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As I travel, talk to people, those of nationalist or patriotic persuasion and those that are not I find almost universally one thing in common an intense and almost palpably growing anti-Muslim worldview, with dismay I look to those around me and see the managed. There was a time when nationalism addressed our greatest threats, primarily finance and those who wield its power and thereafter the symptoms of such, such as mass migration, criminality, drugs, our declining and now sadly gone, manufacturing base and other such issues and indeed for a time nationalism had the street, be it the common man or those who would physically contest malevolency. I hear many, many suggestions from fellow nationalists and quite a few from those of purported other political persuasions ,as to how best to proceed, how best to solve the many problems besetting our society, nearly all of which entirely miss the mark.

Indeed it would be quite correct to say, that so blinded have the majority become that salvation on pro-indigenous terms may now never occur, I write this with a deep sense of sorrow both for my countrymen and my nationalist fellows and indeed myself. For my beliefs I have endured a fair amount, not so much legally and such but physically, I spent perhaps two decades defending, if that is the word, upon the streets, I became almost the last of my kind in many ways and faced terrific attack because of it. Yet growing up, in my now rapidly declining youth I had little care as to others, little care as to the gnashing of leftists, the, in the main, impotent ranting of non-whites, I believed wholeheartedly in race and nation. Yet through it all it was never about hate, although one must, in order to defend oneself submit to other instincts, it was, at least for me, all about love, I loved the very ground upon which I walked and I wished to preserve my culture and kind for the future.

The owned press railed of course and the state militia looked to me and others unfavourably, yet it was not until I had children myself that my fears became more manifest, I could see, see clearly by then the state of this nation, determine as I had not done so before just who it was that ruled the roost. I became aware that the non-indigenous upon the street were just as much victims as we and that it was the power of money and that alone that destroyed all nation states. Of course in discovering such one endeavours to look to who it is that wields such power, who it is that commands and controls, who it is that destroys all for profit. I became aware of Jewry, are we allowed to say that now, even amongst fellow nationalists, have we become so cowed that such a truth must never be uttered, certainly upon the street, upon the owned street, such terminology is archaic, of another time and so those who for good or bad wield extraordinary power go unremarked upon.

I look to it all now and I am to say the least I am astounded, baffled, those once enemies now lead us and orders once dead now rise and the body-politic, the people, so very changed, so very led, it is of little wonder now to me why traditional, or should I say, real nationalists walk away. For we exist only for those we love be it family, people or nation, should this alter, warp or become corrupted ,what do we have, most in time leave the movement (sic) carry on with life regardless, whilst below, unknown to most the flame still burns. Yet it matters little that there are those for whom love of people and nation supersede football, or television, for whom the defence of all that we are is paramount, those individuals of all age and gender who quietly live whilst inside the flame still glows. Of course here I’m not talking about the new breed, those fed upon a diet of anti-nationalist propaganda, anti-Muslim in extremis, patriotic to a fault and desiring of pomp and circumstance but true nationalists, those for whom the waving of Chinese made flags and the fraud of plastic patriotism can never hold true.

Such people have no real home, political nationalism universally ruined until we must simply await that, that will of course never happen and die as others before wracked by bitterness, it gets easier of course, for I have begun to realise that there are many, many of my own racial kind who are as low as any non-white crook, whose only saving grace is unknown to me and whose sole purpose in life is to create little ripples of unpleasantness wherever they go. Perhaps it is for this reason that the concept of white nationalism is becoming more and more of a fallacy, although what else to call racial bond. Certainly the notion of a brotherhood of the white man is ridiculous to the extreme, amongst us we have the predator, the crook, the anti-group shark and I cannot support such. It has always amazed me that nationalism has for so long now attracted the thug, the ruffian, the hooligan, for indeed these are the self-same elements that should we ever rise to power we would clear from the streets, clear from our communities and chase relentlessly from the group. Of course such people have and indeed are attracted by the manipulations of the owned press ,the machinations of the dark-state, until the people themselves believe nationalists to be thugs, so why not the thugs themselves.

It serves a grand purpose of course, for the people will utterly never support thuggery, decent families and individuals recoil from such behaviours and this will be eternal certainly the common man has changed, Hollywood and Judaic chicanery has seen to that, today the hero is akin to the criminal and is no longer a knight but a coarse, antagonistic, foul-mouthed gun touting thug, therefore the body-politic has become desensitised and indeed society as a whole has and is becoming evermore violent. So it may come to pass that the thug of today will be mild in comparison with the common man of tomorrow, such a concept although abhorrent is not beyond the realms of possibility. Yet the thug offers for many ironically a perverse sense of protection, protection should one follow their worldview, their creed, indeed, should one side with the yob then one is able with strength of numbers to impress upon even more people ones own particular stance, or position, yet it is never the thug who manipulates opinion but the choirmaster who leads the orchestra.

