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Have you subscribed to awaiting a Western Renaissance yet, if not why not, it gives you the opportunity, to view all of our newest posts together at your convenience, it’s quite easy to do, just click the “Subscribe in a reader” button and away you go. We haven’t enabled e-mail subscription as of yet, not wishing to be intrusive, however what do you the readers think, would you prefer it, allowing you as its does, the opportunity to view AAWR from any internet connected PC.

Perhaps viewing AAWR through a browser might present problems at work, you may work on a filtered machine or quite simply, not wish to have others scrutinise your viewing activity, an e-mail subscription is therefore the best option, yes others can still view your activity, however all they will see is that you accessed your e-mail nothing more.

Filtered machines will not in most cases block e-mail addresses, it is also convenient, you could be visiting relatives and wish to still keep up to date with postings or indeed you may wish to pass on articles to acquaintances via e-mail, subscription allows you to do this. We see already that we have subscribers, we thank you and hope that this audience grows, certainly our visitor rate is improving however, in many cases comments are not as yet submitted leading to a lessening of debate ,which is as well as presenting news, views upon nationalism and issues of interest, the reason for this site.

Currently we are in the process of considering Intense Debate, I however am not in favour, although a more technically minded friend considers it almost vital, further, we have linked to BNP supporting sites, this in no way lessens our belief that their direction is not correct ,however, there are many BNP supporters and members that are nationalists of the highest calibre and of course, there are others who may read our articles and realise that the so-called “hard-right” the radicals, are not quite the unintelligent thugs portrayed by the media, leftists or indeed regrettably, elements within populist nationalism.

It is certainly my belief, although I cannot speak and will not, for others connected with this site, that all elements within nationalism deserve equal voice, there may be areas with which we can agree, areas with which we share common ground, permitting a hoped for unification. We cross swords upon many issues, AAWR resists immensely any alien influence upon both the nation and indeed its affairs, certainly we recognise the influence of Jewry within anti-nationalist groups and organisations. We realise that Judaism alongside, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and indeed many other “isms” is an alien entity within this country and greater Europe.

So on this issue alone AAWR crosses swords with contemporary nationalism, perhaps we will never agree, perhaps our way has indeed failed, as they tell us it has, although this is not something I am in agreement with. I believe strongly that social groups look to their own and that under certain conditions, such behaviours are augmented, this is the reason that the state fears the current economic downturn, although I believe to a degree it is stage-managed, in order to introduce global currency. However, managed or not, a population reacts to what it feels, be it real or not and after all, haven’t we been stage-managed for some time now, AAWR still needs writers, still needs news stories more especially because I do not always have the time, It is I that writes and others that offer other skills, yet I do not have a great amount of time and given the growing readership of this site and its large visitor base, other writers are essential, so if you have the time, then you are welcome.

We hope you like the changes to AAWR that have occurred recently, especially the amount of options now present, both to find articles of interest and indeed read them, on each and every article page you will now find related articles, many of our articles are yet to be linked on the main page, there are many and it will take considerable time. We have been asked now by several visitors why it is we never post a complete news article from an external source, quite simply because to do so would infringe copyright, we do however present as much as possible for our readers, I hope this clears things up for those who have asked.

Talking of questions there have been a considerable amount of visitors, who have asked why are many of the news articles not commentated upon, quite simply time, I am the primary submitter of articles to the site and as of yet, all other help has no backend access. Quite simply because, A: they do not (in their opinion have the skills and b: because I have tried the “add a team member option” some time ago now and realised that it created problems for me. I never knew when to post or indeed if I should, because I believed that readers were still being given content even if I had not the time, this proved a fallacy and site readership plummeted.

This does not mean that team members will not be added, certainly should we be lucky enough to find new writers, then under fair weather, team membership will be mandatory. Remember that we are not looking for Shakespeare, although it would be nice, merely for other nationalists to submit ideas and articles for publication, we have a large readership now, at least in relation to other sites ,we are placed usually upon the very first page of a Google search, our SEO is exceptional, so if you wish to vent your spleen, than get typing. That’s all for now thanks for your time.

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