Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea

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Israeli warships have deployed to the Red Sea for what has been described as a rehearsal for a possible attack on Iran.

Israeli and Egyptian officials said two ships had sailed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea.

Media reports in Israel said the two Saar-class missile ships had been sent as a "message" to the Tehran government, which has repeatedly issued threats against Israel and is developing nuclear technology believed by the West to be intended for atomic weapons programme.

While Iran denies this, saying its enrichment of uranium is for civlian purposes only, so that it can generate electricity.

Israel has also deployed a submarine using the Suez Canal, but it has since returned to the Mediterranean.

Defence experts in Israel said this week that the naval activity had been publicised with the intent of sending a message to Iran.

The Israeli government has reserved the right to carry out a first strike on Iran's nuclear facilities if the country continues to defy the international community and spreads instability in the Middle East. continues here

Israel, such a reprehensible nation, responsible for so much hurt, so much bloodshed since its inception, how any in their right mind can support such a nation boggles the mind, give them chance and they will lead us to war, chaos and misery .It seems to me that it is the predator nations that seek to have the upper hand, that opt to deny other nations the right of equality of arms, yet Israel stole her nuclear power, sent spies into the nation of her greatest backer, not a word was said. Instead for some ungodly reason America still allies itself with this state, still sends its sons to die, as do we, amazingly some who call themselves nationalist back this state, some who profess awareness consider it a friend.

Today we see the result of this friendship, misery in the east, misery in the west and the constant pressure for war, have we not given them enough already, sacrificed so much, must they for eternity beg for more at our expense and that of the world. I can and those connected with AAWR, can never support this state, never willingly side with evil, Iran is no threat, as indeed Sadam was not, yet the blood of the young was split, today they tell us that we must lose many in Afghanistan, yet for what, to shore up the illegal narcotic industry, to help flood the west with heroin, so that more will die and misery shall stamp her authority once more upon the people.

The Taliban eradicated drugs, thee only modern-day group to ever do so, we, with knowledge sided with the drugs barons, waved convoys through and permitted death to enter our lands, better the Northern Alliance than a traditionalist Islamic cluster, better the drugs barons than an Islamic Emirate. Such a minefield, such lies spread and anger grown, today some sections of the nationalist community have lost their way, so angry at the encroachment of their lands, that they lash out at the wrong enemy ,whilst those that would see us gone hatch their plans.

There are those within all sections of society that back Israel regardless, at the top Jewry but not far behind delusional Christians, those consumed with a desire for the end of days. To them the Jews are a special people, to be placed even above their own, treasured and protected as a chosen people. Israel itself is venerated as the place where the final battle will commence, so of course extreme branches of Christianity, this religion that preaches equality, preaches a little differently concerning the Jews. Then of course we have the guilt-ridden, people who have been taught that the Jews are a victim people, that historically they have been attacked, even murdered for what they are, so of course, such people will in good conscious defend them.

Further down still we have nu-nationalists, individuals that for the most part hold nationalist sentiment, yet their anger is so great, their hate so advanced that they can be manipulated, sent in a given direction, their passion channelled. Again to we have the people, the mass, indoctrinated to, as the nu-nationalist yet devoid even of the notion of self, group or difference, denied worth and set afloat upon a sea of guilt they resist all calls of the group, yet are sent against just one according to plan. So Islam gets it, suffers, rightly or wrongly and scurrilous elements run free and all whilst Europe dies, its people rotten and its genotype attacked.

Its not enough of course, there must again be a culling, the population is too great, control too shaky, ferment the bitterness, ratchet up the hatred and set man against man as before, perhaps in the aftermath the white west will die and to the victors, only slavery, because as before, as ever, the elites still rule, whilst man toils for the few. Oh but this nation, this little nation, Israel, hewn out of another’s land ,created by stealth, misery and pain and supported by all evil, such support for advanced evil, such undying advocacy, committing acts that others nations dare not. Should other nations but dare to act in similar fashion, to serve even their own interest then war, bombing and sanction is the only result. None can tell me different, none can show me different, not a man or a women, nationalist or fool, Israel is evil, corrupt, rotten, intent upon conflict, the seizure of power, at the expense of all mankind.

Some say this equates to a hatred of Jews, that some strange affliction governs me, rubbish, many Jews are good people, just as many Muslims are, many Negroes are good to and there are good and bad in all races, however, Jewry for many reasons has riled many peoples, Created anger instead of peace, hatred instead of love, stifled the innate group interests of others in extremis, whilst advocating its own. This is the basis of nationalist opposition, this is the constant battle, not some hatred for hatreds sake but a conflict of interest ,Jewry acts for Jewries sake and nationalists for theirs, it is merely the case that Jewries interests, for many reasons, clash with that of the gentile.

Most sensible people oppose Islam within Europe, because it is quite simply alien, yet such opposition In no way equates to a desire to annihilate or wipe-out others, the same for the Jews, opposing their attack upon gentile culture in no way equates to an attack upon Jewry proper, merely a point in which another’s group interest becomes detrimental to that of our own. A case in point Jewries obsession with the creation of race-law, which is wholly against our interest, whilst aiding other groups, initially, primarily their own. Yet no minority group least of all Jewry, ever sits to think of the majority, it is all their group interest above that of others, however, we the west have let it happen, permitted minority groups full advantage at our own expense.

Iran has the absolute right to produce uranium, be it for nuclear weapons or electricity and no other nation state has the right to interfere ,such an action is of course war, yet Israel group interest cannot abide such a situation, primarily because it negates their own status and permits Islam an equal say in the regions events. So we see here that this is merely a conflict of interests, albeit on a larger scale, western interests should always lie, ironically enough with western interests, yet we see it seldom does. Today there is a rush for resource, a charge for control at the expense of the innocent, as a nationalist, contrary to popular opinion I hate no-one, I respect and indeed value the uniqueness of all peoples, however, this must never be at the expense of my own, or in the case of Israel that of the world.

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