the immigrant, simply about the colour and indeed culture of the new arrivals, it has always been about the preservation of our own unique culture our own unique genotype placed wholly at risk by the agenda imposed upon us. 

Non-whites will never truly fit in, inside all of them they will realise that this is not their land, oh some will wail and whine about having as much right as any other, some will bray loud about having been born here but nevertheless Europe is a white continent and the reason it is not today is not via natural means. Non-whites are taught by those with an agenda that whites hate them ,that whites have historically caused them harm and indeed wish to do so today, so many, many groups of non-whites feel at odds with our society ,helping neither to
create nor indeed in many cases keep it going, they feel exactly as they are, an outsider.

Such observations are not particularly welcome today, the speaking of truth is not politically correct, yet truth is truth and imposition transitory, tyranny can never hold out perpetually, although they hope that in changing natural inclination and thinking they can make it so. Placing distinct peoples within a given area almost always leads to violence, either in the short or long term and indeed those that have and continue to impose this agenda upon us are guilty by proxy of any crimes of violence that occur due to the problem. Today it is all about the Muslim, nationalists and Jam and Jerusalem patriots wail about them Ad nauseam, seemingly all our problems stem from them and indeed such nationalists (sic) embrace recent arrivals as settled communities with as much right as whites to be here, it is for them all about the Muslim.

Yet for AAWR and the nationalists connected with it ,it is about truth, about honesty and the speaking of truth and the writing of it is not always simple, oh it would be easy to join with the many others who spent almost all the time condemning the state for their myriad evils, calling for the end to war not in our interests and attacking the Islamic community wherever it rears its head, be they here among us (where they should not be) or out there in the middle-east notably at present Iran. Yet in many, many instances the very rhetoric and outlook of these nationalists (sic) ties in quite nicely with those who follow an agenda, it seems as if they cut off their nose to spite their face.

Quite simply all non-white immigration is a problem, all such communities pose a threat, not just simply Muslims and the culture associated with them, this is not to say that non-whites should be hated, oh in many cases the actions of certain sections of particular communities causes great anger and indeed, hate towards those who carry out such actions , this is then played up by our political and racial enemies as race-hate which is then used against us when we try to air legitimate grievances. Race-hate for its own sake is pointless and exists in a minimal number of individuals, dislike of the coloniser however is as old as mankind, yet take a supposed hater, which in all egalitarian examples is likely to be white and simply remove the community threatening his or her continuance and real-time life choices and the problem vanishes, the dislike does not simply cross continents to say Africa or Jamaica, therefore the supposed race-hate is merely the dislike of the interloper ,the stranger ,the exploiter of his or her earned assets.

It is merely a natural trait that serves to preserve the group, its resources and thus carry the group forward intact for the next generation, this very, very natural characteristic is then spun as hate and those recently arrived experiencing the hostility of the host community for the reasons set out about and spun the lie of race-hate by leftists and egalitarians begin to, to hate, a circle begins in which one action leads to another, until two communities are always in a state of conflict, whereas the situation need never arise should we all respect each others cultures and beliefs and simply live within our own borders.

Yet the left and those with this bizarre agenda simply persist in pursuing and dam the consequences, dam the victims of this hideous experiment, some years ago now that community, considered settled and British by this new breed of nationalists, the negro community went wild. Facing the hostility of a put upon people, feeling the sense of being alien and having been taught that whitey hates them, they one night went quite mad, the night in question 6 October 1985. The Windrush descendents and others had come of age, reaching sufficient numbers and wishing to exercise their power they rioted massively and violently.

Of course it was all allegedly sparked by the unfortunate death of Cynthia Jarrett, yet one has to ask, do the white community riot violently should a similar circumstance occur, do marauding gangs wielding baseball bats ,machetes and suchlike go to war. For answer one need only look to other negro communities worldwide in order to define a pattern, this type of behaviour is the preserve of primarily the negro and then other non-white communities, it is not as a rule a white behaviourism, although this may change, as the white community today bear little resemblance to their ancestors even as recently as 70 years ago. It can be argued that our own white community are indeed losing their reserve and reverting to a set of behaviours wholly at odds with the society others have honed for them and indeed the white community has its own problems football hooliganism a major concern but not rioting on any scale comparable with the non-white community, within this country or indeed elsewhere.

They went wild and an estate called Broadwater Farm became a war-zone, caught up in it all the emergency services, it must be remembered, that at this time the majority of police-officers were white and the black community vented its rage at white society by proxy, through them. Many lessons were learnt that night for the force a new set of command and control initiatives were devised, initiatives that failed in one famous case, although in the main they are a coherent and very well-thought out set of guidelines. For the black community they realised that they had a weapon to hold against the throat of the state and indeed that of the British people, give us, give us, give us, or we riot.

For leftist and egalitarians however, the incident merely exposed yet again, the innate weaknesses in the experiment and rather than address the issue, the presence of a largely hostile, insular, resentful and demanding, unassimilable community, they attacked the police, as they were to do some years later over the Stephen Lawrence incident, until the police became not a servant of the people, a protector of those who pay their taxes but a politicised and comprehensively equipped militia, enforcing the very ideology that had attacked it prior. The force was not alone however, such tactics had and are being used, today, in the past the attack upon the family, the ruination of the church and the clergy and the rooting out of dissenters within the political sphere, until to, both are merely mouthpieces for evil incarnate and certainly not the entities they claim to be.

Today of course almost all the root and branches of our society have either been wholly altered or indeed yielded for self-protection, until we see this nations largest nationalist party succumb in exactly the same manner as the church, the political class and other such social or ideological structures ,thus again leaving our people out in the cold. Back then however, the black community were only just exercising their power ,only just frightening the establishment and indeed the nation, at 9.30pm the Police and the Fire Brigade responded to reports of a fire at Tangmere House, the fire had been set to lure in the emergency services ,the fire brigade and a small detachment of police officers send to assist them came under sustained attack, unable to quell either the blaze or indeed protect the brigade, the police and fire-service began, a not too dignified retreat, chased by a large and well-armed baying mob.

The mob was intent upon violence, rather than risk life and limb the services began to run, PC Blakelock fell was endeavouring to escape, the mob fell upon him hacking him to pieces and attempting to decapitate him. A fellow officer brave Pc Richard Coombes went back to rescue Pc Blakelock only to be felled by a terrific blow to the face which knocked him unconscious and caused severe facial injury. ITN news reporter Terry Lloyd had this to say, “...his attackers were trying to decapitate him. Witnesses say that having wrenched his riot helmet from him, his attackers then repeatedly stabbed him in the body, and continuously hacked away at his neck. PC Blakelock lost several fingers as he tried to defend himself before the attackers fled, as more police, firemen, and ambulance men moved in to try and save him. Tonight Scotland Yard confirmed that the injuries were so grievous that it did appear the men were trying to behead the officer.

So today it comes as terrific news that at last a suspect has been arrested and is in custody, it changes nothing of course, PC Blakelock will never come back, non-whites will forever feel alien within another’s land and the potential for violence si ever present, yet perhaps the greatest tragedy is that a man lost his life, yet again because of an experiment, an agenda and those that enforce it still do so, we can only hope that the family of that brave officer have a little justice a little peace perhaps and pray also that those that do this to us, force this agenda wake up and see the error of their ways.


  • Man arrested over 1985 murder of Pc Keith Blakelock

  • Man arrested over 1985 murder of PC Keith Blakelock‎

  • Man arrested over the 1985 murder of PC Keith Blakelock

  • Man, 40, arrested over murder of PC Keith Blakelock

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