Jade Goody Poppa-doms, anyone?

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Shilpa Shetty is planning to pay tribute to her Big Brother inmate -- the late Jade Goody by launching her own brand of healthy curries and side dishes including the 'poppadoms'.

Goody, who was accused of racially abusing Shetty, had taunted the actress as 'Shilpa Poppa-dom' on the Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. Shetty later won the reality show while the British reality star became a household villain in India, Daily Star reported.

Goody, who lost many lucrative deals after the racism row hit the UK papers, later tried to make up by apologising to Shetty.

Goody also appeared in the Bigg Boss [ Images ], the Indian version of the British reality show hosted by Shetty, but had to leave it midway after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. She died of the disease this March.

Now Shetty is planning the crispy appetiser to be on top of the menu to honour Goody's memory.

"Shilpa thinks Jade will have a little chuckle in heaven about the poppadoms. She has been inundated with requests for her curry recipe and one day she just thought, 'Why don't I just create my own range?," a source close to the actress said. continues here

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