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My response to this post or more correctly Green Arrows reply:

Sometimes I read other weblogs, other sites, it keeps me informed and the opinion of others is always important, I don’t often comment of course, although perhaps I should, looking at my own site here, where a comment from a visitor is rarer than hen’s teeth, I can appreciate the need for such interaction. So I began to read a few sites out there, having an interest in the opinions of rightists I read a few sites, on most it was the usual thing, all hail the BNP and suchlike, on others it was pseudo-paramilitary gobble-de-gook or articles (sic) adorned by racial epitaphs, none of which helps or aids our course and both of which hinder it.

And in any event, as a realist, I am fully aware that the cause of nationalism is dying, assailed from all sides, it retreats ever backwards, whilst the forces of malignancy hold sway, there are many reasons for this of course, reasons I have perhaps touched on at other times and will undoubtedly touch on again, in the future. One of the sites I decided to read was Home of the Green Arrow, this site attracts tremendous support from the pro-BNP fraternity, understandable given its extreme pro-BNP leanings, its one time promotion upon the BNP site main and its continued promotion upon similar pro-BNP weblogs.

All of this is understandable, the BNP publicised it which was to their advantage given its disposition and others of the same bent beat its drum, as it promotes their brand of nationalism and I have no problem with this, no problem at all. I don’t personally subscribe to their brand of nationalism, a nationalism that rides roughshod over traditional nationalism and rests finally breathless in an anti-Islamic realm, a region really quite removed from nationalism proper. I have no problem with its promotion by others, as a weblog is in its truest form a social net-working site, as well as, a hopefully informative site or a site espousing a certain viewpoint, others subscribe to.

Where I do have a problem, is the pushing of an incorrect nationalism, a nationalism that aids only the “dark state” an entity I have written about many times, this network of evil seeks to spread its net over the entire world, enslaving all men, all creeds, all cultures. Here at home it has all but broken traditional nationalism, needing now only to create minor division to counter any rightist threat, this it has done admirably, nationalism here at home is ineffectual, pretty much leaderless and riven by dissonance, whilst purported leaders stir the pot.

Of course it is not just pro-BNP’ers that create such acrimony, one would be a fool to think so, other factions equally as harmful, add to the brew, there are many, many others, who seek to attack leaders due to personal grievances using vague references to correct nationalism in order to do so, they to aid only rightist opponents. In the midst of all this there are the nationalists, those ever diminishing few, watching sadly, as our kind and culture go under and our defence is rendered useless, whilst all around them, the winds of stupidity blow and the thunder of anger rumbles.

Both sides cripple nationalism, one side seeks to change nationalism, aiming to shape it to fit their peculiar worldview, whilst the other seek to counter the right by any means necessary, yet nationalism is more than the sum of the two parts. Nationalism is merely a pro-group posture within a larger social structure, the promotion of group interest above that of other groups, it is not hateful per se nor is it designed to be, it merely flows with nature, aping her design. Placing or promoting the group is innate, it is what we know to be the survival instinct, the need to protect the genotype at all cost, in order to continue the species, in this quite natural battle, resources are vital, for without them one group ceases to exist and may very well see itself amalgamated by the more dominant group, a situation we may be familiar with today.

Egalitarians of course, persist with the notion that, “we are all the same”, a notion wholly erroneous and quite aberrant, due to this egalitarians must force through their ideas, regardless of cost to man, beast or environment. In essence and quite simply that is what we fight against, rebel against, an unnatural construct imposed upon a natural world, such a construct cannot be anything other than imposed and therefore tyranny must join the journey at later point. To a minor degree of course, man can and does change nature but only to a modest degree, we may tend our version of a pretty garden, yet should Mother Nature feel the need, she may blow it all away in an instant, leaving all in ruin.

Yet we can control most animals, also members of a group, a group of others, their interests sometimes at odds with our own, yet man is destructive, perhaps we should take lesson from other species so as to live within nature rather than continually rail against it. However, everything within nature is group structured, from the tiniest to the largest, some elements fair better socially alone, whilst others depend upon and need others, in fact in can be truthfully said that everything is interdependent, to alter this hieratical structure is to harm nature, first we altered environment, then we dominated all creatures now we seek to alter ourselves and are busily in the process of doing so.

Man is a most harmful creature; seeking to impose his will upon all, yet sometimes imposing such has consequence for man himself or at least certain groups within the human family. We see this, as corporations impose their will over small indigenous tribes, we see this as governments impose their will upon the people, we see this with the bully the tyrant and the egalitarian. Currently there is a plan, a plan to fashion the world according to unnatural principles, according to the dictate of a minority, this minority believe that their interests are served by doing away with a hierarchal structure, at least amongst the multitudes and instead seek to fasten their hold upon the world, to create a new order replacing the old order of mother nature.

In order to maintain and keep their position, i.e. to maintain, promote and preserve their group they seek to spread the lie that there are no groups at all, that we are all exactly the same, fashioned in a factory and fit only to work, pay our taxes and die, in the interim, providing offspring to begin the process anew. In order to do this, preserve themselves and control others they must destroy all threats, the most principle threat the family moving on and outwards to that much larger group society itself.

