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Well I’ve been somewhat caught between work and the website, the website has been created for some time, however, it is accessible to only a few, yet even this takes little priority whence contrasted with work and due to the need to simply live I believe this situation will become decidedly worse and so I shall plagiarise, present relevant articles written by others. I read much written by others, in the main such people are beset by ego, believing that it is they and not the message that is important, some time ago now there was another blogger, a blogger that believed in the message he became a writer for AAWR however it never worked out.

Since then of course numerous individuals have upped and left, leaving the wizard, a stubbornly nationalist women and myself, regrettably I have become thee only writer although I believe that AAWR would simply cease to exist without some magical input and some old-fashioned commonsense. I have personally found that as a platform blogging has lost much that it perhaps once had and in connection with this site readers do not even bother to comment least of all write articles, a stubborn individual says “its because we do not relent upon the true message, (my words not hers) another says very little but remains relentless in other ways.

Of course out there past connections now do their own thing, whatever that is ,whilst AAWR labours on, it seems to me that real nationalism ,rather than egocentric rubbish, is paid little regard, whilst our problems grow and our doom moves ever-closer. Yet there are some out there, some who seem to realise our threat and after pondering I have decided to make their articles available to a wider audience, now first off I must make plain that I have not contacted the writer/writers concerned and in the case of the writer soon to be presented, there seemed no way to do so. I talk here of Sarah Maid of Albion, I know nothing of the lady, yet her articles are well-written, invoke thought and adhere to, in my view, correct behaviour, further she seems to recognise the very pressing issue of race, without resorting to hatred.

Race-realism is not by any stretch race-hatred, nationalism is not akin to genocidal desire and group-advocacy in no way equates to out-group loathing, certainly in my opinion we have the right, whites to live amongst our own, within our traditionally understood culture in peace with all and quite simply that is nationalism, nothing more nothing less. Of course there are ripples, other facets, yet the central core is simply the above, few tackle the issue of race yet I believe that Sarah Maid of Albion does it admirably, so I hope she will not mind if I plagiarise a few choice articles, present them to AAWR readers with a link back to her site.

I have thought long and hard about this, yet it is becoming increasingly hard to compose articles of any decency under such strenuous work conditions, moreover, I believe that work written by others if relevant should reach a wider audience. I will continue to write for AAWR yet away from work family is all important, leaving little time for AAWR. According to a stubborn lady I need something of a rest from it, my articles beginning to resemble each other, perhaps she is right, in any event I give you the good lady Albion, highly recommended, a site worthy of bookmaking, a recent article I found engrossing and well-written below.

As an aside I intended for AAWR to perhaps present the true nature of nationalism, perhaps I thought grandly create an intellectual arena for debate, yet I don’t think British nationalism is ready for that so caught up in nothing as it is, I digress, oh before I go I am thinking of a radio station or at least pod-casting, do you the reader think it a good idea, back to Sarah’s article, again I hope she doesn’t mind.

An ugly face of modern Britain

This is Cara Davenport, the sister of West Ham soccer player Calum Davenport. Cara, her mother and brother were involved in an acrimonious family argument on Sunday night, when Calum and his mother expressed their disapproval at the company Cara had been keeping.

It seems that they may well have had good reason for their concerns, given that shortly afterwards, either by reason of his telepathic powers, or having been called by Cara, the undesirable “company” she had been keeping turned up, in the form or Cara's mixed race boyfriend Worrell Whitehurst. Allegedly Whitehurst then proceeded to assault Mrs Davenport, to the extent that she required hospital treatment, and then repeatedly stabbed Calum Davenport in both legs.

According to witnesses, Whitehurst behaved like a mad man during the attack screaming “This is what you get when you f*** around. You don’t f*** with us.” (I leave it to you to speculate as to what he may have meant by that.)

Calum Davenport, who also sustained head injuries, and his mother were rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Although his life now appears to be out of danger, it is not yet clear whether the doctors will be able to save his legs, or whether he will ever play football again.

Whitehurst was arrested, and the following day Cara showed where her loyalty lay, turning up in court weeping and mouthing “I love you” as the man accused of assaulting her mother and probably crippling her brother appeared in the dock.

Worrell Whitehurst has yet to stand trial and, as such the allegations against him remain unproven, However, as far as the heavily pregnant Cara Davenport the situation is somewhat different, she "has form", as the British cops put it, this is not her first ride on the multicultural ghost train. She already has a previous child fathered by Jamaican gangster Neville Knight, who is currently serving a twelve year sentence for a string of armed robberies, committed together with another identicate, spread legged, white girl he apparently dumped Cara for.

No doubt Cara once claimed that she “loved” Neville also, however, given that she apparently sought out two such similar beaux one has to question to what degree “love” is her motive. Do those who are drawn to dangerous and abusive characters feel “love” or are they following some other less wholesome need?.

Woman like Cara Davenport and the, thankfully smaller, number of men who do the same are one of the greatest threats which any nation faces. Any other damage caused by this multicultural nightmare which is currently being imposed upon us has the possibility of being put right. Politicians can be defeated, laws and minds can be changed and migrants can return to their homelands but the damage they do can never be put right. continues here

So there you have it a splendid article, read more at her site and tell her AAWR sent you…

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Mr Cognisant said...
26 August 2009 at 20:34

oh and to those interested we shall keep up the website, although concerning this weblog I have yet to decide...

Anonymous said...
27 August 2009 at 22:56

to post a comment is hard needs fixing like site

Mr Cognisant said...
1 September 2009 at 23:16

The commenting feature appears to work, thanks for your input.

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