Politician exposed as man behind grisly Irish killing

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A former MP in South Africa has been forced to withdraw as candidate in next month's elections after being exposed as the man convicted of killing a Dublin teenager and chopping up her body after a row in a restaurant.

Shan Mohangi was 22 and a student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin in 1963 when he strangled his 16-year-old girlfriend Hazel Mullen and then dismembered her body.

The case gained notoriety after it emerged at his trial that Mohangi tried to dispose of her remains, including her severed head, by cooking them to the point of incineration in the oven of the restaurant where he worked as a part-time chef, the Green Tureen on Harcourt Street.

He served four years of a seven-year sentence before being deported back to South Africa after being convicted of manslaughter.

There he changed his name to Narentuk Jumuna and became a successful businessman in his home province of Natal, to the point that he became an MP for the ruling National Party in the House of Delegates, the Asians-only chamber of what was the Tricameral Parliament.

He has since switched his allegiance to the Independent Democrats, one of the opposition parties to the ruling African National Congress, and until his past was exposed he was placed at number five in its list for the KwaZulu-Natal provincial assembly at elections due on April 22.

South Africa uses a proportional representation system.

Haniff Hoosen, the party's secretary-general, said that as soon as reports of Jumuna's former identity emerged he confronted him. continues here

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