A homogenous group is a bonded group it presents as a real enemy, far better then to undermine the structure place your charge before blowing it away, enter then divergent groups, placed to create chaos, to compete one against the other, whilst the real problem remains unheeded. So we have seen the erosion of the family the foundation of society, the loss of respect for women, the aged and ourselves, until finally we do not deserve the tribulations of our ancestors, the struggles of man aeonian, we are caught in a web of another’s making, sensing our mortality we forego the group and its defence, instead we sate self, even killing the unborn in order to do so.

Now the protection of the womb is not even enough, even there malevolence has hold, women forced to labour at expense of child, millions dead, the true holocaust, yet for stupidities sake rightists attack the saviour of the unborn, to fulfil an agenda contrived. Better for them to attack this “muzzie”, to defend the rights of the selfish, than applaud such action, better to hate for hatreds sake than divert from the path. And what a path, created by those that wish our demise, that seek our end and you do not even walk down it, you run whooping in childish delight, sweet poison in the trap.

May I tell you something , all you caught up in this hysteria, this phoney war, this sham of shams, Muslims have the right to worship whom they like, to live unmolested, oh not here, their values and ours are so completely different, I seethe as you with the injustice of it all. However, constantly you, you the so-called Nu-nationalists attack Islam, attack a religion and never the cause, do you never think in this age of repression, repression of thought and deed, why it is the owned press are permitted to attack this religion, to create this groundswell of hatred, to galvanise anger and set it to work.

No perhaps you do not, so caught up in your world, never stepping out of it to see that nationalism is not the rubbish you spout, nationalism is the protection of all cultures, races and creeds within their own environ, It is foremost the protection of the child, this the seed in which we grow. Oh they’ve done a good job with you all, you seethe with burning hatred, molten malevolence, your forces assailing the wrong castle, your generals bought and your troop confused. Years ago hence the forces of evil utilised their power, brought forth a flood of hatred, of unremitting anger, directed it against a people for their interest not ours.

Then to destroy an empire, to destroy the power of Europe and move it to America, now again an empire must die, a culling must begin, for their gain and so they move all to the east, the galvanised angry left jobless or in low paid drudgery, their life a tedium, turn an angry gaze where directed and the boulder rolls again. Again as then those of the supposed right sound the bugle and the forces mass, the ranks fall into line and humanity gets set for the race, the headlong rush to calamity. As then nationalists can see, we call out in alarm, begging our own to step back from the brink, they push us away in anger, “what do we know”, we they call names, disparage and ignore and so evil has the field and death rubs its hands in anticipation.

After all we are overpopulated, our old live too-long, medicine extends all our lives too much, we ruin the planet and all we touch, dizzied by stupidity and intoxicated by the press, perhaps those forces are right, perhaps I should come on side, lay down truth and sound the bugle. Perhaps I should forget those behind it all and concentrate upon their created enemy, my god man, can truth not penetrate can you not see the strings they have fashioned to your limbs. Is there never a case where you can take off those glasses and just see, are the rights of a selfish killer worth more than those of a Muslim pharmacist, at least he adheres to his beliefs we have all but abandoned ours.

Ours pews are empty and Islam grows, many of our churches are now mosques, our religious leaders schooled in socialism lead the flock to ruin, our women kill their young whilst the women of Islam have many, soon Islam will predominate, whilst we fiddle. Oh I know already, I can hear the chorus of disapproval, the thunderous anger of the brainless, “that’s what we’re saying, it’s those Muzzies”, no it isn’t it’s our politicians, ours leaders and us, we are to blame, we, not them.

They have changed nothing, nothing since the seventh century we have changed everything, we have nothing left in with which to resist, there is no need for the hammer because they need no army to conquer us. Perhaps if we fought liberalism, leftist poison, capitalist exploitation and concentrated upon true nationalist principle then we may have chance, following the route of your BNP leads us to naught but ruin, a battle lost, even should we take the field.

You direct our hope at nothing, at shadows, it is not Islam that changes our language, that permits entry into our land, have you never thought if they are so dangerous, so radical why on earth our politicians permit them entrance ,why, I know what you’ll say, “because they’re traitors”, of course they are but why, look behind the curtain. Were we not the radicals a mere decade ago, the maligned, the loathed, the media created myth of the bogyman, can you not see, what they do, the games they play.

I have said that Islam belongs in the east, that it does not belong here, its creed cannot co-exist with ours, yet those who stir the pot know this, they know that radicalisation will occur on both sides, that a clash will come and then they will rush in their laws, restrict our freedoms crush the phoney rebellion and finally control us. So well done that man, Muslim or otherwise and a pox upon the selfish who would destroy life for selfish purpose, we have no right to speak of here now, perhaps we should built one, throw out the populist and the rabble-rouser, block our eyes to the agitator and win this country back on our terms, not theirs. 14

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