Tories in disarray as US questions Cameron's links to "respectable fascism"

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Furore builds over Conservative alliance with European anti-Jewish far right

The New Statesman's revelations about the Jew-baiting past of David Cameron's anointed European ally Michal Kaminski have unleashed a political process with no clear ending.

In the United States a senior Democratic politician has said that Barack Obama should look askance on Cameron if the Tory leader continues to defend Kaminski, a member of Poland's Law and Justice party. Even though Kaminski protests that he is not anti-Semitic, he does not disavow his anti-gay views - still less the disgustingly racist anti-Obama remarks of his associates.

Instead the Conservatives are working themselves up into a lather over the senior Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott.

The day after the New Statesman broke the news about Polish and European Jewish organisations' concern about the Cameron-Kaminski alliance, the Yorkshire Post published an article by McMillan-Scott further exposing Cameron's secret manoeuvring.

McMillan-Scott is a true blue Yorkshire Tory who has carried the anti-Labour flag in the north of England since 1997. He said Kaminski was "homophobic and had fascist links". The MEP argued that the new Cam-Kam alliance heralded "the rise of extremism" in Europe and declared that "the rise of respectable fascism had to be stopped". These are extraordinary charges to level. McMillan-Scott's language provoked an intemperate outburst from the normally calm and suave Tim Montgomerie, editor of the well-regarded ConservativeHome blogsite, which is close to Cameron.

He accused McMillan-Scott, a right-wing traditional Tory, of being "a useful idiot of the left", and said the Yorkshire Post article was a "pathetic justification of his own disloyalty". Montgomerie also urged the Tory chairman, Eric Pickles, to expel McMillan-Scott from the party. (He has already lost the Tory whip in the European Parliament.) Such over-the-top language about disloyalty and expulsion shows how rattled thinking Conservatives are about the mess into which William Hague has dragged the Tories by pushing through an alliance with the likes of Kaminski.

Worse followed as David Rothkopf, a former under-secretary for commerce in the Clinton administration, declared on his blog: "I have no hesitation suggesting that Kaminski is either anti-Semitic [or] pandering to anti-Semites . . . and a more suitable choice for support by the British National Party than by Conservatives." Rothkopf is close to the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. He added that Cameron's endorsement of Kaminski "makes him an even more dubious choice to be Britain's next prime minister". continues here

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