I'm A Celebrity: Joe Bugner is a racist, says Alesha Dixon

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I'm A Celebrity contestant Joe Bugner is a racist, according to Alesha Dixon, the Strictly Come Dancing judge.

I'm A Celebrity contestant Joe Bugner is a racist, according to Alesha Dixon, the Strictly Come Dancing judge.

Bugner, the former boxer, sparked an argument in camp with his comments about the black singer Sabrina Washington. He complained about her cooking and dismissed her as "pretty thick".

Dixon, who was in the girl group Mis-Teeq with Washington, said: "He has been a bit mean to Sabrina. He is either racist or he doesn't like women, one of the two."

Interviewed on television show Live From Studio Five, she went on: "He was calling her thick - she is far from it. And he said she couldn't cook - she is a great cook! I thought, 'Why is he picking on her? What's he playing at?' She will not take any ---- from anyone."

Bugner upset his fellow contestants on the ITV show with his complaints about Washington's culinary skills, which turned into a bad-tempered rant.

He later apologised and said he regretted losing his temper, but Justin Ryan told him: "The content of your delivery and argument left my stomach turning. You said some despicable, reprehensible stuff." Kim Woodburn described him as "a very rude man". continues here

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8 Responses to "I'm A Celebrity: Joe Bugner is a racist, says Alesha Dixon"
Anonymous said...
15 May 2010 at 23:08

hardly makes him a racist or woman hater because he doesn't like somebody

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