Such a theory has much going for it when one considers the behaviours of mankind both historically and indeed today, indeed is it not the case that countries, which are in reality merely social groups, have standing armies of varying sizes and strengths, all kept in reserve to enforce a particular orthodoxy. Today we see the gradual, although accelerating, rush to global governance, to a one-world planet, the dream of leftists since their very conception by Jewry, yet in order for such to occur one must do away with all notion of nation and therefore of nationalism, indeed one must destroy utterly all binding creeds and belief systems, instil within all the doctrine of sameness, of uniformity, of dare I say it, equality. Today equality has come to be seen as a good thing, as a humanitarian thing, as a creed in its own right to be fought for and in some cases, to kill or be killed for, yet the equality of today bears little comparison with the equality of yesteryear, indeed should egalitarians have their way then the world shall succumb to an endless blackness and we are in twilight now.

The very first attack must always be upon the people, for it is with them that power truly rests, therefore one must remove one by one all supporting structure, until the body-politic, the people, have no traditional support, indeed for many all prior notions will be written off with the admonition that they are, “old fashioned”, as if institutions and behaviours that have sustained us and shaped us are now in some way detrimental, injurious, which in fact they are but to the new order, the order of chaos and culling. Once one has the people, has them unsupported, able to direct their path then one goes after all remnants of the old order, all traditions, groups and belief systems until the very world lies at their feet and all submit to one supranational power. Yet we are not quite there yet, not quite and will not be in most of our lifetimes, however, it may very well be the case that our children or their grandchildren may live to see and experience tyranny. Tyranny many be benign or malign, may be perceived as pleasure or punishment, yet in all cases the individuals and groups held in its grip reside within a prison, a country-sized gaol, or as in our own case a continental holding camp. This permits those who work for a supranational goal the ability to do a number of things, firstly to socially engineer those within its remit towards a new consciousness and secondly, it allows for the abject and relentless attack upon its enemies, also caught up in the camp to continue unabated.

Yet Europe as a whole is a game nearing mate, much of the population turned or innocent and those suffering from awareness harried or thwarted at every turn, so it is perhaps time for those with a global ambition to turn to other lands, to other cultures and endeavour to conquer, using the self-same methods of yesteryear. So they look east, they look to that vast, vast area of resource and they find an easy target, poverty wracks most and indeed so inhospitable are areas to some that resource gathering is seen as a blessing by local people and indeed much of the ruling class of the east has achieved its position due to the riches earned by selling such resources, yet living under the harsh sun must undoubtedly lead one to become resolute, stubborn and there are those over there who refuse at point of death to submit to an alien kind. Over here in Europe much of the conquering was done by those like ourselves, kings, queens and governments were bought and sold and all upper levels of social groups infiltrated in order to triumph, yet over there in the east it is not so easy and those who desire their lands look alien, which indeed they are and so nationalism ,which is not solely the preserve of the white man raises its head.

Yet the east simply never caught up and honour and loyalty are still prized, in many cases over and above money, therefore those insolent natives resist as we had not, not for them a march with banner but a fight with assault rifle, not for them painted graffiti but the very soil painted red, not for them a simply political creed but spiritual. So it so very much harder, why if the institution of the church had been safeguarded then we to would not have succumb so easily, indeed had not the catholic church collapsed inward due to the biting actions of leftist locusts then perhaps today we ourselves would be more resolute, not succumbing so easily to moneys power. Yet we lasted did we not, it has not simply occurred since the 1960’s as many argue but has been a war of many centuries, many battlefields until tired and broken each nation and its precious cargo of people has succumb to the new order ,the new malevolent orthodoxy. So the east may fall in less time then we did ourselves, indeed its primary binding force Islam faces immense attack, the people forced to eke out a living amongst the sand dunes or atop mountainous terrain may succumb much sooner to moneys lure until the world contained there is just the clean up operation, much the same as that now occurring within Europe, only upon a global scale.
Yet as I have written in other articles, both for this site and others, the modus operandi is always the same, indeed why change a methodology if it is so very successful, the game is to entirely vilify ones opposition, paint them as inhuman savages, apt to commit any kind of atrocity, one need only look to WWII in order to glimpse the reality of this. The Germans were the devil incarnate, throwing babies onto bayonets and committing all manner of depravities, yet in the main the chaps fighting in the trenches upon either side were the same, although they spoke a different language. Today of course Germany falls to the self-same forces of malignancy as ourselves, indeed so craven has she as a nation become she helps enforce the evil creed of equality around our continent, the hatred for Germany lives on of course and those still left of the great generations still simmer with undisguised anger and barely contain their hatred for the old Germany. Propaganda, perhaps thee greatest effort as such up until that time, indeed was not this very nation and then others subjected to propaganda on a grand scale, the precursor to social engineering.

