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Jason Groves

TESCO has approved secret plans to build wind turbines up to 50ft high at virtually all of its 2,000 stores.

The group is desperate to improve its green credentials and wants planning laws relaxed for its so-called micro-generation schemes.

Environmentalists last night questioned whether it was any more than window dressing to improve the image of a firm accused of exploiting farmers and unnecessarily transporting goods thousands of miles across the world.

John Constable, of the Renewable Energy Foundation, said the relatively small scale of the Tesco turbines meant they were likely to generate little useful power.

“It is just PR,” he said. “Provided the turbines don’t cause a problem for neighbours then it is not doing any harm but it’s a pretty meaningless gesture in terms of the impact on the environment.

“I don’t object to it but I hope Tesco is also doing something more substantive behind the scenes because there is a danger this just becomes tokenism.”

Wind farms have divided environmentalists in rural areas. Some claim they are vital in tackling global warming but critics say they are noisy, ugly eyesores generating little electricity and creating a hazard for birds.

The Tesco initiative threatens to bring the debate to towns and cities across Britain.

Tesco’s wind turbines will be much smaller than the 350ft commercial towers springing up at rural sites across the country. But at up to 50 feet they could still have a significant impact on the skyline......article conts (-)

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