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It would seem that commenting is permanently disabled, I and others have endeavoured to redo the template and still no success, I know of at least three “nationalist” weblogs on this platform, with similar difficulty, without the ability for comment any weblog is dead, for commenting is its life-blood, it seems strange therefore, that commenting cannot be enabled, even should one check the back-end and the coding. Blogger is a remarkably easy platform, requiring little or no coding skill, it is therefore somewhat of a wonder to me, this ongoing situation, further, two other nationalist weblogs use the same coding for their respective weblogs, one has the ability for comments to be left, the other has not, yet they use an identical template with no changes either at the back-end or at coding level. Certainly it is possible to disable linking and other such things at hosting level, in spite of all endeavours of any other parties, in respect of Blogger and other hosted platforms, moderation is never completely in the hands of the user, however, I believe that Blogger does practice free-speech, yet for all that commenting is an impossibility, I believe that in time I shall have no alternative but to move over to “Wordpress”, upload and create myself and then host elsewhere, this occurred with our old forum, Dissenting Voices Nationalist Forum 1. 

We chose to take the easy route, use a pre-created forum, this meant that others had control, allowing them to display any ads they chose, many to the dismay of forum users, eventually due to this reason and others the forum was abandoned, left to exist in cyber-space. There was no choice in this, as we had no way of discontinuing the forum, it was impossible to do so, the decision was taken to create another forum, firstly we had to create it ourselves, which we did using a certain source-code, secondly we had to find a host, this proved harder than we thought, we eventually found one. So we owned the forum completely instead of others, yet our host is somewhat over subscribed and this can lead to server shut-down or an error-page, this is beyond our control and lies with the hosting company, for all that we manage to have a forum, a forum created by ourselves for ourselves, there are no ads, nor external administrators.  

Perhaps that is what is needed for my weblog, perhaps I should create the code and host it myself, I have yet to see, It is possible to have a weblog on “, this is a pre-created template leaving the user with little input other than content, of course then determine rules for posting, rules that are not always nationalist friendly. No far better to write the code yourself, use available source-code, find host “preferably non UK” and upload via FTP to the server, this way control is yours, after all if the host pulls content or prevents fair-use then find another host the site will remain the same, that is if you save it occasionally. I’ll have to see, perhaps for the moment I may take a break from blogging, it appears non-productive, requires lots of work for little reward, certainly whether to recommence is ongoing. For now I would draw readers attention to the forum, this forum is a home for independent nationalists or nationalists who adhere to tradition, yet it is open to all who consider themselves nationalist and free debate is encouraged. It has some fine members although it is a small community; we welcome all nationalists from all countries and would hope to see you there. 

Another site to visit is the Incidence Map Project ©, I am afraid that here again commenting is impossible for reasons unknown, there is another site, Independent Nationalism, which can at the moment be commentated upon, I will submit articles there for publication periodically, so again I would hope to see you there. I apologise to regular readers (there are some) who have not been able to express through commenting their opinions, again this is out of my hands, even should another template be created from scratch, uploaded to Blogger, than it is still impossible to comment, of course here in independent nationalistville, conspiracy theories abound, via e-mail, phone and in person, opinions are of course dark, I naturally remain un-swayed but curious, as to why no comments are possible ,even should new templates be uploaded and minds more adept ponder. 

For now can I thank you all, those regular readers, readers who returned again and again, I would hope that you will join me at the forum or visit the Incidence Map Project © and perhaps read articles and comment at Independent Nationalism (at least until the commenting system fails) thank you. 14

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