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BRITAIN faces a colossal wave of immigration over the next 40 years because of predicted population explosions in Africa and Asia, a report warns today.

The influx would send the country’s population soaring well over 77million unless radical action is taken to tighten border controls, experts say. Whitehall officials last night dismissed the research

Countries including China, India, Nigeria and Pakistan could see their populations rise by almost a third – and there could be a steep rise in asylum seekers from places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Congo and Somalia.

The disturbing warning comes today from the population think tank, Migrationwatch.

Using demographic forecasts from the United Nations, the report warns that populations will rise by nearly a third in countries where significant numbers of people hope to come to the UK. Such an influx would have a huge impact on schools, hospitals, housing and transport in Britain.

“Five countries account for about half of the visa applications to the UK,” said the report.

“In 2006/07, China, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Russian Federation were the source of 1.22million applications of the 2.8million received worldwide. In 2005, their combined population was 2,890million. By mid-century, it is projected to reach 3,728million, an increase of 29 per cent.”

Migrationwatch warned that the population increases were bound to lead to an increase in visa applications to the UK from such countries.

The report added: “The top 10 source countries for asylum seekers are Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, China, Somalia, Pakistan, North Korea and Sir Lanka. The population of these countries now comes to 1,662million. By mid-century, it is projected to reach 2,090million, an increase of 26 per cent.”

The UN says Britain’s population could rise from 60million in 2005 to 77million in 2050. At the same time, population levels are expected to decline in Eastern Europe, the main source of migration to Britain within the EU.

“The population of the 10 new Eastern European members is expected to decline by 2060, by 8 per cent in the case of the Czech Republic ranging to 28 per cent in Bulgaria,” the report said.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “Looking ahead, the real problems for immigration control will come from the developing world.

“Many of the countries with the highest projected birth rates also have the lowest income per capita, so coming to the UK will be seen as an extremely attractive option, which large numbers can be expected to take. It is no longer good enough for politicians to sweep this issue under the carpet and try to pretend it’s not a suitable subject for debate because things are likely to get more difficult in the future.” continues here

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