Bollywood meets Brontë up on the moors

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Saddleworth The names of the main characters have been changed – to Krishnan rather than Heathcliff and Shakuntula rather than Cathy – the costumes are Indian rather than 19th-century British, the setting is the deserts of Rajasthan, not the Yorkshire moors, and the soundtrack is Bollywood rather than Kate Bush, but the plot of Oldham Coliseum’s latest production is still recognisably that of Emily Brontë’s classic tragedy, Wuthering Heights: wild-spirited girl meets brooding, handsome boy.

The stars of the production, Youkti Patel (Shakuntula/Cathy), and Pushpinder Chani (Krishnan/ Heathcliff), from the London-based British Asian theatre company Tamasha, went up to the moors near Oldham in full costume during the run of their version at the Coliseum to get a feel for the setting of the original, before taking their Indian version of Wuthering Heights on a tour of seven other theatres around the country from Exeter to Glasgow. continues here

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