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Perhaps I am a dinosaur as Mr Griffin once said a relic of the past, condemned to rail against the system from a position of weakness; certainly such a position is no different from that of the BNP, a party now set in a direction from which none can return. It would appear that in times of need the BNP show a remarkable predisposition towards abject cowardice, to my mind the BNP present as thee major threat to nationalism the ideology has ever seen. Certainly there has always been the silent war, a war between so-called hardliners and moderates, this has seemingly forever been ongoing, one need only look to the reasons the national front began life or indeed its demise, to see. However, we live now in different times, times in which completely absurd thoughts are now the norm, political correctness, although initially scorned, has now become embedded, not just within wider society but to varying degrees within us all. 

Under such circumstance natural belief systems come under fire, many are disregarded, left abandoned and replaced by new ways of thinking, some would call this intellectual human evolution, which is itself natural, however, should this evolution be stepped up a pace, enforced then it becomes tyranny. We live now under such tyranny, tyranny of the mind, oh some would say we have freedom, that we have more material possessions and that we even live longer but as I am constantly to say, possessions are but possessions, worthless when exchanged for our freedoms. We have never lived in such times, times in which tyranny rules and the people barely stir, it is as if evil has practiced, honed its skill over the centuries and now knows the secret, the ways in which to govern almost covertly, may I say that it does govern, it controls and it shapes, it robs our children of their birth-rate and our aged of peace of mind, it sets chaos in motion and reigns supreme. 

Our would-be saviours the BNP are, as I have mentioned cowards, more, they aid the very system that vexes the world, I never thought I would be this way, never thought I would be so very against a party, that once I admired but I regret I am. Oh not for personal reasons, not due to a clash of personalities, nor do I oppose it, due to being a front for the state, nor indeed, because secretly I harbour Marxism deep inside but merely because, it is wrong, commits great evil and negates nationalism. It sucks in nationalists and sets them to work against nationalism, it takes the anger and makes of it a leaflet, yet should the need to engage present itself, it stills the troops, pacifies all, thus permitting evil hegemony.  

I write this little read weblog, to present my views, regarding the slow, drip-drip genocide of white people, I have no desire for fame, no desire to present myself as something I am not, I merely wish to express my anger towards the great beast, that rumbling train of evil, tearing its way through the world. I fully realise that my ramblings will have no import, that my views will stir few souls; however, I cannot sit back whilst evil sits upon the throne. It is also for this reason that I must in all consciousness contest the BNP, contest this sham nationalism that prevents and nullifies the peoples anger. We may never again see our freedom, indeed never again live amongst solely our own, it may be that the racial question may never be solved, however, to run from it is cowardice. 

The BNP do just this, they desire power not freedom, money not autonomy, they send out more leaflets requesting money than any contesting immigration, they voice concern only over issues from which they believe they will benefit. Now please bear-in-mind that their benefit is not necessarily the peoples, in fact it is quite true to say that the two travel different roads, the people buckle under immigration, social conflict, employment issues and treacherous government, whilst the BNP seek to gain from it, “sick of immigration”, send us money, “sick of the big three”, send us money, “sick of Islamic radicals”, send us money, sick of this or that send us money. It seems as if the BNP are just another parasite, another earner off the misery of the people, when will we see parties and leaders worthy of the people, perhaps those days are gone. 

Currently we have the strike at the Lindsey oil refinery, “a strike now over”, however, the BNP chose to exploit this situation, exploit it to garner new recruits, to swell the coffers, to negate the anger, a believed front group even created a website, using ideas from other nationalist weblogs/sites, a situation not uncommon from the BNP. This front group stated on its main page that,
“It is monstrously unfair to ordinary workers and their families that the political class are putting the advancement of their undemocratic European Union and globalisation projects before the right of British workers –regardless of race, creed or colour – to having a fair chance of getting a job in their own country”.
You read that right, “regardless of race, creed or colour”, “in their own country”, now before anyone condemns or states, that perhaps the statements are nothing to do with the BNP, then perhaps this statement may help clarify,
“We are British Nationalists. We place the interests of British workers first. 
All British workers, regardless of race, colour, creed or class will be put to the front of the queue for British jobs”.

That statement was taken verbatim from the weblog of the BNP’s self-proclaimed legal eagle, Lee John Barnes, yet there are some who will still persist with the notion that the BNP are nationalists, however take the weblog Home of the Green Arrow, run by a man who appears lately, quite narcissistic and self-congratulating, however, that aside, it is frequented by many purported nationalists of BNP stripe. The Green Arrow had this to say,
“All over the main stream media and on the communist trade union sites and acting in orchestration, the tools of the Establishment and the New World Order are trying to portray the British National Party's support for the striking British Workers as somehow being "Racist". This is a desperate attempt by those marxist/globalists to divide the workers and their only real political supporter, the British National Party and to discredit the workers in the eyes of the general public and remove any sympathy for them, so there will be no objections when the Soviet European Union seek to crush their protests”. 

Yes you read that right, “This is a desperate attempt by those marxist/globalists to divide the workers”, he then went on further to say.
“They have access to the truth at numerous sites. One of those sites, is that of the British National Party legal eagle, Lee Barnes over on 21st Century British Nationalism who clearly stated, in my opinion, the views of the British National Party in this article here.
This link then led to the aforementioned “regardless of race, creed or colour” article on the Lee John Barnes site. The Green Arrow has taken to calling non-whites, "ethnic" British Citizens”, which should equate to white but apparently now does not, the BNP had a chance here to take the ground swell of anti-immigrant feeling and marshal it against the “dark state”, they failed to do so, further they failed markedly to address the race issue placing the livelihoods of British workers in jeopardy but that is not all. 

In failing to address the race issue they placed the future of white children in jeopardy, I am not surprised, as I have mentioned on many occasions and will continue to mention, when London was bombed by Islamic radicals, they ordered nationalists to stand down, such abject cowardice is abhorrent. The BNP seek only to exploit they offer no contestation, no resistance, in fact they thwart it, they seek a place at the trough, that is all, yet in order to forage for tasty morsels in the trough, they must attack and in their eyes, hopefully destroy true nationalism. They must do this because we present a threat, albeit at the moment a small threat, a minute hindrance but a threat nonetheless, we are, “true nationalists”, a constant threat, a constant reminder also of their abject and utter betrayal, so they must try to break us, to undermine and disparage us and finally hand over our people. 

The Green Arrow site used to carry the fourteen words; it displayed them if I am not mistaken upon the site banner, now it has not only taken them down but capitulates position, promoting only surrender. Let me not mince my words, thee greatest threat to our race is non-white immigration, there is nothing as pressing, we may meander through this world talking rubbish, anti-Islam this, anti-Islam that, we may seek power for powers sake, indulge in petty battles or invest time in attacking others for personal issues, however, if we do not fight for our very survival then our children and theirs will die out and it will be our fault. Moreover, instead of adopting the position of populism we must seek a solution, vitally we must fight the money powers and strive against the puppeteers, we must not capitulate in this our final battle, we must not adopt populism if we are to live. 14 

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thankyou for the food for thought.

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