Today of course the alleged horrors of the holocaust™ are used relentlessly as a cosh to beat back nationalistic sentiment and even within language the term Nazi has come to be a slur, yet we shall never really know if the holocaust™ as they tell it really occurred because they refuse utterly to hold an open inquiry and indeed those brave souls who question the validity of the story suffer imprisonment, physical attack and financial hardship for doing so, all of which tells me that there is more to the story that perhaps the national narrative has elements missing. Yet it serves a purpose and holocaust™ education has become big business and indeed it is a necessary requirement to feed to the young, is it any wonder then that the young on average reject nationalism when they have been taught that such thoughts and desires are thee greatest evil, certainly there must be many millions who repress perfectly normal sentiment due to such propagandist education. Of course anti-Muslim feeling is permitted as I have made plain above it serves finance for it to be so and indeed Jewry as a group profits, although officially it is not in their interest to say so.

Recently a march was held, a march that in itself is propaganda, for it uses the very patriotism of the people, the very great love we have for the armed forces and utilises it to augment support for the fictitious war on terror. Yet the sham marches wherein the country pays homage to the fallen are nothing more than that, as each and every coffin contains a son or daughter that died needlessly, they did not, and I must make this plain, die for their country, they may have fought under our countries flag which is laudable enough but they did not fight for this country. This country is not under military attack, no tanks deposited on beaches, no ships upon the horizon, nothing but relative peace as far a s the eye can see, yet our government sees fit to marshal our troops, ready them for battle and deploy them because another nation tells them to. So they die, part of a coalition sent into another’s country, what would you do, succumb, make merry or fight should you have the weapons, to the death, I lament the loss of our troops but again they did not and are not fighting for us, for this country but for the ambitions of the elite, our troops are being used, murdered by the elites in order to fulfil their plans.

Thee whole purpose of a military force is to protect the people, to protect the nation, not to endanger it, however to send them across to another’s land, to invade it will undoubtedly lead to losses yet more than that it places each and everyone of us at risk of retaliationary action by those attacked for no reason. Ask yourself, why are we there, for what reason have we sent the military, indeed has not such a move injured world peace ,turned world opinion against the west and set up our peoples for attack. Lets make no bones about it, those in the east live by different mores, their revenge is never pretty, never nice and there are countless examples to prove this, however, it is their right to live their lives, to defend their culture and to resist attack and regrettably for our troops they are doing so. The people have no desire for this war, there is no reason, is there, can any give a valid reason for this action, oh not the war on terror rubbish, so-called terrorism but a real justifiable reason, some may point to 9/11, yet had not actions been taken before that, did not the states garrison its troops in other countries with or without the consent of the people, indeed did not the states give vast amounts of aid to a regime that committed all manner of atrocities against eastern peoples ,peoples I may add of all faiths and creeds. As I have written many times, should a force be attacked by another then assessment must be made, certainly a militia holding little more than small arms cannot hope to hold out against superior weaponry and so they must attack any and all vulnerable points those points being unfortunately, the people, the body-politic and the infrastructure that contains them.

Of course such action does not ruffle a feather amongst the elites, indeed such action no matter how bloody only serves to increase anti-Muslim anger, it works entirely to their agenda and again we die for their dammed cause. Yet the desire for war must be kept up, the willingness of the people to sanction attack must be augmented, therefore the whole project of anti-islamism must be maintained, the danger of course is that the people may rush to the right, thwarting at a stroke the plans of the elites, therefore a new nationalism must be created surreptitiously, a new movement, a movement that never mentions the role of Jewry, of finance of Zion, such a movement must of course endorse fully multiculturalism. It must aid that reprehensible scheme, therefore it must serve to forge a brotherhood of the dammed in a cause profane, yet Jewry thrives within chaos, in fact all of the attendant ideologies thrive in such circumstance, therefore disparate groupings must exist, acrimony maintained, ladies and gentlemen I give you the EDL/ZDL and MAC or Muslims against crusades. Both groups entirely aid the agenda and indeed with regard to the EDL/ZDL it is known that it is merely a Zionist front, indeed nationalists who have had dealings with them at certain times have noted the presence of such individuals and groups, indeed in one case individuals were spotted that at one time opposed nationalists at earlier times.

With regard to the newly formed MAC or Muslims against crusades, is it not the case that this to serves the agenda, hatred is fostered between the two groups violence occurs and the general public believing that the ZDL/EDL work for the countries interest albeit upon the extreme edges will always support the flag, always even if it is covertly support those who raise the flag, one need only look to the now occurring world cup for evidence of my hypothesis. So at a stroke the EDL/ZDL and the MAC create tension ,aid the agenda and indeed amongst the Muslim community who undoubtedly feel under attack the support will be for the ummah, for those who fly the flags of Islam, it is as if we are all blind, all so very blind to the actions of the state and indeed those who really govern over us. As nationalists we simply cannot and must not support this agenda, certainly we must continue to push to end non-indigenous migration but we must not fall victim to propaganda, to the push for conflict, which can only lead to more of our beloved troops dying and indeed many of our precious people.

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