Policeman faces sack over racist outburst

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Detective Constable Richard Taylor faces losing his job after being found guilty of racially abusing a bouncer outside an Aberdeen nightclub.

A police officer faces losing his job after being found guilty of racially abusing a bouncer outside an Aberdeen nightclub.

Detective Constable Richard Taylor, 30, was asked to leave Tiger Tiger after an alleged disturbance at the Aberdeen nightspot on last year.

But it is claimed Taylor shouted racist abuse at a doorman when he got outside.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard that Taylor was asked to leave the bar because he was too drunk.

Bouncers were forced to restrain him on the ground after his outburst on June 15.

A bar worker who witnessed the incident said: "He started with the usual swearing and then turned it into a racist thing saying 'black man, you're a fat b*****d."

Whilst restraining him on the ground, head bouncer Schuwel Miah said Taylor said he was a policeman and “we would be in trouble”. He also threatened that Mr Miah and his colleague would lose their jobs.

Mr Miah said: "He was calling me a fat b*****d, a pig and said I was going to lose my job and at one point he called me a black b*****d."

In a statement Grampian Police’s Head of Professional Standards, Superintendent Iain McGrory said: "This officer has fallen far short of the standards we demand.

"Naturally we are disappointed that a member of our staff has been convicted of this crime.

"I will be submitting a report on the circumstances to the Deputy Chief Constable for his consideration in due course.” continues here

“Bouncers were forced to restrain him on the ground after his outburst”, is it me or does that sound somewhat dubious, isn’t, as I know very well, the job of bouncers to protect the premises, staff and those inside, of course, the operative word here is, “inside”. They are door staff and therefore whatever goes on outside is beyond their remit, although we all know that door staff are far from the angels portrayed in this case ,could it be that, yes Mr Taylor was drunk and yes he may very well have become untenable, however, once ejected he became enraged and the staff left their position and attacked him.

I can imagine that Mr Taylor may very well have used the words cited ,however, in an aggressive situation one is liable to pick up upon any distinguishing feature of ones opponent and use it against them, I dare say had Mr Miah had ginger hair Mr Taylor may very well have picked up on this or if Mr Miah had been over weight Mr Taylor may have, ah and there we have it Mr Taylor did pick up on Mr Miahs weight, so we see really rather quite easily that rather than a race issue it was a confrontation, wherein disparaging slurs are used.

In everyday life I have little time now for the police, believing them somewhat distant from the common people, yet I have to say the same for door staff, they to harass, bully and cajole members of the public, yet in this case we see that careers can be lost through what is nothing more than anger. Yet I do not see weight-watchers pressing a complaint, no overweight individual seeks revenge through the courts, race is used indiscriminately against whites and I’m afraid we have no right of reply.

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